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Seed Feeders, Perky-Pet® Bird Feeder, 4634
Perky-Pet® Bird Feeder Perky-Pet® Bird Feeder Perky-Pet® Bird Feeder Perky-Pet® Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet® Bird Feeder

model #: 4634
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Attracting and feeding birds. Stylish and appearing in a flashy, bright red hue, your Perky-Pet® bird feeder is sure to be noticed by birds and people alike! read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review 

This is a great bird feeder for the price. Nice big perches for the birds to sit on and it holds plenty of seed. The birds seem to really like it!!

  Amazon Review 

The tube does not have seams. The top three perches are screwed in and are secure. I like the tray at the bottom. It's large enough for the birds to stand and eat. There are small holes on the tray. This will allow some of the seeds to fall to the ground. This is good because you don't want the seeds to accumulate too high on the tray. The very small holes don't interfere with the birds as they eat and move around on the tray. There is some assembly required, but it's really simple. I assembled this feeder without reading the directions that were included. I really like this feeder. I am contemplating purchasing a second one. Overall, this is a really good bird feeder.

  Amazon Review 

The birds love the feeder.
It is easy to load.
It appears to be a little light-weight, but it has held up well in the month that I have used it.

  Amazon Review 

I bought two of these feeders over 6 years ago. Both of them held up very well. We have House Sparrows, House Finches, Mocking Birds, Scrub Jays and one Northern Flicker that visit the feeders. The feeders have had no problem holding the heavier birds. The summers here in the desert area of Southern California can be very hot. These feeders have stood up the the elements just fine, although the red has faded a bit, but otherwise they've done well. Until last fall, when we had some extremely strong Santa Ana winds that blew one of the feeders out of the tree. It hit the edge of the cement walkway and cracked. My husband wrapped some string around it a couple of times and the crack was "repaired". I bought one more about a year ago and I'm planning on buying a couple more as replacements....in case of wind ;-)

  Amazon Review 

I have purchased many, many bird feeders both expensive and inexpensive. Of the birds in my backyard they have a choice of 6 bird feeders and this feeder is the one they use the most while the expensive ones they do not use at all. I am ordering another one since the store does not carry them any longer.



1.5 lb, 27 oz
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