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Electronic Shock Deer Repellent: Create Electronic Deer Fence
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Electronic Repellents, Havahart® Electronic Deer Repellent - 2-Pack, B5250
Havahart® Electronic Deer Repellent - 2-Pack Havahart® Electronic Deer Repellent - 2-Pack Havahart® Electronic Deer Repellent - 2-Pack Havahart® Electronic Deer Repellent - 2-Pack

Havahart® Electronic Deer Repellent - 2-Pack

model #: B5250
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Repelling deer safely. Electronic deer repellent (twin pack) gives deer a harmless shock - frightens them from your property. Using a unique patented technology, this electronic deer repellent works like an electric fence, but without the wires. 2-Pack. read full product details »  

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Havahart® Electronic Deer Repellent - 2-Pack


One of our most innovative products, Havahart has created a completely

zoom on HERD postportable and wireless repellent designed specifically for deer and guaranteed to work! 

Havahart’s Electronic Deer Repellent uses a unique, patented technology that gives deer a harmless, static shock to condition them to avoid your yard and leave your landscape intact.

No need for unsightly and expensive fencing solutions that compromise your landscape, Havahart’s Electronic Deer Repellent works just like a wireless electronic fence, providing an unobtrusive, silent solution to destructive deer!  Economical, one package contains 6 posts, covering up to 2,400 sq. ft. and lasting season after season.  The Electronic Deer Repellent is also a waterproof, year-round solution, making it ideal for protecting your property even in the harsh winter.  



How It Works:

Havahart’s Electronic Deer Repellent works by taking advantage of the deer’s heightened sensitivity to smell by attracting them to the individual posts with sweet acorn scented lure and a red top which mimics an irresistible azalea. When the curious deer contact the post, the Electronic Deer Repellent delivers a mild shock startling the deer and training the animal to avoid your property.  Proper placement is key -- posts should be positioned around deer entries, paths, and around plants they like. 



Coverage - 1,200 sq. ft.



Havahart Electronic Deer Repellent In Action

Invented by a veterinarian, the electronic deer repellent creates a psychological barrier that manipulates instinctual behaviors to keep deer off your property, without the use of harmful chemicals.  As a result, the Electronic Deer Repellent is a natural solution that is safe for deer, pets and your family.


After deer have been conditioned to avoid certain areas of your property, the units can be moved to protect newly emerging plants or leave them in their current position to ward off new deer that may come into your area.  And because the batteries last up to 1 year, the product is virtually maintenance free. Just reapply the powerful acorn scented lure weekly.



Havahart Electronic Deer Repellent In Action


For best results in high pressure areas, Havahart’s Electronic Deer Repellent works well as part of an integrated deer repellent system – use it with other spray deer repellents and electronic deer sprinkler repellents to increase your level of protection. 


 Additionally, at the inset of it’s use, it’s important to use deterrent sprays to help protect your property during the training period.



Havahart Electronic Deer Repellent In Action

Easy To Setup, Easy To Use:

The Electronic Deer Repellent is portable, effective and easy to use.


  Step 1: Insert cotton ball into lure holder and place a few drops of the acorn scented lure at each end of holder.  Ensure that the inner pair of wires (electrodes) are not contacting the outside pair of wires. (This will create a dead short and not allow the units to charge). If you find them touching; gently adjust them away from each other until there is a small gap between them in all areas.


  Step 2: Install 2 AA batteries (Caution: unit is now 


  Step 3: Using the foot tab, press the stake into the ground at the desired location – ensure the foot tab is flush. 



How Many Posts Are Needed?

The number of posts required varies by:

  • The amount of vegetation in your yard that deer like
  • The number or density of deer in your area
  • The size of the area you want to protect
  • The number of deer paths into your yard 
(One package contains 6 posts covering up to 2,400 sq. ft.). Generally, you want 1 post between 5 and 20 feet apart depending on the above variables.

    Coverage - 1,200 sq. ft.

    Where to Place Posts:

    Before positioning posts, carefully note all existing damage and determine if it is indeed deer and not rabbits damaging your plants.  Hint: Rabbits don’t leave tracks and only eat things close to the ground. 
      First, place posts on the perimeter of your property (on deer trails) – this will intercept deer on their way into your property. 
        Additionally, position posts in interior areas where you see deer damage and where the deer is most likely to find it.  For example:


        • On and around deer paths and entries into your yard
        • In and around plants that deer like and you wish to protect 
        • Any other place where tracks or droppings are observed

          Coverage - 1,200 sq. ft.

          Deployment & Training Your Deer: 

          When setting up your posts, the goal is to place them in an area where you have the highest chance of interaction so that you can begin the training process.  The more posts you deploy, the higher your odds and opportunity for deer to interact with the post – therefore, the quicker your training period.  Once interaction occurs, the trained deer will typically stay approx 30ft. from a post.


          In the spring, the established deer groups disperse and doe will often chase away their fawns.  In the fall, the hunts will further scramble deer populations.  It is critical during these times that you have all your posts placed to train new deer that may settle into your area.  For best results, put the Electronic Deer Repellent posts out before planting. 


          Most homeowners have reported that they see quick & immediate results, however if you have a large property and deer population you may need to give the system some time to train all deer.  Untrained deer may browse some of your plants until finding a post during the training period.  This can be kept to a minimum by using more posts and proper placement.  Do not stop using deer repellent sprays or fencing until all deer are trained.




          satisfaction guaranteed seal


          Satisfaction Guaranteed

          As the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control, Havahart® is committed to making customer satisfaction our number one priority. Your Electronic Deer Repellent is covered under a 2 year warranty. If for any reason you have any issues with your Electronic Deer Repellent during that time, please call us at (855) 542-8242 so we can assist you.


          A Note on Safety: 

          The post is both safe for the target animal and for accidental contact.  The current produced by this device has a very low amperage and a duration of only a few milliseconds.  The voltage range for this product is approx. 300 volts.  Additionally, the device recharges itself slowly so there is no possibility of continuous shock.  Finally, the lure holder, which also holds the electrodes, is colored red – this serves to attract deer but also give awareness to the shock area.




          Condition deer to stay away from your yard with Havahart® Electronic Deer Repellent.

          Havahart® - the recognized brand leader in nuisance animal control.

          Customer Reviews

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            Keep away deer 

          The best and only thing I have found to train deer to stay away from my prized plants.

          Havahart Consumer Relations Team


          MAY 6, 2014

          Our Electronic Deer Repellent Stakes use a unique, patented technology that gives deer a harmless, static shock to condition them to avoid your yard and leave your landscape intact. We are delighted to hear how well these repellents have worked to allow your prized plants to flourish! We hope that they continue to work well for you for many growing seasons to come.

          Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (855-737-5973).

          Consumer Relations Representative
          Woodstream Corporation

            Review Posted on Amazon.com 

          These take almost no time to put together but you must read the instructions carefully. You put cotton balls in the top and put a few drops of lure on them. Acorn lure is supplied and it doesn't smell bad so if you get it on your hands, you aren't a pariah for a day. There are loops of wire that mustn't touch or it wears out the battery so you have to be careful to set them correctly before you put the batteries in. Two AA batteries are required for each post and it takes 45 minutes to charge the first time. This is an important thing to know because you might figure it doesn't work, like my brother did when he put it together without the instructions! You can test them with a screwdriver and you get a spark. After discharge it takes only 15 minutes to recharge. I can't tell you how the deer like them because I haven't seen the deer, but my plants are left alone! Since they run on batteries, you don't have to have them at any set distance apart, just stick them wherever your precious plants are being attacked. Evidently the deer become complacent with the same lure scent so you get info on where to order other scents to rotate.

            Review Posted on Amazon.com 

          We've been using [6] of these for several years now, they work great....remember to change the cotton balls in the top several times per season, depending on how much soaking rain you get, and also remember to add extra acorn scent that comes with the set several times per season, maybe once per week...the company is very thoughtful and helpful; I just called them to tell them that I misplaced the bottle of acorn scent; they're sending me out a few bottles free of charge!...awesome!......

            Review Posted on Amazon.com 

          If you are struggling with deer ruining your landscape, you will find this Electronic Deer Repellent very useful. I wasn't sure if they would work, but my husband and I installed them and we noticed a difference in a short amount of time. They were easy to install and are very effective. We were pleased.

            Review Posted on Amazon.com 

          Over the past few years, I've been replacing non-edible plants in my garden with edible varieties, and becoming increasingly puzzled as to why the my strawberry blossoms never matured (they'd simply vanish). My rose bushes, apple tree, lemon tree, and apricot tree were all being steadily consumed, and I realized the culprits were neighborhood deer. These deer are shy, and come around at night when I don't usually see them, and their eating habits change... so just when I think I can deal with them eating one kind of bush, they change their preferences and destroy another of my favorite plants. I have tried many approaches to repel the deer, including noise makers, dog fur, planting garlic and lavender "fences"... all to no avail.


          Within the first day of using the Havahart Deer Repellant system, my young fruit trees were visibly thriving. The nightly attacks on fresh new leaves, flowers and fruit had stopped, and all the plants responded with vigorous growth. Most amazing of all, within a week I was able to pick ripe strawberries for the first time in years... and within two weeks my baby trees were twice as big as they'd ever been before. My irises, roses, rhododendrons are looking fabulous, too. What a difference the Havahart Deer Repellant system makes!

          The directions for assembling the Havahart Deer Repellant sticks are clear and easy to follow. In just fifteen minutes I was able to unbox, assemble, scent, test, and place the units in my garden. This system requires weekly reapplication of the acorn-scented lure, and reapplication of the scent after rain in order to remain effective, which only takes a few minutes each week. The units can be tested by holding something metal that has an insulated handle, such as a screwdriver, next to the wires to make sure they work.

          The Havahart Electronic Deer Repellant system is perfect for gardeners who have existing deer problems, who don't have very young children who might accidentally zap themselves on the devices. Since the repellant system works by initially attracting deer, it's ideal for gardens deer are already grazing and feasting in. This system is possibly the best deer repellant system for strawberry gardens, and other edible low-lying plants that can't so easily be protected by alternate means.

            Review Posted on Amazon.com 

          The product seems to be working thus far. Deer activity in my yard has decreased significantly. I use the product in conjunction with deer netting for certain flowers and plants which also helps I'm sure, but the deer droppings and digging in flower beds that I once experienced have ceased completely since I started using the product.

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