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Seed Feeders, Perky-Pet® Adjustable Platform Feeder, 412
Perky-Pet® Adjustable Platform Feeder Perky-Pet® Adjustable Platform Feeder Perky-Pet® Adjustable Platform Feeder Perky-Pet® Adjustable Platform Feeder

Perky-Pet® Adjustable Platform Feeder

model #: 412
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Keeping squirrels from thieving the birdseed. A strong wire grate and metal base prevents access to squirrels. read full product details »  

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Perky-Pet® Adjustable Platform Feeder



Our Perky-Pet® Adjustable Platform Feeder features a strong wire grate and metal base. The dome above the grate bounces and wobbles throwing squirrels off balance! No squirrels means more seed for the birds. 


The removable pole and grate allow for easy cleaning and the height adjustable dome accommodates birds of all sizes. Feeder holds .5 lbs. of seed. 


Remember to clean your squirrel proof birdfeeders at least twice a week with a mild soap and water solution.


Placing the Feeder Cleaning the Feeder Keeping Feeder Squirrel-Free



Perky-Pet® is the leading supplier of Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Perky-Pet®  Wild Bird Feeder models lure the bird in pursuit of seed—providing you with hours of joy as random wild birds flock to feed at your house.

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Customer Reviews

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  Amazon Review 

I was a bit concerned how this would work given that the grille makes some of the seed harder to reach. However, the feeder has two benefits:

1. It provides ample perching room for birds small or big and it's used for that with or without seed. Doves even used it as rain shelter :)
2. Because, as the level of seed drops below the grille, it is a bit more difficult to get to the seeds birds tend to hang around more just trying to get to the food making for a better "show"

I typically put about a cup of seed and that's enough for a day or two of fast followed by slow foraging.

  Amazon Review, Quality 

This is very stable. The birds can get up in here and stay out of the rain. Sometimes the larger birds have trouble with other feeder's perches not being large enough, but this one is. It is good construction.

  Amazon Review 

This is one of those feeders that I would almost classify as a "specialty feeder;" by that I mead a feeder that needs to be placed and used in a specific sort of location with specific requirements.

This dish feeder can be extremely effective if you hang it in a protected area as the wind does indeed interfere with its performance. We hung ours in an alcove under the eves of our house which can been view through a window but is very protected from the prevailing winds. We have had no problems with the hood flopping about or becoming displaced.

Now this thing IS NOT squirrel proof but is squirrel resistant. If you hang this thing near a handy branch of a tree, near a post or anything else a squirrel can climb, then they will simply do a lateral jump and have free access until the seeds run dry. Hanging our where we have we have had no problems and the hood efficiently dumps the greedy little critters on the ground which is sort of funny to watch.

This unit does not hold all that much food which should be considered before purchase. It is fine in our case as we use it with over 25 other feeding stations about the place. The grate is effective but should be cleaned once a week just like any other feeder even if you don't have moldy food in it. Clean feeders help keep strong birds around.

It took several days for the birds to get use to this thing but once they did they use it as freely as any other feeder we have.

All in all we are quite happy with this thing. It is quite attractive and pleasing to they eye.

Don Blankenship
The Ozarks

  Amazon Review 

I have tried a few versions of flat feeders for my birds and I do have to say that I really like this one the best so far. With the squirrel cover on top that is adjustable it keeps the little buggers from wiping our my seed while letting in the smaller birds. It also helps protect the seed from the elements so that it's not full of water or snow. There is nothing worse that cleaning out a flat feeder after it snows and is starting to freeze up. Bottom is made of metal and top is plastic. Word to the wise though is don't put this near a fence or tree as the squirrels will still get past the sheild if you do. I like this and would recommend it.

  Amazon Review 

We have more than one type of feeder and I really like this one. It easily hangs on the tree and it already endured a bad storm w/o damage. If any squirrels have tried to get at the food, then they have not been successful. The canopy over the tray has thus far given good protection to the food and the birds have been plentiful for so early in the season. I'd be surprised if we don't keep this feeder for many years.

  Amazon Review 

Right now, the feeder is on my deck - I need to buy a pole to hang it from but am going to wait until we move to our new house. The feeder was easy to put together and obviously the birds love it because within about ten minutes, there was a party going on. The birds typically hang out on my deck because if my German Shepherd doesn't finish her meals, they attack her dish. They also love her water bucket.

Maybe now they'll leave her food alone if I can keep this filled and keep their bellies filled. I hope they won't be too disappointed when we move next month. Oh, I can't tell you for sure if it's squirrel-proof because we don't have many trees and don't have the squirrels hanging around like some of our other country neighbors. We will definitely have the rodents at our new place, so once I hang this up on the pole, I'm watching out for the little buggers and am anxious to make sure they don't steal the bird food.

This is a nice feeder; I think it will be easy to keep clean and filled for the birds.

  Amazon Review 

This clever Perky Pet adjustable bird feeding platform is simple to assemble with clear directions. An adjustable clear cover can easily be raised or lowered to regulate the size of birds you wish to attract to the feeder. The cover amply protects the feed from the rain and freely tips to fend off the squirrels. The depth of the feed pan is deep enough to hold ½ pound of bird feed. However, short-beaked birds might have difficulty reaching the last ¼ pound of food through the ½ inch grid. Jays and other larger birds should be happy to finish the rest. A creative design for bird watchers.

  Amazon Review 

I bought this feeder because I wanted to have something the mourning doves could feed from. We have Canada geese hang around a lot, so I can't put seed on the ground as they'll gobble it all up in no time! I like that you can vary the space between the base & the baffle. I do wish it was a bit larger in diameter, but it works well enough for at least two doves at a time to sit on it. I saw from other reviews that other people who purchased this didn't use the mesh cover; I don't either. It does make it more difficult for the birds to reach the seed, although it would help keep the seed inside. It's a nice feeder for the price!

  Amazon Review, Nice little feeder 

This is a cute little bird feeder. I wanted a smaller one to put my leftover seeds from my bigger feeder and this seemed to be about right. It's easy to put together and the birds like it. This price seems a bit high for the quality though. The top is hard plastic and it had a few scratches on it that already all that attractive, but I guess the birds don't really care. It's short so I bought a chain to put it on. So far so good.

  Amazon Review 

The squirrel shield seems to work well; I hung this feeder just a few feet from another one that the squirrels are always in and I haven't seen a single one on this unit. That same shield seems to keep birds from it, too, at least at first. It took about a week and a half before the birds started using this unit, but once they started, they seem to be using it just as much as the one we already had. I think it's because the shield sways and wobbles with every breeze and it was scaring the birds at first.

It would be nice if the feeder held more seed; it has to be refilled every day. But at least what it holds is going to birds, not squirrels.

  Amazon Review 

I ended up getting this bird feeder and putting it out for a test run right away. Turns out that at least around here in Central Texas where I am at the birds seem to be enjoying it more so than the squirrels. Now don't get me wrong a few have tried for it [at least that I have noticed] but I get more birds out back on this. The only problem I have had thus far is that it gets moved around easily by the wind, naturally no birdies come a feeding at that time.

  Amazon Review 

This feeder is well constructed and will keep squirrels away if hung correctly. I hung it where the squirrel could access it from the side, so bypassing the springy dome, so that was my fault. However, the grid does not deter the squirrel. You can adjust the dome so that larger birds can gain access, and in fact, that's all I've seen in it is the larger birds. The smaller ones seem to prefer my platform feeder or the other standard feeder. Perhaps the smaller birds are scared by the moving dome. In any case, it is well made and will stand up to weather, it looks like, and holds a lot of food. I may try putting a smaller seed in and move it and see what happens. I did see a woodpecker at it that I have not seen for a while, but I also put new food out. Greater for the larger birds, I'd say.



2 lb. seed capacity
3 lb. seed capacity
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