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Seed Feeders, Perky-Pet® Seed Barn, 309
Perky-Pet® Seed Barn Perky-Pet® Seed Barn Perky-Pet® Seed Barn Perky-Pet® Seed Barn

Perky-Pet® Seed Barn

model #: 309
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Feeding wild birds. This large capacity seed feeder is so easy to fill and durable, too! read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review 

This feeder is big as the name suggest "barn feeder". It is easy to raise the roof like a hatch to add seeds. And with the long rectangle design with perches on both sides there is plenty room for several birds. One thing that I have noticed with this feeder is that both large and small birds use it at the same time. There's plenty of room and little birds are not intimidated or run off by the bigger birds.

  Amazon Review 

I tried a much more expensive squirrel proof feeder first but the birds wouldn't come to it. As soon as I put out this feeder they swarmed in. Now it's not as sturdy as the other feeder but its not as cheap as it looks. I like the see through sides do O know when I have to refill and the roof is enough that the seed stays dry even during the hardest downpours. The squirrels do get into it so I tried the cayenne pepper in the seed but apparently my squirrels like it. Oh well.

  Amazon Review 

The birds flock to this feeder! The small and medium size birds can easily use the perches, while the larger birds struggle a bit. (Larger being pigeon-size). I live where there is high humidity, so I don't fill the container with seed since it would get moldy. But, that's okay - I get to watch the birds go bananas each time I put seed out. It's a great size and great price. And, from the looks of it, it will last for years. I am definitely happy with this purchase.

  Amazon Review, best ever!!! 

Easy to fill,,,,easy to clean,,,,and the birds like it. This is my third one, the lawn guys dropped one, the wind took the next one,,,,this time I ordered 2 to have an extra!!! I use it with that plastic dome to prevent squirrels from eating all the birdseed,,,glad this is available !

  Finally a Made in the USA bird feeeder 

Love this feeder. The clear plastic front and back is a bit more hefty than other feeders that seem to distort from the sunshine and sprinkler water. I also like the fact that the top is secure and can be clicked shut after filling so the wind does not blow it off and not to be found leaving the seed inside to get wet and moldy. You thought of everything. I did see 2 other cute ones, a log cabin and a red barn but the top where you fill them was not secured in any way and I knew that would come off in the wind. They should make a small hole and fasten one of those thin cables used for hanging on it and the actual feeder so that if the wind did blow it off it would not get thrown to the ground and lost in the snow and be gone forever. You did a GREAT job with this design. Thank you.


Perky-Pet Consumer Relations Team


AUGUST 30, 2011

Dear Audrey,

Thank you for taking the time to submit and online review for the Perky-Pet® Seed Barn (model 309).  We are so happy to hear you are enjoying your feeder. 
If you have questions or need assistance our Consumer Relations Team is available at the following:

Email:  consumercare@woodstream.com
Phone:  1-800-800-1819, opt 1

For more information on Woodstream products please feel free to visit the following websites:











Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation


  GREATEST Birdfeeder Ever 

We bought one of these five years ago on a clearance sale at a local store -- my husband faithfully fills it everyday -- and it's fallen a few times. It's now held together with Duct Tape. I am so glad to find the exact same one to replace it with!!

  Thank goodness you still sell this feeder 

So glad you still have this feeder available! This is the only feeder my husband wants to use in our yard. Easy to fill with the snap shut lid on top and many varieties of birds frequently dine at this one. It sits securely on our pole and it's easy to see all the birds when they visit.


This type of bird feeder that I pole mounted with a baffle underneath has been the very best and effective feeders that I have purchsed. All of the different birds seem to enjoy this feeder the very best, from the large ring necked doves to the tiny chickadee. Thank goodness I have found it again, as I have searched for it for some time.



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