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Birdscapes® Upside Down® Goldfinch Feeder, Model 736
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Seed Feeders, Birdscapes® Upside Down® Goldfinch Feeder, 736
Birdscapes® Upside Down® Goldfinch Feeder Birdscapes® Upside Down® Goldfinch Feeder Birdscapes® Upside Down® Goldfinch Feeder Birdscapes® Upside Down® Goldfinch Feeder

Birdscapes® Upside Down® Goldfinch Feeder

model #: 736
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Best Used For:
Feeding goldfinches. Goldfinches can feed upside down though other birds cannot, making this feeder perfect for making sure the goldfinches get their food undisturbed. read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review, love it August 18, 2013
Reviewer: donwardlow

birds love, it the top stops the bird seed from getting wet and keeps the mold away. would recommend it to others.

  Amazon Review, FANTASTIC! January 09, 2013
Reviewer: C. Shelton

Bought it for a Christmas gift for my Father-In-Law and he called me immediately after opening it just so happy. He loves it and so do the Finches.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com June 01, 2011
Reviewer: Heather G.

This type of feeder is great for feeding Goldfinches and NOT sparrows. We had one just like it that lasted for about three years. It might have survived longer, but it blew down in a storm and the UV-weakened plastic cylinder broke. The plastic is fairly thick and the rest is metal. The wide roof helps to keep the seeds dry, which is nice.

  Amazon Review, Beautiful Birdhouse December 09, 2009
Reviewer: hawky

I bought 3 of these birdhouses for Christmas presents. They are awesome in person. They are very high quality and the workmanship is great. The picture does not show the extra piece that is on the bottom of the feeder which only adds to it's beauty. I haven't seen how the birds like them yet since they are presents, but I think the golden finches will love them.

  Amazon Review December 05, 2009
Reviewer: Nana Deb

My parents have lived in the same area for 49 years and have never seen goldfinches until recently. I bought this for my dad's birthday to encourage more of the cuties to stay around. He loves it.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com July 06, 2009
Reviewer: Carole

I love my new gold finch feeder, and more importantly, so do the gold finches!! It is easy to fill and keep clean, and is constructed very well. I give this one a thumbs up!

  Amazon Review January 18, 2009
Reviewer: Sharon E. Hohler

We're looking forward to springtime so we can try out the new upside
finch feeder.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com May 11, 2008
Reviewer: Richard

This is a great goldfinch feeder. I have owned two over the years. Great product!!! Highly recommended for your goldfinches.

  Amazon Review, Glad I bought it January 02, 2013
Reviewer: B. Anderson

The feeder looks nice still after some seasons - mostly sun and some rain. I use a clip to attach it to a tree branch.

Take the bottom plate off. I think the only use for this would be if you are mounting it on top of a post? Not sure.

There are holes in the bottom of it regardless, not sure why. Air? Air already gets in through the feeding holes. I ended up taking my caulking gun and filling them in with silicone (Entirely out of site). But before I did this, any movement by the wind or heavy finch and seeds would fall out to the ground? Still happy with the product though.

  Amazon Review September 12, 2011
Reviewer: Perky Gram

I have had this product about a month and found two things that could be changed. The holes and perches could be spaced further apart. I have seen the bigger sparrows on the middle perch stretching up to the top hole to get the seed. Also some birds sit on the bottom of the feeder tray to get the seed also. So its not only the finches that are getting to the seed, which the feeder claims to allow only gold finches to feed upside down. But it is one of the better feeders we have had outside those two things.

  Amazon Review September 06, 2011
Reviewer: minor mishap

Pros: Metal construction, wide top that keeps seed dry, sturdier by far than the cheap plastic cylinders, which deteriorate very quickly.

Con: Separation of the feed ports is insufficient - house finches can stand on the lower perch and stretch to reach the upper port. Needs only another inch spacing at each level. I put duct tape over the upper ports but this decreases feeding capacity by one third.

As others have noted, the feeder comes with a wide base that non-goldfinch species can perch on and stuff their beaks. Easy to remove by unscrewing the machine screws that hold it on. Not clear why the maker bothered with this addition.

Unless your house finches are really stupid, some of them will figure out how to copy the goldfinches or will cling to the edge of the metal trim. No perfect solutions!

Squirrels have no interest in niger, but the mixes that include other seeds will attract squirrels and they will do their best to destroy the feeder.

Generally, a decent value for the money.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com April 08, 2011
Reviewer: John

Nice feeder it took about a week for the Finches to get the "hang" of it but they did and it works pretty good, except we have a few Redwing Blackbirds that have become addept at hanging upside down to steal some food!
Nice feeder.

  Amazon Review, Almost Perfect September 24, 2010
Reviewer: J. Parker

Goldfinches love this attractive feeder. I wanted to replace the flimsier, flexible, yellow-capped $10-$13 upside-down feeders that break too easily, spill seed if you hold the feeder too tightly after refilling, and let in rain through the seed holes. As some reviewers have said, the drawback to the new feeder is that other birds can get to the thistle by reaching up to a hole; it's hard to believe that the feeder designer didn't anticipate this. Didn't anyone test the feeder before production? Simply adding half an inch or so between perch levels would have solved the problem.
On the plus side, the roof helps keep the seed dry, and the base, which would have been more useful if larger and concave (it is small and flat), catches some of the spilled seed, and the goldfinches eat it there. I didn't remove the base, as other reviewers have done, because this feeder's only pests -- house finches and sparrows -- can still sit on a perch and reach a hole above, so I left the base on to catch some seed.
The good news is that house finches and sparrows prefer black-oil sunflower to thistle. As long as my sunflower feeders are not close to this feeder (mine are about 15 feet away) and have ample seed in them, the house finches and sparrows invariably go for the sunflower and ignore the thistle feeder, where they have to work a little harder anyway to reach up and take seed. And the goldfinches DO catch on to the upside-down thing right away; they often eat upside-down on garden plants, so they have no problem with an upside-down feeder.

  Amazon Review March 24, 2010
Reviewer: Carl Halgren

Remove the three Philips-head screws beneath the bottom platform that hold the bottom platform to the tube and then the (Colibri) feeder looks like its picture, and larger birds that could perch on it can no longer feed from it. With the bottom platform removed, the only birds I noticed on the feeder today were goldfinches, and they ate from it voraciously throughout the day. There may be other small birds that will come to it and manage to feed from it, but the goldfinches I had rarely spotted before on the feeder were abundant today.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com February 12, 2009
Reviewer: Eldon

Product is very good. Could be longer for more capacity. During recent snow storm, each feeding station was constantly in use. Anyone looking for a finch feeder should look at this product as there is very little waste and other birds do not feed on the thistle seed.

  Amazon Review February 03, 2009
Reviewer: Catherine Wisniewski

Although I was surprised to see that birds, other than finches, can stand on the bottom platform and feed, this bird feeder still has several other ports where only the yellow finch can feed. The snowbirds seemed to be the ones standing and getting the food on the bottom, so I didn't mind it at all, since they are welcome winter visitors. The bottom holes were made bigger,though, by some non finch birds who pecked at it, and I had to put a bit of duct tape over the bottom holes. BUT! This bird feeder is the most handsome finch feeder out there. In addition, it has a canopy to keep out really wet weather, which can be a problem with small niger seeds. Most niger feeders do not have this canopy, and when the seeds get wet, they clump together and get moldy. All in all, I enjoy looking out at my yard and seeing this feeder filled with finches!



1.75 lb. seed capacity
2 lb. seed capacity
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