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Perky-Pet® Patented Deluxe Upside Down® Thistle Feeder, Model 398 | Birdfeeders.Com
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Seed Feeders, Perky-Pet® Patented Deluxe Upside Down® Thistle Feeder, 398
Perky-Pet® Patented Deluxe Upside Down® Thistle Feeder Perky-Pet® Patented Deluxe Upside Down® Thistle Feeder Perky-Pet® Patented Deluxe Upside Down® Thistle Feeder Perky-Pet® Patented Deluxe Upside Down® Thistle Feeder

Perky-Pet® Patented Deluxe Upside Down® Thistle Feeder

model #: 398
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Attracting and feeding goldfinches while keeping squirrels at bay. One of our finch bird feeders, this patented squirrel-resistant feeder features six upside down feeding stations designed to attract goldfinches who can feed upside down, while other species cannot. read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review, Great Feeder! 

This is not our first Perky Pet upside down finch feeder (our others have worn out), but it is our first Deluxe model. We find that it seems heavier and more durable than the standard one. The plastic tube seems thicker. The perches and the bottom piece fit snuggly and won't fall out. The American Gold Finch is the only finch that comes to feed on this feeder...other finches and other birds try, but can't seem to hold on when they turn upside down, like the goldfinches do! Some people have commented that other birds have used their feeder, but we suggest that those birds may be the females who aren't as bright yellow as the males or perhaps the young ones who haven't gotten all their coloring yet. Also, in the winter, these birds are not brightly colored, but rather dull - almost a brown color. So, rest assured that when you see a bird feeding upside down on this feeder, you most likely are feeding an American Gold Finch! This summer they seem to come at all times during the day, and in the morning and the evening there are several around waiting to get onto a perch! Be prepared with plenty of thistle seed...the feeder holds about 2 1/2 pounds, and they can empty it in just under a week's time at our house! We just love to watch them!

  Amazon Review, Love My 

I call this my "Flip-It Feeder." The gold finch, flip upside-down to eat the thistle seed because the hole is below the post. It's great fun to watch them eat (and in the winter some of the other birds try without success to flip and eat). I live in Ohio and I'd received one of these feeders as a gift, years ago. My old feeder recently fell in a windstorm and broke, so I purchased a new feeder exactly like my old one. The feeder has a metal lid so that the squirrels won't eat through it. I recommend this Upside Down Thistle Feeder for year round backyard bird watching.

  Amazon Review, finch heaven 

Why is it that they seem to love hanging upside down??? works great, made well, holds plenty of seed, too.

  Amazon Review, Well made 

I would suggest to my bird feeding friends to purchase this feeder because it is built very well and should last a long time. Great price too.

  Amazon Review, Best Finch Feeder Available 

These are the best finch feeders. It's so cute watching the birds with their little tails in the air. They love feeding during and after a rain. The bottom piece tends to slip out of the notches quite easily so I suggest using super glue to glue the tabs to make it secure.

  The more, The Better 

I have had four Perky-Pet Upside Down Thistle feeders for years and the Goldfinches love them.The metal caps and metal perches are so much better. BUT now the squirrels have chewed holes into the plastic on two. Design me a CAGE that I can hang up and open from the bottom to insert and remove my feeder. I love these feeders.

  Amazon Review, Worth the money 

Searched many web sites. This was by far the cheapest. Including shipping. Had this feeder before and is of the same quality.

  Amazon Review, Love this feeder 

I love this type of finch feeder because the birds love to hang upside while they're eating. It's so popular among the birds that they fight over the seed openings. It's also easy to fill with seed.

  Upside Down Feeder and Woodpeckers 

Several years ago I discovered the Perky Pet Upside Down Finch Feeder. We have even given them as gifts. Our feeders are not near trees; but this year, we're having a problem with a woodpecker, which we've never had before. It keeps damaging the plastic tubes to the point that the feeders are unusable. We really enjoy watching the finches and love the fact that it had stopped intruders until now. Do you make a feeder with a glass or metal tube?

Thank you,

Perky-Pet Consumer Relations Team


JUNE 17, 2014

Dear Charlie,

We are glad to hear how well this finch feeder has worked for you over the last few years. If the woodpecker is damaging the tube of the feeders, we do have replacement tubes available directly on our website.

We also have a variety of tube feeders available online. Some select feeders have a metal tube and we also have a new line of Heavy-Duty Tube Feeders that use a thicker plastic and metal seed ports. If you have questions or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973).

Best Regards,

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation

  Amazon Review 

With some hesitation, I rate this feeder 4 stars, simply because of one thing- it works great and the goldfinches love it. The hesitation is that as others have noted, the plastic tube is so cheaply made.

I had this same upside-down feeder a few years ago, and got used to seeing many goldfinches using it all year-round. But the plastic eventually gave way. Since then I have tried 2 other brands, but neither one worked. The last one was a model that had yellow plastic caps and perches. Besides looking gaudy, it didn't work. It was too short and the thistle seed holes were too big. Larger birds could stand on perches and reach up to the feeding holes above, and the least bit of rain soaked the seeds. Worse, goldfinches could not grip the plastic perches- they would try, then give up. The screws in the base started rusting in 2 weeks.

This perky-pet model has a longer tube, and the perches and feeding holes are spaced just right. Godlfinches easily grip and hang upside down, feeding as much as they want. The metal cap and perches are well made. But the plastic tube is very thin and cheap, and the V-shaped bottom insert just snaps in. I doubt it will last long, and as I found with my old model, it is difficult to clean. All thistle seed feeders eventually get some moldy wet seed in the bottom and need to be cleaned out. Squirrels aren't too interested in thistle seed, and as long as the feeder is on a hook and out of reach, they leave it alone. But if the hook swivels so it is in reach from a post or fence, squirrels chew through the plastic in a day.

I would gladly rate this feeder 5 stars if only Perky-Pet would make the tube out of thick durable plastic or even glass, and design the base to be easily removed for cleaning (a screw-on cap). It would then last for years, and I would pay twice as much.


This is my forth purchase of an Unside Down Thistle Feeder. If you just want to feed the Finches, then this is a great feeder.

  upside down is best! 

Have used the upside down feeder for several years & love it.when using other feeders all birds ate from it. Not many beside finches are able to cling upside down.

  goldfinch delight 

I've already had one of these Perky-Pet upside down goldfinch feeders. The goldfinches like this type of feeder. Like the description says, it keeps squirrels at bay but unfortunately it doesn't defeat them - they got thru the plastic eventually; took them two years. It's a delight to watch the goldfinches use it hanging upside down to eat. Nicely constructed at a fair price.

  Amazon Review, Great for smaller birds 

This is a great bird feeder and works really well. I had no problems attracting finches to my feeder. It only took a couple of days before birds started coming to the feeder. The only problem I have is that the plastic is not the most durable. Squirrels were able to eat through the plastic easily and left a hole in my feeder. If you get this feeder you must have a squirrel guard or this feeder will not last long.



1 Kit
10 lb. seed capacity
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