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Medium 1-Door Easy Set Trap To Set Animal Free | Traps For Ground Squirrel & More
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Live Animal Traps, Havahart® Medium 1-Door Easy Set® Trap, 1084
Havahart® Medium 1-Door Easy Set® Trap Havahart® Medium 1-Door Easy Set® Trap Havahart® Medium 1-Door Easy Set® Trap Havahart® Medium 1-Door Easy Set® Trap

Havahart® Medium 1-Door Easy Set® Trap

model #: 1084
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Best Used For:
Trapping large squirrels, rabbits, skunks and mink. This animal trap is perfect for first time trappers - one simple move and the trap is set! read full product details »  

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Product Details

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Havahart® Medium 1-Door Easy Set® Trap

Best for Trapping:

Rabbits, Skunks, Squirrels

Expert-Tested Technology

Easy Set animal traps - see how it worksTrapping nuisance animals has never been easier! Patented Easy Set® technology allows you to set your trap with one pull of a lever. Expert-tested and proven effective, Havahart® Easy Set® traps are the most robust traps on the market, contructed with rust-resistant galvanized steel and strudy hardware, making the handling experience safe and comfortable.

Easy to Set & Release

Simply bait the trap and then pull back the Easy Set® lever to set it with a single hand. The trip plate's sensitivity targets the animal's specific size and weight, while a solid spring-loaded door ensures a quick and secure capture. To release, just stand to the rear of the cage and pull back the Easy Set® lever. It's that easy - no more destructive digging, and no more tipped trash cans!

Live Animal Trapping
More About Havahart® Traps

Safe for You and the Animal

Inside the cage, smooth, rounded edges and a strudy door lock keep the animal safely inside, while a solid hand guard limits contact with the carrier. And a rigid carry handle makes it easy to carry even large animals at a safe distance.

Effective & Trusted Since 1940

Field testing shows Havahart® traps are 3x stronger than others.

Havahart® traps are designed and tested by trapping professionals for the best efficacy and strength in the industry. Constructed of premium galvanized steel for added durability, these traps stand up to the test of time. And with the added features of a patented lever and enlarged handle guard, Easy Set® is the premium choice.


1Patented East Set® Lever:
Set or release in one step
2Solid Hand Guard:
Protect hand from animal contact
3Sensitive Trip Plate:
Specific for capturing large animals
4Sturdy Door Lock:
Keeps the animal from escaping
5Patented East Set® Lever:
High-tensile; strong and rust resistant

Choosing the Right Havahart® Medium Trap

Trusted Design
Space Saving
Easy Set®
Premium Technology
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Trap Length 24 in. 24 in. 30 in. 24 in. 24 in. 24 in. 25 in.
Extra Long - Will Also Trap Small Raccoons, Muskrats and Opossums
Design & Construction
# of Doors 1 2 2 1 1 1 2
Can be set as 1 or 2 doors
Collapsible -
Space-Saving, Easy to Store
Easy Set®
One Step Set and Release
Enlarged Handle Guard
Galvanized Steel
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Easy Set Traps available in all sizes Nationial Home Gardening Club - Member Tested & Recommended

Humane Live Easy Set ® Animal Traps from Havahart® – the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control.

Customer Reviews

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  Cage Trap Model # 1084 

"Squirrels dig up all the seeds I planted. Rabbits eat up all my crops". So here comes Havahart Live Trap Model # 1084.

This trap has been bringing peace to my entire family just in 5 days since I bought it (on Ebay). 1 large squirrel is trapped each day, and I believe I would get more than just 1 per day if no one in the family has to leave home. 5 large squirrels were trapped in 5 days, and were released into the same woods. The very 1st one after being caught escaped due to my 1st time being unfamiliar with the cage, thus mistakenly I picked up the Easy Set® lever instead of the handle. Well, I was not happy at all, but so far I see less digging in the yard, and so all the seeds I planted would have a chance to germinate this year.

This trap works 110% well. I just ordered 1 more with the same model # from the same Ebay seller. Now that I am in a process of trapping the extremely nuisance rabbits that eat up the crops & destroy my whole garden every year. I am very glad I have finally found a CURE to deal with these pestering animals.

  Great Product 

I bought this trap to regain control of my yard from rabbits. It has been working well as I have captured five rabbits in the last 11 days (four in the first five days).

The trap is just the right size (#1084) and constructed well.

Some tips:

1. Place the trap where you see rabbits regularly.

2. For the first few days, don't be discouraged if you do not catch anything. I believe the animals have to get used to seeing it and the human-type smells have to wear off the new trap.

3. Keep the bait fresh on a regular basis.

4. I found the rabbits I am trapping like apples. The scent drives them to the bait. Every other day I slice off a fresh face to the bait to keep the aroma going.

The trap is well constructed and will be in use for years to come.

Havahart Consumer Relations Team


JANUARY 17, 2014

Hello Mike,

We are delighted to hear that you have been having such great success with the Havahart® Medium 1-Door Easy Set® Trap (model 1084) trap and find it to be a reliable tool in catching the rabbits in your area. It sounds like you are quickly becoming an expert at catching rabbits. Be sure to release the animal far away enough from your home, so that they will have difficulty returning. We usually recommend at least 5 miles away from the capture location.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email at consumers@woodstream.com or by phone at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242).

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation

  success is always an option 

I bought this trap about a week ago from from my local gardening store. I set it out the next morning and within about 3 hours a squirrel had wondered into the trap. I happened to be on my porch to watch it get caught. It shut quick and locked down. I later released the squirrel in my neighbors yard and all was well. Thank you havahart!

  two squirrels 1 trap 

After having a pair of squirrels make it from the attic to the basement through the wet wall and run back up on a daily basis.  I tried different ways of trapping these pests to no avail.  I simply wasnt there during the day to catch them.  I decided to buy a havahart...seemed humane.  The very next day both critters were trapped at the same time.  Thanks to Havahart and a spoonful peanut butter.alot faster and safer than I thought.  I relocated the critters to some nearby woods and havent had an incident since.  I highly recommended this trap.  Easy set is the way to go!

  Easy Set 1084 is great for Squirrels 

I purchased Easy Set 1084 and was catching squirrels from first day in use. I have squirrels ravaging my lawn and landscape. This product is easy and very safe for the animals. Very satisfied. Thank you.

  Weathered It All 

I started to fill this out earlier, but decided to wait to see how well it weathered the weather. Snow, hail and now 80 degree weather just in this last month, and it has passed it all.

  Humane Way 

This is a great trap. Humane way to remove wild rabbits, fox and squirrels from property.

  Set and Release Mechanism 

Set and Release mechanism is so much better than my other Traps.

  Well Built and Very Humane 

The Havahart (trap) was well built, easy to use and very humane treatment for unwanted critters.

  Cats Terrorizing My Neighborhood! 

I have some cats that are terrorizing my neighborhood and this came just in time for me. It doesn't harm the animal in any way. And it doesn't pinch my fingers, either.

  Easy to Set and Release 

Havahart Trap is easy to set and easy to release the animal.

  Birdfeeders Were Plagued by Squirrels 

I received the Havahart trap a few weeks ago - it is extremely easy to set. .I am plagued by squirrels so I put the trap by my bird feeders. It took a few days for the squirrels to get used to it but once they did I managed to catch a few squirrels most days. This is an item I would definitely recommend to others!!

  Problems with Small Critters 

If you have problems with any small critters around your home and want to be rid of them humanely, this is exactly the product you need.

  No Escaping Here! 

Caught a stray cat and some squirrels and normally you have to tie up the other end or they can get out.  No escaping here.

  Better Construction 

I own a similar product by another manufacturer - this trap is much better constructed and easier to use.

  Ideal for Vegetable Gardens 

Recommended: This product is very effective in capturing, live trap, smaller animals; ideal for vegetable garden areas where you might like to capture/relocate rabbits.

  Recommend the two door 

I bought a two door trap in March and have caught a dozen squirrels in it so far. I haven't made a dent in the population. (I kill the squirrels since trapping is a legal method in MO. And, yes the meat goes into the freezer.) To increase the harvest I bought a single door last weekend since that's what Cabela's had in stock. I really like the easy-set on both traps. But, the trip lever for the single door is set way to far back. I loaded the trap twice this morning and watched a squirrel get into the trap, reach over the trip lever and steal the bait. You could put the bait against the back of the trap but the squirrels can get to it. The good thing about the two door is the squirrels can't get to the bait from the outside as easily and, more importantly in my opinion, the trip lever is in the middle of the trap. Once the squirrel goes in they will always spring the trap. I'll keep trying the single-door but if you want a sure-fire trap get the two door.

Havahart Consumer Relations Team


JULY 02, 2012

Thank you for sharing your experience and your feedback! The benefit of a 1-door trap (or using a 2-door trap as a 1-door trap) is most seen when trapping target animals on the larger end of the spectrum. It allows you to tie or place your bait at the far, closed end of the trap requiring them to be fully enclosed inside when the trap doors close. For these larger animals if bait is placed on the center tray often times they can reach it while their bushy tails or hind quarters are outside of the trap. This gives the animal the ability to back out of the trap stealing your bait and escaping the now closed trap.


For animals on the smaller end of the spectrum like your smaller squirrels using a 2-door trap will increase the animals’ odds of coming into direct contact with the bait pan. Instead of baiting the far end of the trap you will want to bait the pan itself or even hang bait directly over the pan. The 2-door trap also gives the animal a sense of security that it will be able to exit the other side while feeding on the bait.


We hope you find this information helpful and that the Havahart® trap continues to provide you with successful results. If you have questions or need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242).

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation




Up to 1 mile range
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