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Birdscapes® 2-In-1 Triple Tube Feeder, Model 329
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Seed Feeders, Birdscapes® 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder, 329
Birdscapes® 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder Birdscapes® 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder Birdscapes® 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder Birdscapes® 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder

Birdscapes® 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder

model #: 329
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Feeding wild birds. The nine perch/feeding station set-up makes this feeder one of the most economical and convenient of tube bird feeders on the market! read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review August 17, 2013
Reviewer: Judith A. Slaubaugh

I can put 3 things in it for the birds at a time. And I put a seed hoop on it so the seed lasts longer

  Amazon Review, The BEST bird feeder made August 05, 2013
Reviewer: Judith Wolthausen

Withstands the squirrels and the raccoons. Holds 12
pounds of seed so lessens the number of times you
need to reload. I have seen 25 birds vying for their
chance to feed from this feeder

  Amazon Review July 25, 2013
Reviewer: carlyne ann

I have nothing but praise about purchase or shipping order or time, this product is a perfect gift an very well constructed.
I wish to thank you for the pleasure of doing business with you, now if you could just give your forum people to be just a little more pleasant , instead of letting me know that I was very remiss in understanding them.

  Amazon Review, Big feeder...it's great June 09, 2013
Reviewer: Susan J. Beckmann "MIMI"

Love this bird feeder...it is easy to fill and has a small bowl under it...thats good because it keeps some of the big birds off the feeder. They only problem is the bigger the feeder the more birds you invite...the more food you have to buy...but the more entertainment you have!!! WIN!!! Love this feeder...it is my second one!

  Amazon Review, Great feeder May 12, 2013
Reviewer: The old man

I had this very same feeder for 4 years and finally had to replace it.. So Ibought the same thing again. The advantage of being able to use more than one type of seed is great. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  Amazon Review, Birds & I love this one May 09, 2013
Reviewer: Kay Garrett

This birdfeeder is sturdy...the one I just bought replaced an 8-year-old one ONLY because I needed to move the feeder and I'd glued it into the existing pole. It is easy to clean, easy to fill and birds from the size of finches to grosbeaks and doves (yes, some doves have learned to perch on the hopper!) can eat from it.

  Amazon Review, Excellent Feeder March 24, 2013
Reviewer: Leslie Devey

We have used this type of feeder for almost 20 years. It's the best! Since it's suspended from a pole the squirrels can't get into it. The birdseed we use has peanuts in it, and it draws woodpeckers and blue jays along with many other birds. We spend countless hours watching the birds at this feeder.

  Amazon Review February 25, 2013
Reviewer: Richard Eventoff

The bird feeders are great. They hold 11 pounds of seed are very durable and the birds love them.
I received them on time and in great condition.

  Guide Review - Birdscapes 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder March 02, 2011
Reviewer: Melissa Mayntz

The Birdscapes 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder from Perky-Pet is almost intimidating to inexperienced backyard birders, but anyone familiar with how much seed birds can eat will welcome the 11-pound capacity and three generous individual seed reservoirs this feeder offers. Nine feeding ports – three on each tube – give birds of any size ample space for feeding, and the upper two ports on each tube are equipped with 2-inch perches that can accommodate large songbirds. Those same large perches, however, may invite less desirable birds such as European starlings to feed, but the separate reservoirs of each tube will help moderate seed loss.

The metal feeding ports on each tube are coated for durability, and they easily twist to switch from large seeds such as black oil sunflower seeds or mixed seed to small, narrow ports for Nyjer. This gives the feeder flexibility to be customized for different seasons as the composition of backyard flocks changes.

The base of each tube is angled to direct seed to the feeding port so less seed is out of reach of birds, and small ventilation holes in the base of the tubes will keep the seed fresh and allow drainage if necessary. The feeder's plastic, recessed base serves as a tray to catch spilled seeds or discarded hulls, and is also equipped with small drainage holes. Birds can also perch along the base to feed from the lowest ports or directly from the tray.

The feeder's lid is a gentle dome constructed of clear, sturdy plastic that works as both a cover to protect the feeding ports and perches from moisture and a mild baffle to deter squirrels or other feeder pests, and the lid edge is reasonably out of reach of the highest feeding ports. The lid unscrews to reveal wide-mouthed openings for each tube, making refilling the feeder fast and convenient. The screw threads connecting the feeder and lid are plastic, however, and can loosen over time with excessive wear. Birders should remove the lid carefully to prevent excessive stress that could wear down the threads. A small loop on the top of the feeder is convenient for hanging, and the feeder includes a larger adapter hook to hang the feeder from garden hooks if desired.

Though its size can be startling, the Birdscapes 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder will quickly become a favorite feeder for serious backyard birders. The large capacity, sturdy construction and easy conversion for different types of seed make this an exceptional feeder to add to any backyard with hungry birds.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com December 13, 2010
Reviewer: Richard C. Socha

I have own two of these bird feeders over the years, and am about to purchase my third. It is a large capacity feeder, and allows for multiple birds to feed at once from the three tubes. The feed holes have metal forms, so that when the squirrels feed, they don't chew the actual feeder. The only times I've have problems with these feeders is due to user error, not the product. My problem has been when I dropped it during cold weather, and the top "hood" will crack in the brittle weather.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com April 25, 2010
Reviewer: Millie SB

I have 11 feeding stations. 2 years ago, I purchased the triple tube feeder from Lowe's. The deer demolished it this past winter and I haven't located it anywhere except Amazon. It's an easy fill, easy post mount, a full fill lasts for days to a week and it is like the community park feeding area. Its durable and I really enjoy it.

  Review Posted on HomeDepot.com December 28, 2009
Reviewer: geebes55

I was very pleased with the product and especially the delivery time. My mother was thrilled with her new bird feeder

  Review Posted on Amazon.com August 02, 2009
Reviewer: Nicola J. Armstrong

I was skeptical after reading other reviews but went ahead anyway. Glad I did. This is exactly the same feeder as the one I had for years that got broken by my lawn service employee. The original one I bought was made by Garden Treasures (they must have renamed or sold the design) and was purchased at one of the giant home improvement store chains. I don't know why they don't still sell it! I had it for 6 years. There is nothing wrong with the thread on the lid - just don't be heavy handed with it. If you balance the lid in place and just spin it freely it will always close like it's supposed to.

  Review Posted on HomeDepot.com July 02, 2009
Reviewer: rjmfromaustin

this is a great product. we have used ours in 4 states: Ga, IL, IN and now in Texas. We have it mounted on a 6 ft pole and it attracts every type bird in the middle part of TX. we get the early morning red birds, sparrows and then in the evening the large doves. We love to just sit and watch them.
even though it holds about 10 pounds of bird seed, ours is usually empty in 2 to 3 days. We love it , we recommend it.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com June 09, 2011
Reviewer: Richard J. Petersen

Great solution to feeding the birds. This product has now been in use over 2 years and still works great.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com January 10, 2011
Reviewer: Keystone View

This is the second of these feeders I have purchased. The first one lasted almost three years. The feeder is nice to look at and the birds really like it. I have the feeder on a pole and would recommend this to anyone purchasing. Since the lid is plastic, the threading is easy to strip or crack, so one needs to be careful when reinstalling the lid after filling. The plastic lid would also be the reason for not hanging the feeder.
Pros: Large capacity, metal perches and feed openings, three tubes for feed variety
Cons: Plastic lid, bottom tray small

  A pole type feeder without a pole November 20, 2011
Reviewer: John Kibiger

I bought this feeder to replace the more popular triple tube feeder that holds 10 pounds versus the 11 pounds of this feeder. The old feeder was on a metal pole that lasted longer than the feeder that held up for over five years with twice-weekly fillings during the winter months. This feeder looks similar to the old feeder but the threads on the top are finer and the pole does not extend into the feeder nearly as far. The old one was over 12 inches while the new feeder is less than 6 inches. Plus, the old pole is too big in diameter for the new feeder. The only pole I see for the new feeder is one that stand on the ground instead of inbedded in the ground. For me, I take the feed to the feeder. If I hang the feeder, I have to put it on the ground in the snow to fill it. I prefer to take the top off and fill it from the feed container and spin the top back on. I've had to resort to a wooden dowl for my pole. I'll have to see how long that last. While I like the metal feeding cups that will deter the squirrels a little, I'm curious to see how durable this feeder is. At this point I would recommend the more popular triple tube feeder over this one.


Perky-Pet Consumer Relations Team


JANUARY 25, 2012

Dear John,

Thank you for your review of the Birdscapes® 2-In-1 Triple Tube Feeder (model # 329).  Your feedback has been shared with our product development team.  If you have questions or need assistance please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973).

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation


  Good - not great August 16, 2011
Reviewer: Guy - Evanston, IL

This feeder is better than others in withstanding heavy rain, as the opening in its shield is not positioned directly over any of the seed tubes. This is really important during the wet weather we've experienced this summer.

The rotating cups, however, do not lock in either seed or thistle position. Therefore normal feeding behavior, and squirrels, cause them to rotate and close up. A simple change to the plastic assembly could alleviate this defect.

"Critter Ridder" seems not to deter the squirrels at all but only clouds up the plastic tubes and shield.


Perky-Pet Consumer Relations Team


AUGUST 19, 2011

Thank you for your feedback!  Your concerns regarding the rotating cups for the Birdscapes® 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder (model 329) will be reviewed by our product engineers. 

We are sorry to hear you were not happy with Critter Ridder®.  In some cases you want to allow time to condition the squirrels not to return to an area treated with repellent. However keep in mind each animal has its own tastes.  Critter Ridder® has been proven to deter squirrels, but depending on the area and animal the results may vary.

For more information on Critter Ridder® please feel free to visit http://www.birdfeeders.com/resource/uploads/critter-ridder-animal-repellent-rtu-spray-3-instructions.pdf.

If you have questions our Consumer Relations Team is available at 1-800-800-1819, opt 1 to assist you.

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation


  Weak threading for hanging the feeder November 21, 2010
Reviewer: Elaine

I had this feeder less than a year and it ended up on the ground as the threads on the lid stripped out and would no longer hold. Loved the convenient way of filling it, but if I can't hang it any more it doesn't help.


Perky-Pet Consumer Relations Team


NOVEMBER 23, 2010

We are sorry to hear of your experience with the Birdscapes® 2-in-1 Triple Tube Feeder (model #329). The threading for the lid of this feeder, Birdscapes® Clear Plastic Dome (model #329D) is constructed of strong, durable plastic and is designed to provide a lasting hold for hanging. The stripping of this threading that you have experienced is not normal, nor is it acceptable by our standards.


Your feeder is covered by a one year warranty.  If you would please provide us with your telephone number, we would like to contact you at your convenience in order to discuss this issue in more detail to determine which replacement parts to send you. If you prefer, please feel free to contact us at the following:


Phone: 855-PERKYPET (855-757-5973)

Email: consumercare@woodstream.com


Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation




11 lb. seed capacity, each feeder
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