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CobraCo™ Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Bowl, Model # FBCIWOVEN-BZ | Avantgardendecor.Com
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Fire Pits, CobraCo™ Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Bowl, FBCIWOVEN-BZ
CobraCo™ Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Bowl CobraCo™ Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Bowl CobraCo™ Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Bowl CobraCo™ Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Bowl

CobraCo™ Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Bowl

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Making outdoor fires that create a romantic relaxing atmosphere to enjoy with family and friends. read full product details »  

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CobraCo™ Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Bowl



Add a touch of warmth to your garden or patio with the CobraCo™ Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Bowl. Its heavy-duty, cast-iron bowl sits in a sturdy steel base, which features an intricate basket-weave pattern and a charismatic bronze finish for time-tested good looks that will nicely complement any outdoor decor. Four metal legs that slightly angle outward elevate the unit and offer greater stability. This beautiful fire pit quickly turns any outdoor space into a welcoming place to gather with friends and family.


Woven Base Cast-Iron Fire Pit At a Glance:

  • Heavy-duty cast-iron bowl for long-lasting, high-quality performance
  • Basket-weaved steel base with a bronze finish
  • Spark guard with high-temperature paint keeps embers safely contained
  • Protective vinyl storage cover included
  • Easy to clean--just tip edge of bowl into trash container


Enjoy Long-Lasting Fires

The fire pit's round-shaped bowl accommodates generous fires that will keep the party going late into the evening, while its elevated base allows for ease of viewing. Use the fire pit in the summer for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs and in the fall to create a favorite place to visit and unwind.


Freestanding Fire Pit Can Be Taken Anywhere

The CobraCo™ Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Bowl is freestanding and fully portable, so you can place it around your yard, garden, or patio. Take the fire pit on a road trip to a friend's house, to a park, or on camping trips. The bowl measures 29 inches in diameter by 25 inches high (with the mesh cover), making it ideal for large or small fires.


Years of Safe and Easy Use

The CobraCo™ Woven Base Cast Iron Fire Bowl comes with a wire screen cover complete with handle and finished with high temperature paint. This way you can enjoy a hearty fire without worrying about flying sparks or embers. The fire bowl is also easy to clean--just lift the bowl and tilt the ashes into a trash container.

The included vinyl cover protects the bowl from the elements, and keeps rain and leaves out of the bowl when it's not in use. The vinyl cover also makes transporting the fire bowl easy. The fire bowl assembles easily, and includes all necessary hardware and instructions. Its sturdy metal construction is designed to last for years.

Remember to always check with the local township authorities on fire pit guidelines. Never use a fire pit indoors, on a wood deck, or other flammable surfaces such as dried grass or leaves.





Fire Pit Accessories from CobraCo™:

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CobraCo™ - The Brand for Premier Innovative Outdoor Living Décor

Customer Reviews

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  Home Depot Review 

Product looks nice and quality seems good. Shipped quickly. Easy to Use, Easy to Install, Looks Great, Stylish, Good Size & Weight, Nice Design

  Home Depot Review 

I like my fire pit. It's just the right size for my back yard. It can also be used as a BBQ pit. Easy to Assemble, Easy to Clean, Looks Great, Good Size & Weight

  Home Depot Review 

Great addition to our backyard fun! I am one of those people who research products for months before purchasing them. I read almost every review of all the fire pits Home Depot sells but didn't feel drawn to any of them. Too many of them had very small bowls or were too short. When I stumbled upon this cast iron pit I immediately loved 3 things about it; first, the style (I think it is very aesthetically pleasing), second, I love how deep and wide the bowl is (we are able to get a really nice fire going) and third, I like that it comes with a cover. We have used it about 6 times already and we really do love it. The mesh covering has shifted shape a bit (but every review of other pits had the same complaint), but not so much that it causes any potential danger. It was a bit more than we had allotted to spend and was a bit more than other brands/styles that seemed the same, but after testing out a few others onsite, we felt that this one was the most durable, most pleasing to the eye and the heaviest (we have 4 kids so we didn't want one that was flimsy and easily knocked over). Overall we are very happy with our new pit and look forward to many future spring, summer and fall evenings gathered around our pit as a family.



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