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Perky-Pet® Easy Fill Deluxe Feeder, Model 510
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Seed Feeders, Perky-Pet® Easy Fill Deluxe Feeder, 510
Perky-Pet® Easy Fill Deluxe Feeder Perky-Pet® Easy Fill Deluxe Feeder Perky-Pet® Easy Fill Deluxe Feeder Perky-Pet® Easy Fill Deluxe Feeder

Perky-Pet® Easy Fill Deluxe Feeder

model #: 510
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Attracting and feeding wild birds. Wild bird enthusiasts will be attracted to this unique triple tube feeder with individual removable tubes that make cleaning and filling so easy. read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review 

This is an awesome feeder. It holds a lot of bird feed, so you do not have to refill so often. Also, you will quickly which seeds your birds prefer by which ones they choose to eat. It is practical, good looking and easy to refill.

  Perky Pet customer service 

Outstanding, knowledgeable and prompt customer service standing behind the products they sell. Don't hesitate to give them your business.

Perky-Pet Consumer Relations Team


FEBRUARY 04, 2014

Hello John,

Thank you for your comments! We love hearing this type of feedback from our consumers and are glad to hear that the representative you spoke with was able to resolve this issue for you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973).

Best Regards,

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation

  Amazon Review, very satisfied 

I used this item before, but the rope broke, damaging the feeder and I had to replace the item. I found it very easy to use and holds enough feed so as not to have to refill it every couple of days. I am very satisfied with the feeder and very satisfied with the service from amazon.

  Amazon Review 

I purchased this feeder in June of 2010. All Summer, Fall and Winter long, I filled it and refilled it. At the time, I was new to birding, and I found some feeders difficult to take apart and put back together. Not this one!! Very easy to take the top off and fill each one of the plastic feed ports with any kind of feed you want. Also, it holds alot of any type of feed you want. All my birds- nuthatches, finches, chickadees, woodpeckers, bluebirds, titmice, and others- love this feeder. One more thing..I am very hard on my feeders. They were out all (New England) winter long, and they have held up well.



10 lb. seed capacity
11 lb. seed capacity
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