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Seed Feeders, Birdscapes® Tulip Garden Lantern, 367
Birdscapes® Tulip Garden Lantern Birdscapes® Tulip Garden Lantern Birdscapes® Tulip Garden Lantern Birdscapes® Tulip Garden Lantern

Birdscapes® Tulip Garden Lantern

model #: 367
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Attracting and feeding wild birds. Birds will flock to this stylish bird feeder, with its U-shaped perches on the four feeding stations and the Sure-Lock™ cap system to keep squirrels out. read full product details »  

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  Great Bird Feeder 

I got this as a birthday present and I love it. The feeder is very sturdy and I, too, have issues with squirrels. The lantern design is very pretty out in my yard and the materials are much easier to clean than a wooden bird feeder. Plus you can't beat this price for such a nice feeder!

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

I have a problem with squirrels. I seem to feed the squirrels more than I do the birds. This bird feeder really is squirrel proof!! The top actually locks in place and the squirrels can't get it open. This is a beautiful bird feeder to hang on your patio or porch.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

Love this feeder! Easy to fill, good capacity (fill it 2 to 3 times weekly) rather than every day, the birds love it, squirrels too but can't wrap themselves around it (just reach from the tree trunk) they are hungry too and fun to watch!! It does swing and turn a bit but no problem so far - the birds don't mind.

Will be ordering a second feeder right away to replace a worn out one.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

I purchased as a gift. Good construction. So far weather resistant (we'll see as time progresses).

The Birds like it a lot. Especially when it is full of seeds.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

This was ordered for Mother's Day. I live away at college and wouldn't be able to make it into town for the holiday so I needed something I could ship without seeing and make sure it would arrive on time. It arrived with several days to spare and when I saw it, I couldn't have been happier. I was worried, after looking at the price, that it would show up and look a little cheap, but it was better than I had imagined. It didn't say anywhere but it's made out of metal, not plastic which looks great. The birds love it and my mom loves it hanging out of her kitchen window. It comes with a wire built in to hang off of a tree or pole.



27 oz. water capacity
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