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Plant Sitter Vacation Watering System | CobraCo® B6000SMTC
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Houseplant Accessories, CobraCo® Plant Sitter Automatic Plant Waterer Set, B6000SMTC
CobraCo® Plant Sitter Automatic Plant Waterer Set CobraCo® Plant Sitter Automatic Plant Waterer Set CobraCo® Plant Sitter Automatic Plant Waterer Set CobraCo® Plant Sitter Automatic Plant Waterer Set

CobraCo® Plant Sitter Automatic Plant Waterer Set

model #: B6000SMTC
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Save $10 on this set. Everything you need to provide a healthy well-balanced diet of water & fertilizer for your plants. read full product details »  

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CobraCo® Plant Sitter Automatic Plant Waterer Set



Do you have problems keeping your house plants watered?  Not sure what to do with your house plants when you are on vacation?  CobraCo™® has a great solution! Our watering systems and sensors help keep your plants maintained at optimum moisture levels.


Caring for your plants has never been easier with this our Plant Sitter® and three replacement sensors.  Never forget to water your plants again!


CobraCo® Plant Sitter Automatic Plant Waterer Set



The CobraCo® Plant Sitter Automatic Plant Waterer Set is an automatic watering system that provides a healthy well-balanced diet of water & fertilizer for your plants.  Includes a 1 quart tank and ceramic sensor and fits almost any planter.  The CobraCo™ Plant Sitter® provides drip irrigation for a houseplant up to 3 weeks, so it's ideal for when you are away from home on vacation.


Our watering systems and sensors help keep your plants maintained at optimum moisture levels.


CobraCo™ Ceramic Watering Sensors


The CobraCo™ Ceramic Watering Sensors provides automatic watering of house plants.  The sensors come in a 3-pack and will work with any container of waters.  The drip time is approximately 6 to 10 hours per water sensor.  Keep your plants at the proper moisture level with these ceramic water sensors.


CobraCo™ - The Brand for Premier Innovative Outdoor Living Décor

Customer Reviews

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  Amazon Review 

I don't know how my plants have lived this long without this handy gadget! We went away for three weeks and when we returned my husband said my plants looked better than when I was home taking care of them. LOL

  Amazon Review 

Ordered two of these. One worked just liked described from the get-go. The other didn't work, so I had to re-prime the hose, and then it worked. Still working a couple months later. Just fill up the container and it stays watered. Got it for my tomato plants. I still occasionally dump a little extra water in, but i don't think it's really necessary.

  Amazon Review, Plant nanny 

I am evaluating this product winter 2013 when indoor environment is extremely dry. The houseplant sits facing Southern window connected with the watering system. Instructions are so easy to follow. I fill the reservoir and ceramic sensor with luke-warm water. The system does the watering for me. In about two weeks, I re-fill the reservoir.

One more thing about the watering system is that it may take a while to "calibrate" the system. If you notice that the water level in the reservoir does not go down, the system is not properly calibrated. Simply refill the ceramic sensor. Repeat the process if necessary.

  Amazon Review 

These arrived on Friday and I had them working the next day. The instructions are lousy, I had ordered a set of three Blumat cones with these CobraCo units and the Blumat instructions recommended soaking the cones and capping them under water in a bowl. This made all of the difference in the world because it created the suction necessary to start the siphon. These things work by creating a siphon system, just like I set up for the Christmas tree, but you don't have to suck on them to start them. The diffusion of the water through the ceramic cone creates enough suction to pull the water through the tiny hose if the cone is entirely full of water when capped.

  Amazon Review, Great product 

We have a house up north that we visit on weekends. I have potted plants on my deck and these waterers keep my plants looking great when we are away. I would highly recommend these for people who can't or don't water often.

  Amazon Review, A Qualified Success 

Plant Sitter performs as claimed, provided that an essential procedure is followed during the initial set-up: 1) nearly fill the tank with water; 2) uncap the green watering head from the dripper; 3) immerse the white end of the tube in the water and slowly continue feeding the tube into the water to fill the entire tube with no air gaps; 4) immerse the dripper in the water to fill it; 5) while holding the dripper under the water, slowly immerse the green watering head attached to the tube in the water; 6) tightly recap the watering head onto the dripper while holding both under the water; 7) remove the tube & dripper from the water and carefully feed the white end of the tube through the opening in the tank cap until the white end rests on the bottom of the tank; 8) slide the dripper into the soil near the base of the plant. Keep an eye on the water level in the tank and refill the tank before its water level reaches the white end of the tube on the bottom. If the white end of the tube becomes exposed to air, the entire procedure must be repeated. Record the time between set-up and refilling to determine how long you or your plant can be on "vacation."

  Amazon Review 

I have a rather large peace lily plant that I keep upstairs and often forget to water. I thought this product would be a perfect way to keep it watered so it didn't die of neglect. Set up was relatively easy. Although it was a little awkward to attach the unit to the side of a rather large pot (I suspect it would work better with smaller pots), I was able to attach it and get it set up. (However, I did have trouble closing the top of the tank. It just wouldn't stay closed no matter what I did.) The plant was kept watered and alive for more than a week before the tank was empty of water. Satisfied that it worked, I refilled the tank -- forgetting the instructions that require you to first fill the ceramic cap that is kept in the plant. Because of not remembering this critical step, the watering system didn't work the second time I used it. It wasn't until I reread some of the reviews here that I remembered that I had skipped this important first step. Although I had discarded the instructions, the handy little video included on the Amazon product page reminded me of what I'd forgotten to do. Once I went back and set up the system properly, it worked fine. Therefore, I would recommend this system. It does work and it is simple to use. The only thing is to remember all the steps in using it so it continues to work!

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