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Seed Feeders, Perky-Pet® Panorama Bird Feeder, 325S
Perky-Pet® Panorama Bird Feeder Perky-Pet® Panorama Bird Feeder Perky-Pet® Panorama Bird Feeder Perky-Pet® Panorama Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet® Panorama Bird Feeder

model #: 325S
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Best Used For:
Attracting and feeding a wide variety of birds. The patented Evenseed™ technology allows more birds to feed at once! read full product details »  

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Product Details

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Perky-Pet® Panorama Bird Feeder


The Perky-Pet® Panorama Bird Feeder Feeder features Evenseed™ technology. Seed compartments are filled and emptied separately, allowing the ports to stay active longer. Compartments can be filled with two different types of seed, thus attracting a larger variety of birds!
Feeder Specifications:
  • Dimensions 9" in diameter by 17" high
  • 4.5-lb. seed capacity
  • Use with a variety of seed or feed options
  • Clear seed reservoirs



Perky-Pet Panorama Wild Bird Feeder
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Wild Birds love:

  • 2 circular perches for feeding from any angle
  • 8 seed-dispensing ports for extra access
  • Evenseed system allows separate chambers to dispense equally
  • Fresh seed continuously

You'll love:

  • Patented Sure-Lock cap system helps keep squirrels out
  • Wire for sturdy hanging
  • Powder-coated rustic brown finish
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Pure enjoyment and relaxation watching wild birds feeding


Placing the Feeder Cleaning the Feeder Keeping Feeder Squirrel-Free


Accessorizing Your Seed Feeder:

Baffle Hanging Chain Hook Pole Seed Scoop Waterers
Baffle Chain Hook Pole Seed Scoop Waterer



Perky-Pet®  is the leading supplier of Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories.
Perky-Pet® Wild Bird Feeder models lure the bird in pursuit of seed—providing you with hours of joy as random wild birds flock to feed at your house.

Help & Advice

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All About Wild Birds


Help & Advice - Wild Bird Library

Wild birds are so common to us that we often glance at them without a second thought. When we really look at them, observe them and enjoy their special qualities, we can truly appreciate some of nature's amazing creatures. 


Check out our Wild Bird Library to find out about some of your favorite birds!



Customer Reviews

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  Amazon Review, Great feeder! 

I love this feeder. The only downside is the birds love it more than any feeder I've ever had and I'm constantly filling it . (That's tongue-in-cheek - that's not really a downside.) It's easy to fill and I really like the way it looks.

  Amazon Review, good buy 

bought this for my mother for christmas. made of sturdy materials. large containers for seeds and plenty of room for birds. excellent shipping as well.

  Amazon Review, Very attractive! 

Great buy - it's durable and holds a "ton" of seed. I would recommend this product to anyone interested in bird feeding.

  Amazon Review, money sell spend 

I like this product very much, the sparrows are enjoying their feed. I hanged the feeder under a camilia tree where there's plenty of action. People who complain about this product is so dumb they should use some of their brain on how to put the seeds in. I used a funnel and no spillage at all. Highly recommended. Don't expect any action straight away. Wait for a week for birds to discover it and they'll investigate. Once approved, they'll come for more. I got to see the action on the very second day. Glad I bought this feeder.

  Amazon Review, Easy to use, and attracts LOTS of birds! 

This feeder is a good buy for the cost: it holds lots of feed and doesn't need to be refilled dailiy. Our birds are changing as fall digs in, and new and different birds arrive daily. They are a joy to watch.

  Amazon Review, Awesome! 

It is great! Sturdy, holds a ton of seed, and it attracts all different types of birds each day. My favorite feeder so far!

  Amazon Review, Birds love it 

I have a lot of bird feeders but my birds really like this one. They are always on both levels of this feeder.

  Amazon Review, Best Feeder We've Bought! 

This is such a cool feeder. It is fairly large, which makes it possible to have several birds on it at once (and they do!) It feels quite substantial. I was worried the clear plastic would be flimsy and the 'copper' would be thin plastic, but not so. It is heavy and the cord isn't plastic but a metal wire cord.

To fill, you must depress the toggle switch (genius!) to release the top. This keeps the top in place during use and makes it difficult for smarty pants squirrels who finagle their way into my other feeders. The top opens with a tug and you are able to fill both chambers from the top. There is a cylinder that runs from the top into the bottom, allowing you to fill both chambers at once or the op differently than the bottom.

We have filled it 3 times in the 2 weeks that we've owned it. The birds seem to favor it above the others, even with all containing the same kind of seeds. I enjoy it because it is attractive and I have every indication that it will stand the test of time, use and weather.

  Amazon Review, ...most Popular Feeder in Yard@:) 

I've got lots of Bird Feeders, but not one like this! *into My Shopping Cart it goes* :)

* Aesthetically pleasing -- the antique copper color of the metal seamlessly blends with most any outdoor decor, or natural setting, no matter the Season. The windows, of the feeder, are made of clear plastic -- one can easily tell, from a distance, the level of the seed (to see if more needs to be added). Feeder is very easy to clean!

* Filling the feeder is a breeze: Press in and hold button on top of lid, and pull upwards -- fill Feeder with favorite seed till top section is completely full -- the bottom section will be full as well. Press and hold button, again -- slide lid back in place, hang in desired place. Quick and Easy!

* Evenseed system allows separate chambers to empty equally
* Sure-lock cap system keeps squirrels out
* For use with all types of seed
* 4-1/2-Pound seed capacity
* 2 independent seed compartments to attract more birds

The Perky-Pet 325S Panorama Bird Feeder has suddenly become the most popular Feeder in my Yard! I fill mine with the (traditional) black oil sunflower seeds -- which seem to please most birds, that eat seeds. With two separate rungs to stand on, there's plenty of room for lots of birds. I've counted 8 little song birds, on each rung, all eating at the same time -- some feeding their babies. Also, a pair of Cardinals have discovered this feeder.

*Neighbor-envy... I'm just saying... *smiles, sips espresso*

Does the Perky-Pet 325S Panorama Bird Feeder sound like what you may be looking for? :) Would make a Wonderful gift! Highly Recommended! --Katharena Eiermann, 2013

  Panorama Bird Feeder 

This bird feeder is made really well and looks great! It holds quite a bit of seed and has two levels to allow more birds to feed at one time.I would totally recommend this feeder and at the price you can't go wrong! I've bought several for friends and family and they love it too!

Perky-Pet Consumer Relations Team


JUNE 27, 2012

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback regarding the Perky-Pet® Panorama Bird Feeder (model 325s). We are glad that you enjoy the feeder so much that you have given some as gifts as well. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973).

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation




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2.5 lb. seed capacity
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