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Perky-Pet® Premium Squirrel-Be-Gone® Breakaway Wild Bird Feeder, Model #5151 | Birdfeeders.Com
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Seed Feeders, Perky-Pet® Premium Squirrel-Be-Gone® Breakaway Wild Bird Feeder, 5151
Perky-Pet® Premium Squirrel-Be-Gone® Breakaway Wild Bird Feeder Perky-Pet® Premium Squirrel-Be-Gone® Breakaway Wild Bird Feeder Perky-Pet® Premium Squirrel-Be-Gone® Breakaway Wild Bird Feeder Perky-Pet® Premium Squirrel-Be-Gone® Breakaway Wild Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet® Premium Squirrel-Be-Gone® Breakaway Wild Bird Feeder

model #: 5151
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  • 5 Individually Calibrated Collapsible Perches
  • Heavy-Duty Zinc Die-Cast Cap and Base
  • UV-Treated Polycarbonate Tube
  • Stainless Steel Hanger
  • No Assembly Required
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Perky-Pet® Premium Squirrel-Be-Gone® Breakaway Wild Bird Feeder


Introducing the new standard in squirrel proof feeder functionality and durability!


After extensive research and testing, we’ve developed a feeder constructed from quality materials and designed to deter the most persistent squirrels. The Squirrel-Be-Gone® Breakaway Squirrel Proof Feeder offers an attractive and affordable means of drawing in a wide variety of birds while keep squirrels away – saving you time and money on seed and feeders. Breakaway’s superior design boasts five collapsible perches. Each perch is individually calibrated to hold the weight of birds to allow them to perch and eat comfortably, but will collapse under the weight of a squirrel and throw them off balance.


5151 Breakaway


The Squirrel-Be-Gone® Breakaway Feeder is part of the Perky-Pet® Premium line of feeders and accessories, all of which are designed and built to exceed bird lovers’ expectations in both durability and attractiveness. In addition to the collapsible perches, the Breakaway components include a thick-gauge, extrusion-molded, UV-treated polycarbonate tube that resists clouding, discoloring, weather cracking and impact breakage. The zinc die-cast cap and base on this feeder are powder coated for rust resistance and the stainless steel hanger allows the feeder to hang securely in your bird feeding oasis.



The Squirrel-Be-Gone® Breakaway wild bird feeder is backed by a limited lifetime guarantee covering material and manufacturing defects.


Lifetime Warranty

At Perky-Pet® we truly believe that a superior bird feeder can be the difference you need to attract your favorite feathered beauties. We think you will be pleasantly surprised with the quantity and variety of birds these feeders will attract, and the money you save on bird seed and bird feeders! Collect them all and enjoy feeding the loveliest, most observable and graceful of animals in the world.


Finch Close Up

Birds that use this feeder:

Chickadees, finches, goldfinches, cardinals, kinglets, nuthatches, redpolls, siskins, sparrows, juncos, grosbeaks, titmice, woodpeckers, wrens and many more!



Seed or Feed Options:

Mixed seed, de-shelled peanuts, safflower seed, cracked corn, sunflower hearts and black oil sunflower seed.


Accessorizing Your Seed Feeder:

Baffle Hanging Chain Hook Pole Seed Scoop Waterers
Baffle Chain Hook Pole Seed Scoop Waterer



Perky-Pet® is the leading supplier of Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Perky-Pet® Wild Bird Feeder models lure the bird in pursuit of seed—providing you with hours of joy as random wild birds flock to feed at your house.

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All About Wild Birds


Help & Advice - Wild Bird Library

Wild birds are so common to us that we often glance at them without a second thought. When we really look at them, observe them and enjoy their special qualities, we can truly appreciate some of nature's amazing creatures. 


Check out our Wild Bird Library to find out about some of your favorite birds!



Customer Reviews

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  Amazon Review 

Over the years I have tried numerous squirrel proof feeders without any luck; however the Perky-Pet 5151 Premium Squirrel-Be-Gone Breakaway Wild Bird Feeder has, thus far, kept the squirrels at bay. My first observation of this feeder was how large it is, this is not a bad thing, I was simply surprised. The feeder has a 4.5-pound seed capacity; the dimensions are 26.5 x 9.2 x 9.2. There are five perches for the birds to land on and eat, each only holds enough weight for birds, any heavier weight makes the perches drop, preventing squirrels from using the perches. The feeder comes fully assembled, with a stainless-steel hanger for easy hanging, a UV-treated polycarbonate tube, and the cap and base constructed of powder-coated zinc die cast to avoid rusting. The feeder has only been up for three days, so I have not been able to ascertain how easy the cleaning of the feeder actually is, yet based on the ease and width of the openings, I am not envisioning any cleaning issues at all. The only negative, which the birds quickly overcame, is that the birds need to dip their heads down and under to get to the food, as I mentioned, this was more a concern of mine then the clever birds. Overall, I am very pleased with this rather large feeder, which should bring a wide variety of birds to my home throughout the seasons.

  Amazon Review 

Well-thought-out. No assembly required. Those perches are surely enjoyed by birdies but squirrel cannot stay long enough before falling off. It is lightweight; the end caps are made of aluminum . The seeds are clearly seen from the outside with a UV resistant plastic tube. I prefer mixed seeds which seems to attract a more variety of birds.

A cleaning instruction is included on the back of the literature. The base are held by 5 screws. The top cap is even easier to remove as you won't need any tools. You just pull the cap and swing to the side. Pull one of the ends and then the other to remove the cap.

  Amazon Review 

Squirrel resistance is nice, but the above are other "musts" for a good feeder. By hygienic, I mean that the food access at the perches line up with the bottom of the feeding tube, such that not many seeds will sit uneaten at the bottom of the feeder. Standing seeds that do not get eaten create an opportunity for bacterial growth, which is good for neither the birds nor the feeder handler. I could see a few seeds in the lower center not getting pushed out quickly, but it would be a very small amount, and it's a good idea to clean out any remaining seeds or even clean the feeder, when re-stocking.

It's winter, and my remaining local birds have not been quick to discover this feeder. Though near bushy cover, it's in an open area with few squirrels to start; or at least I've never seen one in my own yard. (Though I have seen woodchucks, skunks, and even - once - a beaver visitor from nearby waterways. So we'll see if other "critters" are drawn by the seeds. For now, a test of knotted socks weighed down with potatoes on the perches has left me pretty confident that this feeder won't be of much use to animals much heavier than my bird visitors.

I'm impressed by the large capacity - it took nearly half a 10-pound bag of black oil sunflower seeds. Winds in my area whip up sometimes and sooner or later I'll probably get to see for myself how well the feeder stands being knocked down, but the polycarbonate tube looks pretty tough, and I've seen how well polycarb holds up as stemware or eyeglasses, so I'm hoping for more than one or two seasons.

This basic, clean design will adapt well to many backyards. I can't wait for spring, now!

  Amazon Review 

This sturdy, attractive feeder is much larger than I expected by looking at the photo--its literature claims it can hold up to 4.5 pounds of seed and I believe it. Our other bird-feeder is shaped like a little house with a roof on top and a tray on the bottom for the seeds, and that one we need to refill twice a day because sparrows dig through the seed offerings and toss any that aren't their favorites onto the ground to be eaten the doves and squirrels. That sorting and tossing isn't possible with this feeder, and while the smaller size birds around our yard have been flocking to it the seed level lowers much more slowly.

The box indicates this feeder can be used by blue jays, but though I don't believe their weight would trigger a collapse of the perches the way a squirrel's weight would I think the larger birds might have to scrunch or contort their bodies to get their beaks down into the holes that give access to the seeds. So far the blue jays haven't tried it, but that may be because we have other more accessible feeders they can use.

We initially had the feeder hanging next to our deck, but we caught a late night raccoon on our surveillance camera who emptied out the feeder two nights in a row by squeezing between the deck's railing, standing on his hind legs, and stretching his arms so he could slip his deft little hands into the feeder's holes. Obviously even with collapsing perches the hanging location is an important consideration if your goal is to not be feeding any mammals.

  Amazon Review 

I was actually surprised by how large this wild bird feeder is when I opened the package. The eighteen inch plastic tube can hold 4.5 pounds of seeds so it doesn't have to be refilled all that often though filling the feeder (and cleaning it) is not that difficult. There are five individually calibrated perches for the birds to use and they are specially designed to prevent squirrels from staying there and gobbling up the bird seed. When a heavier animal (such as a squirrel) tries to land there the extra weight causes the specially designed perch to temporarily collapse ejecting the squirrel. When the squirrel is gone the perch goes back to its regular position that is bird friendly.

Though I have plenty of squirrels in my neighborhood I have not as yet seen a squirrel try to access this feeder but other reviewers report they have seen them tossed off when they make an attempt to get some seeds. This bird feeder comes fully assembled which is a big advantage. It is more expensive than most bird feeders but the additional size, good construction and higher quality materials (rust resistant heavy duty die cast aluminum for the base and cap, poly-carbonated tube with a UV stabilizer to prevent yellowing, and a stainless steel hanger) used should render it very long lasting. This feeder promises to attract a variety of birds and a variety of seeds can be used in it.

  Amazon Review 

We have purchased several different squirrel "proof" bird feeders. Some cheaper than others. None of them have done the trick. Until this one! At least for a hanging feeder. We have one squirrel proof feeder that is mounted on a 4x4 post, as it's meant to be ~ the back is screwed into the post, and the feeder comes off to be filled. Its spring activated tray, pops closed with the weight of the squirrels. This feeder was here when we moved in 12 years ago and I have no clue how long it's been up prior...but it's amazing. Anyway, I digress:)

This feeder totally works! It took a day or so before the birds came to feed off it. We kept one of our other feeders out there, as well as the suet, just in case they didn't like it. On the second day, they were feeding from everything! One review commented that this feeder will not allow large birds (Red Belly Wood Peckers, Blue Jays) to feed because the perches collapse with their weight. I can see how this can be a problem because these birds are rather large. We keep several feeders out. Some with black oil sunflower and others with thistle. These are the only seed we feed and our birds love it. The larger birds are feeding from our regular feeders at this point. We have no seen them attempt this one yet, but we DID see the squirrels try! It is sooo funny! They just slip right off when the perches collapse. It took a bit of time, but three of the squirrels finally got frustrated and stopped trying:)

It seems extremely durable and well made. The plastic tube is pretty thick and sturdy and is supposedly fade resistant. That will have to remain to be seen over time. The metal is die cast. Easy to fill and hang.

It is a very large tube feeder. It holds 4.5 lbs. of seed. That's a lot. Since it works to keep the squirrels away, you shouldn't be having to fill it up too often. Two additional things I'd like to mention. One, is that since it's a large feeder, if it's filled up all the way, it weighs quite a bit. If you put it on a lighter, thinner branch, it will drag the branch down quite low. It really needs a sturdy branch/hook. Since it's very long (18"), it brought it too low to the ground when we tried it on our Shepherd's hook ~ it wasn't that big of a deal, but we really couldn't see the birds feeding that well from the window, so we put it on a tree branch that was higher and it's a the perfect viewing height. Would be nice if a feeder could be designed with added (collapsible) perches in the middle of the tube:)

Highly recommend this feeder. I might be purchasing one for the front yard when they are back in stock!

  Amazon Review 

Great bird feeder - and a lot bigger than I imagined. It should save plenty of time and money - squirrels can eat their squirrel corn on cob, birds and eat from the copious amount of bird food that this feeder gives, and you save time by not refilling small feeders.

So far, it's a great feeder that feels and looks quality made that should withstand the elements. Time will tell, as far as holding up to UV and rain and temperate changes.

Overall, I'd recommend this feeder even if it is a little pricey from other feeders I've purchased in the past...it's huge!

  Amazon Review 

I was very surprised by the size of this feeder. All the other ones I have are small in comparison to this one. The top and bottom is powder coated metal. To add bird seed all you have to do is slide the cap up. Since it is winter now (and I doesn't feed the birds this season otherwise, according to my wife the scientist, they won't migrate) I have not used this feeder yet. I did however do a test to see if the squirrel proof mechanism worked or not. The Gray Squirrel weighs 1 to 1.5 pounds as an adult so I tied a one pound barbell to the stem the bird perches on and the stem dropped as it's supposed to and it springs back up when the weight slid off. Pretty simple and yet quite ingenious. As long as the feeder doesn't clog then this should work in the real world just fine. This feeder is designed for small songbirds but holds a lot of seed. The way the cap fits over the top it should keep the seeds dry.

So why 4 Stars? Because the tube is made of a thin plastic. If it was glass, as it should be, then it would get a glowing 5 Stars.

Highly recommended

  Amazon Review 

This is a very nice bird feeder. I was surprised by the size when I opened the box. It is huge. The construction seems very sturdy. I'm hoping it will attract tons of birds to our yard because my kids (and cats) love bird watching. The design is nice and not tacky. I love how it looks displayed. I haven't tested the "squirrel proofing" yet, but the design seems perfect for keeping this feeder birds only.

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