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Perky-Pet® Wall And Post Mount Feeder, Model # 101-5 | Birdfeeders.Com
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Seed Feeders, Perky-Pet® Wall and Post Mount Feeder, 101-5
Perky-Pet® Wall and Post Mount Feeder Perky-Pet® Wall and Post Mount Feeder Perky-Pet® Wall and Post Mount Feeder Perky-Pet® Wall and Post Mount Feeder

Perky-Pet® Wall and Post Mount Feeder

model #: 101-5
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Best Used For:
Feeding wild birds. A versatile bird feeder which can be hung from a tree, mounted to a post or even the side of a house while providing a perch and tray from which birds can feed. read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review 

This is a pretty good bird feeder that you install on a post or wall. It only allows small birds to perch on it which is fine by me. I hate when bully birds like grackels eat all of the seed up. I really have no complaints about this feeder. It is made well and works perfectly fine.

  Amazon Review 

"chirp chirp chirp," say the birds in my yard. Translated, it means, "we love this bird feeder!"
Truly, this is a cool bird feeder. It's flat on one side so it can sit flush against a wall and look very nice. You could still hang this from a stand if you wanted, but it does look better flat against a wall. The plastic looks okay, it's not glass, but I prefer the plastic because it's a lighter material. All in all this is a great bird feeder. Five stars from me.

  Amazon Reveiw 

My little deck has always needed a bird feeder, I think. My neighboors below me may not agree, but who care what they think? I wanted a small wall-mountable bird feeder for my little deck and this works. You can stick it to the wall either by hanging it on the wire hook thing you see in the photo, or there is a thing in the back like you see on a lot of artwork - you know that hole/slot thing where a nail hooks into? Anyhow it worked fine and holds a good amount of seed. Now if only those dumb birds would find it...

  Amazon Review 

As soon as this feeder arrived, I fastened it to the surface of a wooden fence underneath a large forsythia. Because it's flat on one side, a nail is all you need. This bush is a favored hangout for a number of smaller birds in the neighborhood--primarily sparrows and siskins. The fact that this feeder is so close to safety really made the difference for these birds. It took little more than a day for the feeder to be emptied. I don't know if Perky-Pet makes a bigger one, but we could sure use it around here.

  Amazon Review 

Our birds are unanimous - this is one of the best feeders they've ever used! No kidding, the feeder mounted on a post easily - and it's been no problem keeping it filled. When it's totally empty, you can wash it out with a hose, let it dry and load it up again in a jiffy. I recommend it!



3.6 lb. seed capacity
2.5 lb. seed capacity
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