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Havahart Spray Away® Motion Activated Sprinkler 2.0
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Electronic Repellents, Havahart Spray Away® Motion Activated Sprinkler 2.0, 5266
Havahart Spray Away® Motion Activated Sprinkler 2.0 Havahart Spray Away® Motion Activated Sprinkler 2.0 Havahart Spray Away® Motion Activated Sprinkler 2.0 Havahart Spray Away® Motion Activated Sprinkler 2.0

Havahart Spray Away® Motion Activated Sprinkler 2.0

model #: 5266
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Best Used For:
Deer, Heron, Raccoon, Cats, Dogs, Groundhogs, Skunks, Rabbits, Opossums, Squirrels, Birds and More! read full product details »  

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Product Details

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Havahart Spray Away® Motion-Activated Water Repellent Sprinkler 2.0


Protect your yard, garden or pond from animal trespassers with the Havahart Spray Away® 2.0 Motion Activated Sprinkler.

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Using only water and noise, this eco-friendly and low-maintenance alternative to pesticides works 24/7 to deter even the most determined critters, keeping your landscape lush and beautiful.


And unlike other electronic repellents, the Spray Away 2.0 has exclusive customizable settings, so you can tailor it to your particular space and target animal.




How It Works


Using infrared technology, Spray Away senses an animal's heat and movement up to 35 feet away. When an animal is detected, Spray Away's sprinkler releases a sudden burst of water combined with startling noise and motion that safely and effectively repels a wide range of animals. And the animal detector works day or night, so it's always on watch. This motion sensor sprinkler will defend up to 1,900 square feet.


Havahart Spray Away® eliminates the need to apply chemical repellents, keeping your yard easy and inexpensive to maintain, and safe for children and pets. And each spray uses only 2-3 cups of water, so it's efficient.




The exclusive Adjustable Sensor Eye, coupled with nine different sensitivity settings, makes Spray Away 2.0 the most cusomizable motion activated sprinkler on the market. Just point the Adjustable Sensor Eye 'up' to sense large animals and birds, or 'down' for small critters. Choose from nine sensitivity settings to target your specific animal and detection distance.


Customizable features: 

  • 9 different sensing distances
    • Covers up to 1,900 sq. ft.
  • Adjustable custom sight settings
    • Covers any size animal and variations in terrain
    • Adjust "UP" to target large animals/birds and/or high terrain
    • Adjust "DOWN" for small animals and/or low terrain

And for even more control over Spray Away's coverage area, you can adjust the spray distance and arc of the sprinkler, targeting shorter or longer distances.


Unique Step-In Stake for Simple Setup

Havahart® has also made Spray Away easy to place in your yard with its Step-In Stake design. Gently step down into the foot stirrup and easily insert the stake in your desired area.



Setup is easy - just follow 4 simple steps:
  1. Insert 4 AA batteries (not included)
  2. Use the easy Step-In-Stake to secure the unit in the soil, pointing the eye at your target area.
  3. Set your Spray Away sensitivity. Test this using the indicator light as a guide.
  4. Attach a garden hose.

Effective Control for Animals of Any Size

Use the Spray Away motion sprinkler to chase deer from your garden, herons from your koi pond, even neighborhood cats and dogs off your lawn.


Spray Away works to repel all of the following animals:


  • Cats

  • Raccoons

  • Dogs

  • Birds

  • Opossum

  • Groundhogs

  • Deer

  • Rabbits

  • Skunks

  • And more!



Adjustable Sensitivity By Target Animal

Using the Sugested Settings Chart, adjust the Sensitivity Knob accordingly.



*Some small animals may not be seen at this distance


Spray Away - Comparison Chart


Spray Away 5266 Comparison Chart




Satisfaction Guaranteed:

As the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control, Havahart® is committed to making customer satisfaction our number one priority. Your Spray Away motion detector sprinkler unit is covered under a 2 year warranty.  If for any reason you have any issues with your Spray Away during that time, please call us at (855) 542-8242 so we can assist you.


Learn about our complete line of Spray Away products:



Spray Away Motion Detector Sprinkler Animal Repellent from Havahart® –
the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control.


Customer Reviews

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  Works like a charm! 

It could do with an on/off switch so I can adjust it without setting it off constantly. Other than that no complaints - it works exactly as advertised!

  I can now grow green beans 

I have tried every imaginable product to keep rabbits and birds from eating my green beans and cucumbers as soon as the seedling emerge. NOTHING worked until I tried Spray Away. I immediately noticed that my plants were now growing to full maturity. Now I need to find a way to keep my grandkids from playing in the spray when they come to visit. GREAT product.

  Great for a small farm! 

I've just started a small farm in Oregon, and one of my biggest worries were the deer. Before I started planting, I would see them every day, run out and try to shoo them, and they'd just stand there staring at me. I got two Spray Aways to protect a small patch of crops. The field was freshly tilled, so I could see every hoof print. Within three days of setting up the sprayers, there are no hoof prints to be found anywhere near them! I move them every couple days so the deer can't memorize the "safe" places to walk.

I still see deer on the property, just not in my field. I'm so impressed, I'm here to order two more! They're expensive, but cheaper than deer fencing and WAY cheaper than losing my crops!

  Great Product 

The Spray Away was very easy to assemble. The sprayer has a lot of power and goes the distance. Our veggies will be safe this season.

  Extremly Satisfied 

What a relief to finally find a quality product. I have tried for years to keep the deer from getting fat in my garden. This year the problem was solved. Thanks !!

Havahart Consumer Relations Team


OCTOBER 01, 2012

Dear Andy,


Thank you for reviewing the Spray Away™ Motion Activated Sprinkler 2.0 (model 5266). We are so happy that Spray Away™ provided an effective solution for deterring deer from your garden. We appreciate the time you have taken to share your valuable feedback.


If you have questions or need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242).

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation


  Works great for chickens! 

This works great for getting chickens to quit eating the garden! I have small garden patches spread on the side of a hill on a bit over an acre. One section is the best for growing but out of site of the house and EVERYTHING goes over there to nibble - once the neighbors cows got out and knocked down, trampled, and ate just EVERYTHING to get at the canteloupes! This has been great. I had to get a really good hose to use it with - the one I had was leaky around the screw in and it just didn't work well. It kept my garden watered well over there AND allowed me to let the chickens over there some - with the added benefit of helping to deter foxes and other predators from entering my yard from the side. It does use some batteries but it's a lot cheaper than the concoctions that you spray or spread to deter critters that don't work nearly as well.

I will be buying another one next year for another spot I am having trouble with. It works. I love that it keeps me from watering so much by hand too, as that frees me up to do other things.

  motion sprinkler 

We have problems with deer eating our flowers before we get to enjoy them...my husband told me about this sprinkler so I got on Amazon and found it. We have set it up after dark to see if it would really help....and it has. The deer have not been back and the flowers are blooming. Thank you.

  Keeps out the pests 

I wanted the Havahart Spray Away to help keep out chickens out of my garden, love how it works!

The sprinkler hooks up quite easily to your spray hose and is motion activated, and the sensors can be preset to different sensitivity levels. It is also height adjustable which is a plus if you have many different sorts of pests eating your garden.

I love this item for it's ease of use and the fact that it actually does work to keep the pests away from my garden!

  Bye Bye Birdie and Other Garden Pests! 

We live in the country and one of the many rewards of country living is having a garden. My husband is the main gardener in the family and takes great pride in his tomatoes, bell peppers, squash and okra. But living in the country and having a garden is not always that easy because of the animals that also love our garden.....mainly rabbits and birds. The rabbits ate the okra plants down to the ground and the birds must love tomatoes because they are in and out of the tomatoes pecking on them as they flit around. This is very frustrating to my husband. We were so excited to see this Havahart Spray Away Sprinkler Animal Repellent on the Amazon Vine Program. We couldn't wait to try it and see if it actually worked. I can say that it does work and works great. I am so happy because I didn't want to see any animal harmed for doing what comes natural...eating! It keeps the birds away from the tomatoes and the rabbits from all the veggies without harming them in any way. We love it and wish we had had it earlier. This will be a part of our gardening from now on. Highly recommend this product! 5 Stars!

  Keep Unwanted Critters, Birds, Deer Away 

This new Havahart 5266 Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent is amazing. Deer eating your hostas and lilies? This new Spray Away will repel animals with sudden bursts of water. It has an adjustable infrared sensor eye that can detect movement up to 35 feet. The sensor eye also is adjustable to any size animal and any terrain. The sprinkler head covers 1,000 square feet. There is also a sensitivity knob with nine settings for desired coverage. When movement is detected, Spray Away releases sudden bursts of water combined with the unexpected noise and motion to create a safe and effective way to deter and chase away unwanted animals or birds. It requires 4 AA batteries. There is an indicator light that alerts to movement and also lets the home owner know when the batteries are low. The Havahart Company is trusted name in the industry promoting environmentally friendly and safe alternatives to chemcical repellents and electric fences.

  Better than the scarecrow 

We have issues with our free range chickens walking all over our porch (well, with what they leave behind), eating our veggies out of the garden, and also digging around in our flower beds while "pruning" our irises. So we crimped a little and bought two Scarecrows and put one in the garden and one by the flower bed. So when I was offered this one through Amazon Vine I was thrilled to compare and keep our porch clean, finally!

So how does it compare?

It's better! The big one for me is the sensitivity. It is more sensitive than the scarecrow so it goes off easier; but on the other hand it doesn't go off for nothing here and there like the Scarecrow did (which I didn't mind since it watered our garden!). It really picks up every time something goes by, unless it's RIGHT in the "face" of it.

And then this is simply very well thought out compared to the Scarecrow. One big one is the foot shape near the stake. It makes it really easy to push into the ground since your foot can slip in the loop. Another HUGE plus is that if you need to adjust the head you don't have to unstake the whole thing (like the Scarecrow). You can simply lift the head off and rotate it a little bit and then set it back down, all while leaving the whole shebang staked in. That may not sound like a big deal, but it really is. It saves on time, and quite frankly every time you unstake and stake you are putting wear on the parts you are pushing on, and eventually it will wear out. So less wear on a tool is a good thing and saves you money in the long run.

The third thing I REALLY liked about it is that it takes normal battery sizes, unlike the 9V dinosaurs that the Scarecrow required. So the batteries are cheaper, have more power, and they also last longer.

Overall, it WAY outperforms and I highly recommend it!

  I'm so LOVING not having to clean up.... 

dog poo from stray dogs! This unit is simply awesome and was bar none the easiet product I've ever used and put together. The unit has an awesome 'eye' for distance and easily picks up movement from animals (and humans!). I got down on my knees and stayed as low to the ground as I could and crept to the unit. It picked me up from the side right off the bat and it is fast -- it got me before I could even remotely get out of the way! First week ever that I haven't had to pick up at least two doggie poos out of my yard. Priceless!

  Great harmless varmit control 

I had one of these a few years ago, a different brand, but it worked great. It was to keep blue herons away from my Koi pond. This one works better and has a better rang and works great with smaller animals. I have a problem now with area dogs that roam free now that get into my pond and this deters them as well. I love it! It doesn't harm the animals, which is great. The only problem is I have so may dogs and blue herons to chase off that I go thru the batteries like crazy, but that is the trade off I guess. But it is a great repellant and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to keep away birds of prey from their fish ponds, stray dogs, racoons from their trash or gardens as well as rabbits. Thinking of getting another one to chase off garden pests!!!

  ...avid organic gardener! :) 

Havahart 5266 Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent 2.0

Skunks, opossums, raccoons, fox, gigantic Cottontail bunny rabbits, groundhogs etc. -- there seems to be an endless parade of some cute little critter, or another, wandering around my yard (especially at night) looking for something to chow-down on -- vegetable gardens, flower beds, young trees and even my lawn -- especially in Spring and Summer! If it's not a hungry critter, it is a stray Kitty looking for a place to take a dump -- usually in my vegetable gardens. Yuck! :|

Being an avid organic gardener, I am always on the lookout for some, non-chemical, deterrent, or another, that will not harm critters, humans or the environment -- but will keep All, not invited, out of my gardens and flower beds.

Havahart 5266 Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent 2.0 was quick and easy to assemble. Only a few pieces to put together. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it comes with its' own wrench!

The Owner's Manual was easy to follow (especially with the excellent drawings) and the Havahart 5266 Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler was ready to take outside, for a test-drive, in only a couple of minutes.

I found it easier to attach the hose and then put the Havahart 5266 Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler in the ground. tip: if it leaks, a little, at the hose connection -- as it did with Me -- get someone stronger than you to give it an extra twist at the hose connection area. Problem was instantly solved! *smiles, and thanks Dad*

The motion sensor, which one can adjust the sensitivity on, works beautifully -- and, the water being sprayed (when motion is detected) is a bit noisy and very startling -- even to a human being. :) Sort of like a miniature Gatling gun, imo. But, I like it -- *slightly evil grin*.

One can adjust the motion sensor eye - up or down -, as well.

The water, being sprayed, covers a huge area that one can adjust by turning the water pressure up or down at the outdoor faucet and also by adjusting the plastic stem tabs to narrow or widen the area to be covered.

I didn't have any problems with this product. It was a lot of fun right out of the box, and continues to be so. It is still working properly after a couple of weeks. I really like the fact that it can be moved around the yard, placed in flower pots on the patio and stored for the winter...if one so desires. And, it runs on 4 AA Batteries. It would also make an excellent gift!

Does Havahart 5266 Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent 2.0 sound like what you may be looking for? :) Highly Recommended

  great for deer 

This is a great product for repelling deer. I have however recently put my house up for sell. I have found it's very improtant to turn it off when a realator is showing the house. Haha!

  Motion activated sprinklers work great! 

I bought three of the motion activated sprinklers to keep deer away from a rose garden that is unfenced. I have watched deer stray into the sensor area and then immediately dart away when sprinklers are activated. Now the deer literally stay in the perimeter of the area being protected. Very satisfied with this product-- and my roses are too!

  Will scare away any animal 

The sensor works well and sprays fast, so it WILL scare away any animal that comes in the front yard. Even the next door neighbor cat who likes to poop in my garden and tease my dogs.

  No more visitors 

The animal attacked my rosebush two nights in a row prior to installing the sprinkler. So far it hasn't returned in the two nights that I've had it set up.

  Works for Heron 

I know that it will scare away the heron when he comes without any intervention from me

  saved our border and sanity 

This thing works really well. It is ruthless in spraying everything in its field of view including most of my extended family. Nothing likes an unexpected cold blast of water. It was the only thing that stopped the deer and rabbit from decimating our flower border.

  Night Guard 

It guards my plants at night when the deer come around, it doesn't wear off and need re-application like chemicals, it's natural.

  Piece of Junk 

Unpacked the sprinkler as shown in the instruction manual. Tested per the instructions and seem to work fine, hooked up the water and the sprinkler would not turn off, moved to multiple location with nothing around on the lowest setting (#1) and sprinkler???? i wasted my entire night screwing around with this product.

Havahart Consumer Relations Team


JULY 24, 2013

Thank you for taking the time to share your valuable feedback regarding the Havahart Spray Away® Motion Activated Sprinkler 2.0 (model 5266). We are sorry to hear of the difficulties you have experienced with this product.

With this product, it is important to ensure that the water pressure is below 80 psi. If the water pressure is in the correct range and you are still experiencing this issue, we recommend disconnecting the water from the unit, removing the batteries for 30 seconds to allow the Havahart Spray Away® to reset, reinserting the batteries and testing the unit. When testing we recommend setting the sensitivity to 1. Above all, we want to ensure that you are satisfied with this purchase.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242) for additional assistance.

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation

  Will not stop spraying 

I Have two Sprayers, But they both keep spraying.
Can not figure out what is wrong.
I have a older model I used for years, It worked well.

Havahart Consumer Relations Team


NOVEMBER 24, 2012

Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear about this experience. Sometimes moving objects other than animals in the line of sight of the sensor will cause the sprinkler to spray including moving water, automobiles and tree branches - this is especially true if you are on a very high sensitivity.


We would like to work with you in order to resolve this matter. Our Consumer Relations Team is available to help troubleshoot and determine the cause of the problem. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-855-5-HAVAHART (1-855-542-8242) so we can assist you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation



Had one for years worked well, ordered two new ones, both do not work, spray all the time, thread were striped was sending them back ,but heard by phone they eill send me new ones.because of problems.

Havahart Consumer Relations Team


AUGUST 27, 2012

Dear Ted,


Thank you for submitting an online review of the Havahart® Spray Away Animal Repellent (Model #5266). We sincerely apologize for your experience with our product. Through your review and our engineering quality checks, we became aware that one batch of the Spray Away 2.0 was manufactured with sprinkler heads that do not meet our quality standards. We have gone through our inventory and have rectified the issue moving forward.


Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience but also thank you for the opportunity to make it right.


We appreciate your feedback and look forward to serving you in the future.

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation


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