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128 Oz Deer Off Solution Concentrate | Deer Repellent For Trees
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Animal Repellents, Deer Off® Deer Repellent, Concentrate 128 oz., DF128CT
Deer Off® Deer Repellent, Concentrate 128 oz. Deer Off® Deer Repellent, Concentrate 128 oz. Deer Off® Deer Repellent, Concentrate 128 oz. Deer Off® Deer Repellent, Concentrate 128 oz.

Deer Off® Deer Repellent, Concentrate 128 oz.

model #: DF128CT
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Repelling deer, rabbits and squirrels. This deer repellent concentrate makes 8 gallons of this patented, Dual Deterrent System formula - covers 14,000 sq. ft. of plantings! read full product details »  

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Deer Off® Deer, Rabbit & Squirrel Repellent 128 Oz. Concentrate

Put an end to your garden and landscaping damage once and for all with Deer Off® II Deer, Rabbit & Squirrel Repellent from Havahart®.


As the #1 selling nuisance animal control brand on the market, our fast-acting, patented formula stops deer, rabbits and squirrels from eating your plants, bulbs, flowers, trees, seedlings, fruits and vegetables for up to three months with just one application. This long-lasing formula means you’ll have more time to enjoy your yard.  And you can rest assured that Deer Off® will not leave a visible film or residue or change the color of plants or foliage.


The 128 oz. concentrate yields 8 gallons of ready-to-use repellent, enough to treat 1,600 4-foot-tall ornamental shrubs, or approximately 16,000 square feet of plantings.


Relied on for decades by homeowners and professionals, chemical-free Deer Off® provides powerful, long-lasting protection. No other repellent works faster, longer and delivers better results – we guarantee it! Get the DeerOff® Advantage today and eliminate deer, rabbit and squirrel damage.




How it Works - Patented, Dual-Deterrent System™

Deer Off® II features a patented, Dual-Deterrent System™ that effectively repels animals by targeting their keen sense of BOTH smell and taste.  With the highest concentration of the scent deterrent (putrescent egg)  on the market, DeerOff® delivers more repelling power than any other brand. Putrescent egg is a proven key ingredient to repelling nuisance animals as it mimics the smell of a dead animal. This distinct scent immediately alerts the nuisance animals that a predator is nearby and drives it away. Though the scent is powerful to deer, rabbits and squirrels, the DeerOff® scent dissipates and dries odorless to humans but continues to effectively keep animals away from the protected area.


A bad taste is also what makes Deer Off® so good.In addition to using odor, Deer Off uses a combination of The combined garlic and capsaicin flavors to cause a tastes irritation and to stops deer, rabbits and squirrels from feeding on your precious plants and foliage.

No other brand combines these unique odor and taste ingredients to provide more effective repelling power than DeerOff®.


Powerful Protection That Lasts Up to 3 Months

No other repellent on the market delivers longer-lasting protection than Deer Off®.  Now you can spend less time spraying and more time enjoying your yard. Deer Off® animal repellent’s patented weather-resistant formula protects your plants and landscaping from destructive deer, rabbit and squirrel damage for up to 3 months so you don’t have to spray as frequently – saving you both time and money.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Deer Off® Deer, Rabbit & Squirrel Repellent is the best repellent solution on the market… GUARANTEED. As the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control, Havahart® is committed to making customer satisfaction our number one priority. If for whatever reason, you are not 100% completely satisfied with your DeerOff® product purchase within 30 days, we will refund the suggested retail price or replace the product for free.



Deer Off® from Havahart® – the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control.

Customer Reviews

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  Best on the market 

Best to deter Deer. I have tried them all and this one really works.

  Great product :) 

This stuff works great, I spray more frequently than recommended but the deer walk through my yard and don't touch any of my flowers/plants.

  Deer hate the taste of Deer Off 

It's obvious that Deer Off works because when I sprayed my pansies, the deer ripped it out of the ground then spit it out, whole, so I was able to replant it. AND it keeps them away from my hostas!

  Deer Off is welcomed in my neighborhood. 

Well, I live in Northwest hills in Austin, Texas, an area where the deer population got so bad that the city was thinking about hiring hunters to cut the numbers down. My yard was getting trashed, until I started using Deer Off! It was fantastic, it went from a herd in my yard every night to just deer passing through! What a miracle! Thanks! Great product!!

  Great deer protection 

I have lots of hostas and lots of deer. I use this product 2-3 times a summer (depending on how rainy a season it is) and the deer leave my hostas alone. Without protection, the deer mow the hostas to the ground. This is better than some other products in that it dries clear and thus doesn't detract from the beauty of the foliage.

  My Best Garden Ever 

My best garden was last year! It was the biggest and best one that I've ever had. I had so much vegetables, that I couldn't keep up with the canning. I used Deer Off to keep the deer away and that did the trick. The deer have almost ruined my gardens every year until I used Deer Off!

  Deer Off 

We live on 10 1/2 acres in the mountains of north central Pennsylvania and the wild life is plentiful, especially the deer and rabbits. I can't say enough about how well Deer Off works.


I have recommended Deer Off to anyone and everyone that complains about the deer destroying their garden.

  Best Deer Repellent on the market 

I live in a heavily wooded area that is heavily populated by deer and other wildlife. Year after year my plants and shrubs have been eaten down to the ground. I have tried another popular deer repellent, but if I didn't apply soon after it rained, the deer would be out there eating all of my plants again.

This year I tried Deer Off, and I haven't even had a nibble!  I have hostas, and lillies, and roses, and veggies, azaleas, summersweet bushes, all sorts of plants and shrubs tall as can be and flowering beautifully.


This is the best product I have ever bought. Neighbors stop by in amazement because the deer have eaten all of their shrubs and flowers.


Thank you Havahart, my yard look beautiful for the fist time in four years!

  professional with personal experience 

With the new larger size container from H.D., I am not getting the results I have experienced in the past with the smaller container. Deer have been feeding on pittosporum that they have not been doing so in the recent past. The newer container content has a different smell and is obviously not working as in the past. M.H.-OBX NC,50+ years of horticultural experience. what's up with this.

Havahart Consumer Relations Team


AUGUST 05, 2013

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your online review of our Deer Off® Deer, Rabbit & Squirrel Repellent, Concentrate (model DF128CT). We are sorry to hear that you have not seen the expected results with this latest bottle. The formula has not changed, and these comments have been shared with our Product Development Team for use in our quality control measures.

We want to ensure that you are satisfied with this product. Please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242) for additional assistance.

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation


Can't get it to spray. Smells like ***. There are others that are better.

Havahart Consumer Relations Team


NOVEMBER 14, 2012

Thank you for your online review of the Deer Off® II Deer, Rabbit & Squirrel Repellent, Concentrate (model DF128CT). We are sorry to hear that this product was difficult to spray. Deer Off® uses putrescent (or rotten) eggs to dispel the deer. In order to prevent clogging it is important to shake the bottle often and very vigorously. If the sprayer becomes clogged, we recommend soaking it in hot water for 15-30 minutes and rinsing well to loosen the debris.


We hope this information helps. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242).

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation




Protects up to 1,200 sq. ft.
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64 oz. - 1,000 sq. ft.
$35  $24.99 Sale
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