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Diamond Mesh Fire Pit With Screen | CobraCo® FB8008
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Fire Pits, CobraCo™ Diamond Mesh Fire Pit, FB8008
CobraCo™ Diamond Mesh Fire Pit CobraCo™ Diamond Mesh Fire Pit CobraCo™ Diamond Mesh Fire Pit CobraCo™ Diamond Mesh Fire Pit

CobraCo™ Diamond Mesh Fire Pit

model #: FB8008
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  • Black, Powder Coated, Steel Fire Pit
  • Attractive Mesh Table Edge Holds Drinks & Plates
  • Open Mesh Frame Enhances View & Ventilates Fire
  • Durable, Long-Lasting Construction
  • Includes: Screened Lid, Lid-removal Tool, &
    Vinyl Weather Cover

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Product Details

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CobraCo™ Diamond Mesh Fire Pit


FB8008 Detail

Add a touch of warmth to your garden or patio with the CobraCo™ Diamond Mesh Fire Pit. An appealing black powder coat over the steel frame offers safe, traditional styling to any outdoor setting, and it includes a high temperature paint finish. The fire pit combines overall elegant aesthetics with a pleasing diamond mesh design.

Diamond Mesh Fire Pit At a Glance:

  • Steel frame is sturdy and portable
  • Open mesh frame provides a cozy, romantic view
  • Mesh table edge around fire bowl holds drinks, snacks, and appetizers
  • Protective wire screen and vinyl storage cover included
  • Easy to clean--just lift bowl out and tip ashes into trash


Open, Diamond Mesh Design for Bigger Fires and Better Views

The fire pit's diamond mesh design keeps the fire safely contained while providing excellent views for the utmost ambiance. The fire pit also features a classic black-finish bowl that sits in a sturdy, black steel base, supported by four metal legs that curve gently outward. The base includes built-in risers for maximum airflow, ensuring strong flames. The fire pit is surrounded by a 5-inch wide table edge that conveniently holds drinks, snacks, or appetizers. The fire bowl itself is a separate component, so heat transfer to the rest of the frame is minimized.


Freestanding Fire Pit Can Be Taken Anywhere

At 44 pounds, the CobraCo Diamond Mesh Fire Pit is fully portable, so you can place it wherever you want around your yard, garden, or patio. Take the fire bowl with you to a friend's house, to a park, or on camping trips. It stands 17-1/2 inches high when covered, 13-3/4 inches when it's not [the actual bowl is 28” wide x 6.5” deep].


Years of Safe and Easy Use

The CobraCo™ Diamond Mesh Fire Pit comes with a wire screen cover complete with handle and finished with high temperature paint. This way you can enjoy a hearty fire without worrying about flying sparks or embers. The fire bowl is also easy to clean--just lift the bowl and tilt the ashes into a trash container.

The included vinyl cover protects the bowl from the elements, and keeps rain and leaves out of the bowl when it's not in use. The vinyl cover also makes transporting the fire bowl easy. The fire bowl is easily assembled, and all necessary hardware and instructions are included. Its sturdy metal construction is designed to last for years.

Remember to always check with the local township authorities on fire pit guidelines. Never use a fire pit indoors, on a wood deck, or other flammable surfaces such as dried grass or leaves.

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CobraCo™ - The Brand for Premier Innovative Outdoor Living Décor

Customer Reviews

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  Review from amazon.com 

We purchased this fire pit to accommodate our family of seven. It is the perfect size. Assembly was not difficult at all. The tools are already provided. Several screws and washers. You must be careful not to lose any as they didn't include any extras. I assembled this by myself in about 15 minutes. Not bad for me! My husband was surprised I had it put together before he even had a chance to look it over. It is VERY nice and sturdy. Thinking this will last us quite a long time! We are very happy with this purchase!

  Review from amazon.com 

The product itself is actually really nice. Pretty much it's the main bowl that sits in the frame with the legs so that when you have the firepit going the main bowl is hot but the outer metal stay cool.

The problem I had with the product was that one of the legs was broken out of the box and the mesh cover was dented. I guess thankfully I have a lot of patients and am in no hurry; I called the company to request replacement for these parts under warranty. Now some may go crazy considering how long it's taking for these parts to arrive. (Around a month) but that's because they need to ship the part from China to their HQ in the US and then ship it to you. Best part is the request stays in the their records, I've dealt with so many other companies and half the time the ticket number would just magically disappear *cough HTC cough*. They even personally called me up to give me the status of the part and to give me the situation of the part.

  Review from amazon.com 

This is my first fire pit. I bought this particular model after reviewing more than 100 others for a handful of reasons listed under PRO below, and the product delivered well on every expectation.


1. It's a large diameter model. I need it big enough to hold whatever firewood I can buy locally, and this model handles it all well. I don't have to chop normal firewood into littler pieces.

2. It's a deep model. Those little pan models are out of the question. This model holds several pieces of wood and all the newspaper I care to ball up underneath. When I'm ready to light it, a single match takes care of everything for the first couple hours. Instead of giving the fire my constant attention, I can enjoy my family and guests.

3. There's a wonderful flat surface ringing the pit, and it's tall enough to be useful. The ring stays cool, perfect for plates and drinks. We particularly like keeping mugs of hot chocolate on the ring as we settle around the fire after dark, having eaten dinner there when it was light out. We also bought marshmallow roasting sticks that work beautifully with this fire pit.

4. The diamond mesh allows superior air flow. A fire cannot thrive without air, and this pit provides far more than other models. I could wish that the pan's bottom allowed air also, but that would allow debris (and hot coals) to fall through.

5. The mesh lid is solid and effective. I have no worries about safety when the lid is in place.

6. The entire unit is solid. Some friends have a more rickety model. This fire pit's legs are sturdily attached, but their real stability comes from their wide base.

7. Absolutely zero maintenance is required after initial assumbly. Just park this fire pit in your back yard and pull up a few of those soccer-mom sideline chairs. The firewood itself requires a bit of attention of course, but there's nothing to turn or tighten on the fire pit itself.

8. It comes with a cover! That's something you definitely want, and this model saves you that expense. My cover lasted until the lawnmowing service started a few months later, but I expect that any cover of any quality would not have survived that weed-eater treatment. Shame on me for leaving the fire pit in my suburban backyard grass instead of building a patio or laying out some bricks.


1. Assembly was a bit more difficult than I expected, but not bad really. All the parts are black, so it's hard even to see the holes and alignments. The metal edges aren't sharp exactly, but neither are they smooth and comfortable like rolled edges. The instructinos are clearly written in real English. But legs were attachable curving inward instead of outward, and the big ring was attachable upside-down. I could imagine v2.0 of this model ensuring that parts can only be assembled correctly. This one minor point almost gave this product less than a perfect score, but ultimately the finished product is what I rated - not the assembly.

2. After six months of occasional use, the wire mesh lid looks a little burned in one place. I expect that the fire got too hot once, and that a steel wire brush would make it look new again. But I'm still in zero-maintenance mode, and I care far more about the function than continuing the like-new look.

Overall Summary: It's bigger than it looks, and quite solid. The size allows pre-building a long-lasting fire, and the mesh allows air to feed that fire so you don't need to tend it constantly. The wide, flat ring surface makes the whole unit more functional.

  Review from amazon.com 

Very good movable fire pit. We recently remodeled the back patio and wanted a small fire pit to relax around during the evening. The CobraCo FB8008 had good reviews and was the right size for our area. It was very easy to assemble, but I was a little disappointed with the engineering of the surrounding ledge. The 4 sections do connect at the support legs which leads to a slightly uneven ledge. Also, the handle for the fire screen is attached with a single screw. I can see this being a problem in the future. The rest of the fire pit appears very solid. We have used it several times in the three weeks we have had this, with our favorite activity being toasting marshmallows to make s'mores! It truly has been a wonderful addition to our patio.

  Review from amazon.com 

Whoever said "she" assembled this in 15 minutes, must have had extra hands helping or assembled it in a black hole time warp! Took me a solid hour. The tools provided are adequate but not "hand-friendly and a philips-head screw driver is needed but not provided (no big deal)." Whoever is counting bolts, nuts, and screws miscounted on my order, just as with other orders. I had one less screw than necessary and two extra bolts than needed; so I improvided and used a nut where there was to be a screw. When your unit comes with insufficuent nuts, bolts, and screws, either improvise as I did or take one of whatever you are missing down to Lowes/Home Depot and pay the 32cents per nut/bolt/screw rather than returning the entire fire pit. Also, instructions neglect to tell you to be certain that the "ring" is below the upper lip of the fire canister and not above it during assembly. After assembly (1 hour), loved it! Whoever said "her" kids sat their hot cocoa on the ring must not have had a fire going at the time; the heat generated will melt or super-heat anything left on the nice decorative ring. Be careful what you put on the ring ... it gets really hot! All-in-all I really like the unit, but the pit fits too tightly to remove from the ring when dumping ashes out .... so you have to lift pit, ring, and all to dump, but its doable. The actual pit is a really wide diameter, which I love for burning broken/fallen branches and split logs in ... you can easily sit 6 around this pit or 8-10 at a farther distance from the pit. Enjoy it... I am!



23"L x 13"W x 16"H
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