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Hose Holders, CobraCo™ Embossed Leaf Design Hose Holder, HHRLEF
CobraCo™ Embossed Leaf Design Hose Holder CobraCo™ Embossed Leaf Design Hose Holder CobraCo™ Embossed Leaf Design Hose Holder CobraCo™ Embossed Leaf Design Hose Holder

CobraCo™ Embossed Leaf Design Hose Holder

model #: HHRLEF
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Holding hoses for easy coiling and uncoiling. Trying to find ways to hide your garden hose while keeping it untangled? Our beautiful copper hose holder is the ideal place to easily store your hose when it's not in use. read full product details »  

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CobraCo™ Embossed Bird Hose Holder and Lid Set



This CobraCo™ Leaf Design Copper Finish Hose Holder lends a resourceful solution to messy and disorganized garden hoses--perfect for a deck, patio, by the pool or out in the garden. The steel hose holder features an embossed pineapple-and-leaf design for visual appeal and antique charm, while its powder-coated copper finish is treated with a green patina to create a more natural, weathered look. The container holds up to 150 feet of 5/8 inch garden hose in a small space, for subtle and efficient lawn organization. At 18 inches wide, 11 inches high, and 7 pounds, it is both sturdy enough to stay in place and light enough to be able to relocate when necessary.


The versatile size and ornamental beauty of this holder allow for obscuring hoses in a decorative fashion. They work great indoors as well! Use one as a magazine holder, or to contain fire wood by your fireplace. The possibilities are endless!


Easily Coil and Uncoil Garden Hoses

Leaving a garden hose out is not only unsightly, but its also a tripping hazard. With the convenience of the CobraCo™ hose holder, putting your hose away becomes a less frustrating task. The hose holder has a molded center post inside that allows to quickly and neatly coil the garden hose. And it's just as easy to uncoil the hose when you need to use it again.


Protects Your Hose for Longer Life

Tangles and kinks are both inconvenient and can also shorten the life of your hose. The smooth coiling and uncoiling made possible by the CobraCo™ hose holder helps give your hose a longer life. Garden hoses can leak leftover water from their spout when they're coiled, but the holder features small holes drilled in the bottom to allow for proper drainage. Keeping the pot dry extends the life of the container, and, by keeping the hose dry, it's less likely to deteriorate.


Note: hose shown is not included.


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CobraCo™ - The Brand for Premier Innovative Outdoor Living Décor

Customer Reviews

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  Amazon Review 

This hose pot arrived in a flash -- thanks Amazon! I LOVE this pot -- so pretty and such a generous size! I've read that others had deterioration problems with it fairly quickly, some were even clear-coating it. I didn't do that and I'm hoping I'm not disappointed after just one season of it gracing my front porch garden area! So far, and we live in the rainy, damp Seattle area -- so good!

Nice and lightweight.
Interesting embossed design.
Drainage hole.
Plenty of room for a standard 75 foot hose.
Attractive to leave out in plain sight

  Amazon Review 

We have one of those awkward situations where you have to walk between the garage and the side of the house to get to the front door, so I'm always trying to make it look more inviting. This provides a nice-looking receptacle for my 50' hose which I have to store in that space. My only concern would be whether it would hold a 150' of hose as advertised. However I don't need that so it works well. We will see how it weathers over the years.

  Amazon Review 

Fits a 100+ foot hose no problem...good finish, seems well constructed and hides the hose perfectly. Would recommend although it is a little expensive, but in this case I can tell this is not cheaply constructed. You get what you pay for!

  Amazon Review 

I love this product. The color and antique look is terrific. I put the pot on a piece of flagstone and then used two tent stakes through the drain holes to anchor the pot and flagstone in place (keeps it from tipping over when using the hose). It is a great way to keep the hose out of sight and enhance the beauty of your flower plot.

  Amazon Review, Perfect 

I looked at some similar hose holders in a nursery near by (it was 3 times as much) but not nearly as nice as this one. Plus, the 100 ft hose fits with much more room left. Comes out easy, and recoils in easy as well, and our hose is not used to being tamed. I'm perfectly happy with the looks and functionality of this holder. Very very happy.

  Amazon Review 

This is a nice hose holder. I like that it has holes in the bottom so the water can drain out. It holds my 75 foot hose.



30"W x 19"H
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