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10 Inch Railing Pot Holder | CobraCo® R0926-B
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Flower Box Holders, CobraCo™ 10 Inch Adjustable Basic Flower Pot Holder, Black, R0926-B
CobraCo™ 10 Inch Adjustable Basic Flower Pot Holder, Black CobraCo™ 10 Inch Adjustable Basic Flower Pot Holder, Black CobraCo™ 10 Inch Adjustable Basic Flower Pot Holder, Black CobraCo™ 10 Inch Adjustable Basic Flower Pot Holder, Black

CobraCo™ 10 Inch Adjustable Basic Flower Pot Holder, Black

model #: R0926-B
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  • Black for dark-colored decor
  • Holds up to 10-inch pots
  • Adjustable brackets fit 2- to 6-inch railings
  • Strong metal construction
  • Non-tip bumper
  • Add accent to any space

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Product Details

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10 Inch Adjustable Flower Pot Holder - Black


Adjustable Brackets for Universal Fit


Ideal for a front porch, balcony, or back deck railing, this Adjustable 10-Inch Flower Pot Holder in Black from CobraCo makes your outdoor space more cheerful and inviting. Customize your porch, balcony or deck with colorful carnations, poppies, and petunias to marigolds, sweet peas, and zinnias. These adjustable holders allow you to saturate the space with your personal sense of style. Are cactus, aloe, or other succulents more your choice? This will hold those, too.


Adjustable to fits your living space

CobraCo's adjustable flower pot holder comes with two L-shaped brackets. Use these brackets to securely attach the pot holder to almost any size railing. The short end of each bracket works well for 2- to 4-inch railings, while the longer end fits 4.5- to 6-inch railings. Once your adjustments are made, set the flower pot holder's arms over the railing, and it's ready for your plants! There's no permanent installation, and no tools are required. For added convenience, CobraCo's flower pot holder comes with a patented non-tip bumper at the bottom of the pot basket. The bumper prevents the holder and flower pot (not included) from tipping, so there's no spilling of soil or water to worry about.


Reliable construction

Built to last, this flower pot holder features high-quality metal construction for strength and reliable use from one year to the next. The pot holder's basic framework includes a thin horizontal top rim with generously spaced, thin vertical bars that meet at the base for support and allow your beautiful flower pots to show through. The flower pot holder is finished in a sleek black, which nicely complements any outdoor decor.

Make it your own 

Position the flower pot holder right where you want it, then have fun adding a flower pot (up to 10 inches wide), filling it with soil, and getting creative with the arrangement. Use the pot holder to display anything from fresh flowers to cascading greenery or culinary herbs like basil, thyme, or rosemary. Also available in a 8-inch size, the 8 or 10-inch flower pot holders offer an easy way to add instant decor and visual interest to your space.


We also have a small size available -

Click here to see 8 Inch size.


Learn more  

Check out the key features of the CobraCo Adjustable Flower Box Holder in this AvantGardenDecor.com video.




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Customer Reviews

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  Amazon Review 

Good quality. I thought it might be flimsy but it is very sturdy and can be adjusted to my wall. I'm getting another one.

  Amazon Review, Sturdy holder 

This flower pot holder is very sturdy and it fits very well on my deck rails (I have a 2.5" decorative composite rail on my deck). The way it attaches, it doesn't leave marks in the rail like some I've seen. All in all, a good buy.

  Amazon Review, Great for the porch 

This hanger works great for hanging my potted plants from my side porch. I don't have an overhang to hang plants from hangers, so prior to this, I was only able to set my flowers out on my side porch on my table, not hang them. This holder slides right over the railings of my porch and lets me hang flowers off the side so they are viewable from my driveway and the street out front. It's also a nice solution when you don't want to drill anything permanent into your porch to hang flowers. Just slide this holder over a railing and set your potted flowers inside, that's all there is to it! I like that I can also move this to other areas of my porch, if my flower are in need of more sun.

  Amazon Review, Exactly what it promises 

This is a nice, versatile pot holder for any sort of railing. We live in a townhouse, and each unit has a fenced-in, concrete patio. There's really no place to plant flowers, so a container garden is an only option. I didn't want many containers crowding the ground of my small patio, so I opted for hanging them places.

This pot holder is exactly what I needed. It's 10 inches at the top, and will accommodate a range of flower pots. The fastener is adjustable, to make them useful in a wide variety of locations. I was able to fit it to our fencing perfectly. It's sturdy and well-made, and I expect it will last through many cycles of flowers.

  Amazon Review 

I initially received this CobraCo Adjustable Flower Pot Holder incomplete, missing one of the back brackets which was necessary to use it. After a quick phone call to the manufacturer, they sent out a replacement without any issues. After getting it put together (which was easy) I can say that I've had no issues using it. It's been holding my potted flowers outside with no problems. Definitely recommended if you need a product like this.

  Amazon Review, Works great 

Easy to use and adjust for my patio. It holds my flowers securely, no complains. I also don't see any signs of rust yet, but it rained only 2-3 times.

  Amazon Review, Great Buy 

I love the flower pot holders they are durable and holds my 10" pots well. All the parts were there and was very easy to put together. I only wish I could show a pic on how well they fit my black iron fence.

  Amazon Review, Great! 

This is really nice! It's also bigger than I expected it to be. It attached to my deck rail very easily and seems really good and sturdy. I put a heavy pot of flowers inside and it looks great! It hold the pot in place nicely with very little movement and it's so well constructed that it doesn't take away from the look of the pot itself. I plan on getting some more of these!

  Amazon Review 

The CobraCo Adjustable Flower Pot Holder is nicer than expected—the black vinyl-coated metal is much stronger than the holder it replaced. Because of the wind, a drill was used to install it permanently on a deck railing with six heavy-duty wood screws. It will hold any standard 8 or 10 in. flower pot and doesn't compete with the plant for attention.


I ordered 9 of these for my deck. I was nervous spending so much money with a company I have never bought from before but they are perfect! Well built and very little assembly. My deck railings are actually smaller than the smallest noted. My railings are 1.5 inches and these work fine. Very nice product.

  Amazon Review 

This is a GREAT product! My patio railing is an odd size and I had almost despaired of finding a flower pot holder that would fit. This is it! It fits and adjusted with no problems. My rail is almost 6 inches and that seems to be the maximum that these will accomodate, but certainly will adjust to a rail of smaller dimensions. It is unfortunate that a picture of the bracket is not available because that would show how they work, but nevertheless, they work and are GREAT!

  Amazon Review, Just what I ordered 

Fast, secure shipping. Everything was inside the box & nothing was missing.
I dont know why the other person had problems with lost brackets, but mine were secured inside the bottom of the basket by 2 zip ties. Hard to spot right off....... but they were there.
Would I buy again from this vendor.........100% yes.

  Amazon Review 

I have several pot holders like this one on my deck. This flower pot in particular is pretty sturdy. The only thing I would change is for it to come with a little instruction book or an explanation on how you get it to fit on the railing.

  Amazon Review 

I have odd size porch railings (homemade in a prior era), so this adjustable pot holder really hits the spot in terms of providing a good fit and support for a flower pot. Set up is easy, and a pot fits securely and doesn't seem to overstress the unit (I leave wiggle room because this could droop over time...I will update should that ever happen).

The only "structural" complaint is that the framework is relatively unattractive which can make a terra cotta pot look less than perfect. However, using a black pot helps disguise the frame as can certain types of greenery. My non-structural complaint is that this unit is a bit pricey. I would expect to get two of these for this price or 1.5. Between this and a pot and/or pre-potted plant, one can be out an awful lot for a bit of beauty.

  Amazon Review 

This product works well for what I want it to do - fit on an oddly sized apartment complex's railing. It is adjustable. Just works.



24 Inch - 36 Inch length
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