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Deer Repellent With Battery-Powered Sprayer For Keeping Deer Out Of Garden
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Animal Repellents, Deer Off® II Ready-To-Use Battery-Powered Sprayer - FREE SHIPPING, DO64MS
Deer Off® II Ready-To-Use Battery-Powered Sprayer - FREE SHIPPING Deer Off® II Ready-To-Use Battery-Powered Sprayer - FREE SHIPPING Deer Off® II Ready-To-Use Battery-Powered Sprayer - FREE SHIPPING Deer Off® II Ready-To-Use Battery-Powered Sprayer - FREE SHIPPING

Deer Off® II Ready-To-Use Battery-Powered Sprayer - FREE SHIPPING

model #: DO64MS
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Repelling deer, rabbits and squirrels. This is the first repellent on the market with a battery-powered sprayer, making application easy and hand fatigue a thing of the past! OMRI® listed and compliant for use in organic gardening. read full product details »  

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Deer Off® Deer, Rabbit and Squirrel 64 Oz. Ready-To-Use Repellent with Battery-Powered Sprayer

Put an end to your garden and landscaping damage once and for all with DeerOff® II Deer, Rabbit & Squirrel Repellent from Havahart®.

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As the #1 selling nuisance animal control brand on the market, Havahart®’s fast-acting, patented Deer Off® formula stops deer, rabbits and squirrels from eating your plants, bulbs, flowers, trees, seedlings, fruits and vegetables for up to three months, with just one application. This long-lasting formula means you’ll have more time to enjoy your yard.


One application of this 64 oz. Ready-To-Use Deer Off® Sprayer covers up to 1,000 sq. ft. of plantings.


Trusted for decades by homeowners and professionals, Deer Off® provides powerful, long-lasting protection and is compliant for use in organic gardening.


No other repellent works faster, longer and delivers better results – we guarantee it! Get the Deer Off® Advantage today and eliminate deer, rabbit and squirrel damage.





Patented, Dual-Deterrent System™ Delivers 3X More Repelling Power

Deer Off® features a patented, Dual Deterrent System™ that effectively repels animals by targeting their keen senses of BOTH smell and taste.  With the highest concentration of the scent deterrent Putrescent Egg on the market (4.63%), Deer Off® delivers 3X more repelling power than any other brand, making it the best deer repellent. Putrescent egg is a proven key ingredient for repelling nuisance animals; as it mimics the smell of a dead animal, the scent immediately alerts the nuisance animals that a predator is nearby, and drives it away. Though it is powerful to deer, rabbits and squirrels, the Deer Off® scent dissipates and dries odorless to humans, while it continues to effectively keep animals away from protected areas.


3X More Repelling Power Dual Deterrent


In addition to scent, Deer Off® also uses taste as a deterrent for these nuisance animals. Its combination of garlic and capsaicin creates an unpleasant taste, further preventing deer, rabbits and squirrels from feeding on your precious plants and foliage.  And while these ingredients are unpleasant to the animals, they do not harm them or your garden.

No other brand combines these unique odor and taste ingredients to provide more effective repelling power than Deer Off®.


Powerful Protection That Lasts Up to 3 Months


No other dual action repellent on the market delivers longer-lasting protection than Deer Off®.  Now you can spend less time spraying and more time enjoying your yard. Deer Off® animal repellent’s patented weather-resistant formula protects your plants and landscaping from destructive deer, rabbit and squirrel damage for up to 3 months, so you don’t have to spray as frequently – saving you both time and money.


The Only Battery-Powered Spray Repellent Provides Greater Comfort and Convenience

Keeping unwanted deer, rabbits and squirrels away just got even easier with the new Deer Off® II battery-powered sprayer. It’s the first and only repellent on the market with a battery-operated sprayer and can cover up to 1,000 square feet. No more hand fatigue. No hassle. Just turn it on and spray - it’s that simple.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Deer Off® II Deer, Rabbit & Squirrel Repellent is the best deer repellent solution on the market… GUARANTEED. As the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control, Havahart® is committed to making customer satisfaction our number one priority. If for whatever reason, you are not 100% completely satisfied with your DeerOff® product purchase within 30 days, we will refund the suggested retail price or replace the product for free.



Deer Off® from Havahart® – the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control.

Customer Reviews

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  great for squirrels 

I have a field in the back of me, I don't have a lot of deer but I have a lot of squirrels, tons of them, they dig holes in my yard, walk on my fence.


They were making themselves at home until I bought deer off, and I have not had a problem since.

  Unbelievable Results 

I purchased Deer Off when I was at the end of my rope. I've always had a small problem with squirrels in my roses, but they only ate the ones that were easy to get to and I was content to let them have them, since there were so many others. Then an adolescent squirrel fell in love with them and braved the thorns to eat EVERY ROSE on my bushes. He'd wait until new roses budded and snatch them before they bloomed, no matter how high they were. He'd pull stalks over to get them and was wrecking my bushes. As an animal lover, I knew that I had to find an alternative I could live with.

Deer Off is amazing. I sprayed it ONCE (about 6 weeks ago) and the squirrels now give my plants wide berth. The smell must be offensive to them, but the scent is mild to my human nose and faded to nothing about a minute after spraying. I HIGHLY recommend it. I didn't expect it to work this well!

  Havahart Deer Off 

Deer ate all my pansies and geranium. I used DeerOff and now the plants have come back and are actually blooming (even the pansies, although their season is usually over).

  Deer hate this stuff! 

Deer ate over $750 of newly planted ivy and other plants in my yard last spring and summer. I planted all new plants this last Fall and this Spring and then sprayed DeerOff and nothing has been touched this year. THANK YOU!!

  Great for squirrels 

Squirrels & chipmunks dig in my flower pots on my porch. Also rabbits eat my roses in spring. Deeroff works well for these pests also. Don't have a deer problem right now. My only problem with Deeroff is the smell but I guess that's what makes it work, so I will deal with it! Thank you!

  Works like a charm! 

There is a large herd of deer in a senior community near my house. They have done extensive damage. Deer off is the only product that has worked!

  I will be buying Deer Off again!! 

Eat shrubs, lillies, roses, black eyed susans every year. Deer off helps keep them away from these plants in the spring as they are sprouting. Very very helpful product; I will purchase it again and again.

  No More Deer 

Over the years, Deer have stripped my arborvitae in the winter, and love to eat the leaves on new seedlings I have planted as well as shrubs! I have been using deer off regularly now and it works great!

  Very Effective! 

My young fruit trees were totally devoid of leaves by the deer. Now they are all are coming back to life after being protected with Deer Off.

  Works great for Hostas 

I have many hostas that the deer love to eat..so far using Deer Off, this season, it has kept them away.

  This Stuff Actually WORKS!!! 

The deer have ravaged the yard in previous years and the beginning of this year. They have eaten everything you could think of in the past. Since spraying the Deer Off I have the best yard and flowers in 15 years.

  Awesome Product - A Must Have!! 

Every year we have a garden and it never fails that the deer eats half of what we produce. A friend suggested Deer Off and we haven`t had anymore deer problems. Thanks from Vermont!!

  Product Works Great!!! 

They eat every plant I put in the ground. They are now eating my herb garden. The Deer Off I bought in the Garden Shop has helped sooo much!!!!!

  Awesome rabbit repellent! 

I have a rabbit destroying my flower bed. But ever since I sprayed the area with Deer Off, I have not seen the rabbit and he is not coming near my plants!

  Excellent Product!!!! 

I discovered Deer Off from a website called bugspray.com. So far it is working great! I have about 5 different herds of deer with about 10 deer in each herd that come around. Thanks to the neighbors who feed them now.

  No More Problems! 

Deer were eating our flowers and vegetables. Once I used Deer Off, no more problems. THANK YOU!

  No More RABBITS! 

Not a deer problem but a family of rabbits! What a mess they made of our rose bushes UNTIL I brought Deer Off at Lowes! What a great product. Our bushes are recovering. Thanks!

  Thank Heavens for Deer Off! 

My first garden in our new home was ransacked by a group of deer. The pink roses seemed to be the group's favorite with yellow roses coming a close second.One of the grounds keepers at my husbands work told us about deer off. Thank heavens!

  Faithful Deer Off User for 15 years! 

Major plant damage at my lake home in N. Georgia. Deer off is the only thing that has worked in over 15 years of trying. I tried electric fence, human hair, moth ball and even tied bags of dial soap. Your product works!


I had no tulips or roses blooming for the last 2 year. This year, I purchased "deer off" and I have beautiful roses again. Thank you for a wonderful product!

  Love this stuff! 

Before using deer off my yard was in complete shambles. I wasn't able to plant a garden due to what wasn't eaten was trampled and ruined. My neighbors have also started using Deer Off since we live on a lake in the country and the deer are abundant throughout the year. Since most of us are using it we don't have so many deer dashing out in front of us on our way to work either! It's a win win product. Thank you for offering it!

  Deer Even Ate the Plastic Berries on my Front Door Wreath!!! Not Anymore!! 

They simply munch on most plants and many shrubs....and using DEER OFF is just about the only way we can enjoy petunia's and other colorful plants in our front yard. They have actually even nibbled on the plastic berries on my front door wreath. :( The wreath has since been sprayed with DEER OFF as well. NOTE: After sampling those, they spit them out on the rug below.

  Saved my Sunflowers! 

Deer eat my sunflowers and hostas. Since using Deer Off, they have stopped. I have been a loyal customer for many years. I noticed that in 2009 you must have changed the formula...The odor is awful but it works!


Our yard is filled with Hosta and Day Lillies, apparently a favorite of the many deer in our area! Until now, the plants were so damaged that they could not hardly grow. With Deer Off, the plants are doing well, and I'm SO happy!

  My Roses Look Fabulous! 

I back up to a preserve in Florida... we have very hungry deer! Deer Off has been the best... my roses look fabulous and my neighbor is now providing the food for our hungry deer! Thank you Deer Off

  Works Great in the Winter! 

Before Deer Off, they ate the plants right to the roots and killed them. Deer Off even works in the Winter!

  Deer Off plus Spray AWay = NO RABBITS! 

We lived in a home next to timber and we had 8000 sq ft of flower gardens. That is when I learned to use Deer Off along with Water Sprinklers. We have move to town and now have a Koi pond surrounded by flower gardens and I still use Deer Off but more for the bunnies. There are a few deer around but lots of bunnies.

  Will Never Use Another Repellent! 

We came across Deer Off at our local Home Depot store many years ago. Our yard was suffering so much. There are so many deer around our area. We live in Pittsburgh where the winters can get pretty cold and snowy. We use Deer Off all year long. Even in the winter!! We will NEVER try another brand. Deer Off really works for us. Our yard looks beautiful!

  6K Sq. Ft. of Flower Gardens Saved from Deer! 

Our last home had 6k sq ft of flower gardens on the edge of town. We used Deer Off religiously to keep them at bay. We also used some auto sprinklers (SPRAY AWAY) and it saved our yard. We found they visited more often after the lawn was mowed and right before flowers bloomed.

  Works like a CHARM! 

Spring is here and the salad bar is open. The deer LOVE my hostas, lillies and pretty much anything else they can reach. I found Deer Off several year's ago through Gardens Alive and will never use anything else. Works like a charm!

  I can't go a day without deer off! 

We put in all new landscaping at our new house. I waited just a day to go to the store and get Deer Off... next morning, my new plants were pulled out by their roots!! I quickly replanted and raced off to get Deer Off... Haven't been bothered by Deer since!

  Deer Off Saved My Garden! 

My GARDEN was in ruins before DEER OFF!!! Thank YOU!

  Keeps Herds of Deer at Bay! 

I am overrun with herds of deer who chomp on my hosta, rhododendrons, holly, daylilies and sometimes the pachysandra. I have to keep applying Deer Off in order to keep them at bay!


My plants were eaten every year unitl I started using Deer Off.

  Works even after rainfall! 

The Deer eat even things they are not supposed to eat. Deer Off is wonderful! I like that it doesn't have to be reapplied after rain.

  Deer Off 

We live on 10 1/2 acres in the mountains of north central Pennsylvania and the wild life is plentiful, especially the deer and rabbits. I can't say enough about how well Deer Off works.


I have recommended Deer Off to anyone and everyone that complains about the deer destroying their garden.

  Best Deer Repellent on the market 

I live in a heavily wooded area that is heavily populated by deer and other wildlife. Year after year my plants and shrubs have been eaten down to the ground. I have tried another popular deer repellent, but if I didn't apply soon after it rained, the deer would be out there eating all of my plants again.

This year I tried Deer Off, and I haven't even had a nibble!  I have hostas, and lillies, and roses, and veggies, azaleas, summersweet bushes, all sorts of plants and shrubs tall as can be and flowering beautifully.


This is the best product I have ever bought. Neighbors stop by in amazement because the deer have eaten all of their shrubs and flowers.


Thank you Havahart, my yard look beautiful for the fist time in four years!

  Deeroff Really works 

I have a terrible deer problem in my garden. Vegetables and flowers can be devastated overnight and they trample the gardens too, sometimes laying down and crushing large plants. They will eat every day lily bud and tomato plant I have. I spray this on once a month [more if it rains a lot] and they really don’t touch the plants. I bought a large sprayer type canister with a pump and mixed a large batch and use it as needed over the summer. It is 100% effective for me.

  immediately works 

We have many deer in our yard. This is the 2nd year we have lived in our house, so we decided to try Deer Off. They liked my petunias for sure last year!!

  Works for me! 

I've had deer eat all my plants and bushes but not since I've started using Deer Off.

  I have confidence to plant again! 

They eat almost any plant in our yard, plus new things I plant, including things that are supposed to be not liked by deer. I'm hesitant to plant anything. I used Deer off on my pansies and they are still there from planting last fall. Used Deer Off on them.

  Deer Off fending off my deer 

The Deer are like a pack of dogs, and they are eating my wife's flowers. It looks like Deer Off has put a stop to there feeding at our home for now.



2.5 gal. - 40,000 sq. ft.
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Protects up to 1,200 sq. ft.
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