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NO/NO® Green & Red Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder - 4 Pack, Model #B344343 | Birdfeeders.Com
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Seed Feeders, NO/NO® Green & Red Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder - 4 Pack, B344343
NO/NO® Green & Red Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder - 4 Pack NO/NO® Green & Red Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder - 4 Pack NO/NO® Green & Red Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder - 4 Pack NO/NO® Green & Red Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder - 4 Pack

NO/NO® Green & Red Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder - 4 Pack

model #: B344343
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Best Used For:
Feeding wild birds. Hang these decorative and practical feeders to invite all kinds of birds to come to your yard and feed! The all metal mesh wire design welcomes clinging birds while keeping the seeds well ventilated – perfect for withstanding elements of snow and rain! read full product details »  

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Product Details

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NO/NO® Green & Red Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder - 4 Pack


Each NO/NO® Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder comes in a 6-inch round shape and has a beautiful red or green finish. Without the use of plastic or wood components, the premium construction of the NO/NO® Seed Balls holds up against squirrel damage and the weather elements. The patented diamond mesh design allows easy access to seed encouraging multiple birds to feed at once.These mesh feeders have drainage holes in the bottom and the diamond mesh keeps the seeds well ventilated so the seeds stay fresher, longer.


Feeder Specifications:
  • Dimensions 5.7" x 5.7" x 5.7"
  • Patented design ensures highest quality
  • All metal, no plastic or wood
  • Attracts a variety of clinging birds
  • 6 cup seed capacity

One seed ball can hold 6 cups or 1.25 lbs. of black oil sunflower seed. Fill the NO/NO® Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeders from the top and simply hang in a quiet and convenient place. The seed balls include a metal hanging bail with a chain and "S" hook. We recommend hanging from a tree branch or from a Perky-Pet® Universal Bird Feeder Pole!

So go ahead and place multiple NO/NO® Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeders in your yard to increase the amount of feathered friend visitors. The seed ball feeders will keep them coming back to feed again and again!



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Wild Birds love:

  • Accommodates clinging birds
  • Wire mesh keeps seed fresher longer
  • Feeds multiple birds at the same time
  • Easy access to seed

You'll love:

  • Seeds are well ventilated
  • No wood, no plastic, all-metal, steel construction
  • Beautiful red and green finish
  • Easy to fill and clean - sure to keep birds happy all season long
  • No assembly - easy to hang
  • Great gift for friends and family


Placing the Feeder Keeping Feeder Squirrel-Free



Accessorizing Your Seed Feeder:

Baffle Hanging Chain Hook Pole Seed Scoop Waterers
Baffle Chain Hook Pole Seed Scoop Waterer



NO/NO® wild bird feeders and Perky-Pet® are the leading suppliers of Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. NO/NO® wild bird feeders products lure the bird in pursuit of seed— providing you with hours of joy as a variety of wild birds flock to feed in your yard.

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All About Wild Birds

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Wild birds are so common to us that we often glance at them without a second thought. When we really look at them, observe them and enjoy their special qualities, we can truly appreciate some of nature's amazing creatures. 


Check out our Wild Bird Library to find out about some of your favorite birds!



Customer Reviews

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  Amazon Review, This is "For the Birds" only in a good way! 

The only drawback to this feeder is that the birds like it so much, that it requires almost daily refilling. A great product, though, and it looks like one that will last!

  Amazon Review, Easy! 

Easy to fill and it is easy to open and close and hang. Squirrels like it too..hahah, but they like everything!!

  Amazon Review, Love it and it looks cool too! 

Some people had trouble with squirrels taking the top off so I decided to tie wrap the lid on after I fill it. It is not squirrel proof they can hang on and they will stay until they get their fill. I put mine on a thin wire and they can't get to it.

  Amazon Review, Wild Bird Feeder. 

Great product. Looks great in the back yard. Winters here are long and the birds need all the help they can get.

  Amazon Review, Great Feeders! 

I love these feeders and so do the birds. I bought 4 and wish I had bought more of them.

  It's even 

Squirrels try, but they finally give up trying to extract the sunflower seeds, on which the intended beneficiaries dine with gusto.

  Amazon Review, Good Addition to the Group! 

I bought this to give some variety to the other feeders hanging from the pole. Usually, birds have to check out a new feeder for a few days before they land on it. Not so with this ball. They were clinging to it right after I hung it and had walked about 20 feet away. I filled it with black sunflower seed and there is a bit of waste from seed falling to the ground but not a serious amount. It has been entertaining to watch birds cling instead of just sitting on a tray or a perch. The pole from which this ball hangs is squirrel proof so there is no problem with squirrels removing the lid and eating the contents. They cannot get to the ball but have to settle for the seed that falls to the ground. This is a nice feeder at a modest price.

  Amazon Review, Nice Feeder. 

The birds love it! I read the reviews and some people were complaining that the top came off easily and squirrels were getting in and birds were getting trapped. So I just put a piece of strong clear tape on each side of the lid so it is a little more secure. The squirrels still feed off it but there is not much that stops squirrels so I just shoe them away or find a way to stop them from getting to the feeder in the first place. Over all for the price it's worth it. I haven't found anything else like this that is that cheap yet.

  Great Birdfeeder, Amazon Review 

This bird feeder is great for sunflower seeds and it's size makes it easy to hang anywhere. Best of all the birds love it!

  Amazon Review, Very Happy. 

Cannot beat the price. I bought several of these in the green and red. The smaller birds especially love this feeder. Very happy....

  Sweet, Amazon Review 

Such a sweet little (and yet roomy) feeder. Even the goldfinches love it. Could have a better hanging hook and more secure lid.

  Amazon Review, Ball bird feeder. 

This is a great feeder. It isn't very large so the little birds love it...they aren't competing with the big birds. I would consider ordering another one.

  Amazon Review, It's a nice addition to my other feeders. 

I had to go out and spend some money to get a little bit larger size bird food to fit into this one, I bought a jumbo bag of black oil sunflower seeds and they work just fine. Smaller type seeds will fall out so just make sure that the size seed is right for the ball.

  Amazon Review, It blends in nicely with the trees. 

I highly recommend this if you are looking for something that will blend nicely with the tree leaves. The cardinals had no trouble locating it and they visit often now. I had no idea that there were so many cardinals in the neighborhood until I used this feeder! The cap from my unit snaps on very tightly so the squirrels gave up shortly after discovering it.

Update: It looks like squirrels never give up! I had to get a squirrel baffler after a month of use. One particular squirrel learned how to take the seeds out through the holes using his hands. He'd cling for hours while the birds watched from a distance. Now he just keeps slipping off and the seeds stay dry when it rains.

  Wild Bird Feeder, Amazon Review 

This feeder is very nice. I put black oil sunflower seeds in it. The top comes on and off with a little spring action. I have had an amazing amount of beautiful birds eating from it.

Unfortunately, it also attracted some squirrels who tried to eat from it and my other feeders. I put Vaseline on the pole to the feeders and stopped the squirrels from eating my expensive seed.

The Red Seed Ball is a great product. I recommend it to everyone.

  Amazon Review, Birds love it! 

More interesting to look at than the normal cylinder feeders. Some seeds fall out but no more than with any other sunflower seed feeder I've ever had. The birds like this feeder more than the other one I have. I'm thinking about buying another.

  Amazon Review, These are great! 

I buy hooks and hang these little balls all over my catalpa tree. birds love them and it is nice in the spring when there aren't any leaves on trees yet to see all the colorful birds!

  Amazon Review, Bird Ball Feeder. 

This bird feeder is a great addition to my garden. Your 10% off coupon really made me interested in future purchases. Very cute.

  Amazon Review, Perfect for sunflower seeds! 

The birds just love this feeder, but the seeds are secure enough inside that waste is minimized and I only have to refill it once a week or so. There is a knack to replacing the screw-off top, but I fill it outside, so anything that falls through the cracks during refilling is soon eaten off the ground. The green color also blends in great with the surrounding honeysuckle.

  Great product, Amazon Review 

Very different and I like being the first one on the block to have one.....gotta be the kid in me. The birds love it. The small ones wil perch and the large ones take a grab for the "golden ring" as they fly by. I have not seen one squrriel on it they have tried but fall off and give up then forage the ground for goodies. I have had this about a month and no problem with the lid coming off.

  Birds Love It!, Amazon Review 

This feeder is easy to fill , has a unique appearance and very attractive. The birds found it very quickly and look like they enjoy hanging on it to feed. I have only had it a few days and already they've eaten half the seeds! It made a nice addition to my other 2 feeders and I would highly recommend it to anyone!!

  Amazon Review, Great Feeder! 

I love this feeder....and so do the Blue Jays! It works well...doesn't spill seed like other feeders, and withstands some pretty vicious weather!

  No/No Seed Ball Feeder, Amazon Review 

This has brought many hours of fun - it is almost squirrel proof - the birds really love it - it is the second one I have purchased - I have shared this find with my granddaughters!

  Amazon Review, Happy Happy Birds! 

I am an avid bird watcher with over 7 feeders in our yard and this one by far is my favorite. The birds love it and it is so easy to fill and clean. I put it out and immediately the birds started feeding from it. It is great for cardinals, finches, nuthatches and sparrows. We have over 22 cardinals at our feeders at any given time and this feeder has the most. I will be getting a larger one soon. I can't recommend this feeder enough. It's just great!

  Amazon Review 

We feed the birds all year long and the finches love the ball feeded. Would recommend this product very highly.

  Amazon Review, Birds love it! 

Not long after filling it up with black oil sunflower seed and hanging it up, it took a couple days for the black-capped chickadees and the white breasted nuthatches to discover this. Now, they are flying to and from this feeder ball all day long, pulling out the sunflower seeds, and flicking away to the nearest tree to eat in comfort. Squirrel resistant, too! Hung on a double hook shepherd's hook, the squirrels have a hard time getting to this feeder, and can only pick away at the fallen sunflower seeds on the ground, only to look up at in want. Wish I had found this item sooner! I will buy another one soon!

  Green seed ball - Amazon Review 

Love the seed ball, watching the chickadees and other small birds land on it. The only thing I don't like is the cover on the top pulls right off and is very easy for the squirrels to get in to...
If they could have make that a bit tighter it would be 100% perfect.

  Birds love it! - Amazon Review 

Works well. A big hit with finches and chickadees. A bit on the small size, the birds empty it in no time, easily solved by adding more :-)

  Amazon Review, Smaller birds love it .. larger birds can't use it. 

In the neighborhood where I now live, about the only birds we see are finches, sparrows, doves, and those dreaded pigeons. The goal is to be entertained by the finches while at the same time discouraging the pigeons. This seed ball is perfect for that. There is some spillage but I've worked out ways to recover those seeds (in a pigeon proof way) making sure they never hit the ground while at the same time creating a seed cracking training ground for juvenile finches (The family dynamics of these birds is far more interesting and entertaining than just watching birds eat seeds).

The birds do have to work to pull those seeds out (probably not much different than pulling them out from sunflowers), so the no-work-needed temptation of a nearby seed tray or tube feeder is likely to result in the ball being relegated to handling only the overflow from the other feeders (that's the way it is with my larger, more expensive grid style bird feeder, it gets the birds only when the seed ball is loaded with more birds that it can handle.

In other words, as I see it, this feeder is the best bang-for-the-buck feeder out there. I'll order three more as soon as the price increases by about 3 cents (right now, three of them comes out just under the $25 figure needed for free shipping).

  Excellent feeder! - Amazon Review 

This feeder is easy to fill, easy to clean, and easy for the birds to use. The holes are just the right size for sunflower seeds (some do seem to slip through when filling it). I was worried that the ring used to pull open the feeder was flimsy, but so far, no problems.

  Ball feeder - Amazon Review 

This small and inexpensive feeder is well designed and is perfect for sunflower seeds. It was quickly accepted and enjoyed by pine siskins and nuthatches. A chain hanger and hook is built onto it and the chain can be wrapped around a medium sized limb then secured to guard against dislodging by raccoons. The filler hole at the top is a press-fit metal cap which seems secure and allows a refill without having to take down the feeder.

  Entertaining - Amazon Review 

It is a great feeder to watch the birds. They hang upside down and it will get 4 or more birds on it at one time. A great investment.

  Amazon Review, Really good feeder! 

I purchased both the green No/No Seed Ball and the red one. I fill both with sunflower seed. Yes, seed do fall out, but it's not a huge problem. The birds love it. I have seen as many as five birds at a time hanging on it. However, it is NOT squirrel-proof. At this moment, I am watching a squirrel hanging upside down from it. He must have rock-hard abs because he curls up to get another seed when he finishes the first seed. Someone mentioned a problem with squirrels removing the lid. I haven't had that problem, although it may occur when the lid gets loose from wear. My seed ball feeders have been in use for several months. I am really happy with my purchase.

  Great Product, Amazon Review 

The birds love it. It is sturdy, well made, and attractive. A good seed feeder for little friends, and easy to fill and use.

  Amazon Review, Bird Feeder! 

I just received this bird feeder today its ok there is a lil hole ontop of the lip that i hope does not leak we will have to see... I filled mine with black oil sunflower seeds it held the seed very well hardly no fallout the bird feeder it self was not as heavy duty as I thought but over all it is pretty nice (so far) and the birds seem to like it!

  Great for sunflower seeds!, Amazon Review 

The squirrels don't seem to be bothering this, as the seed lasts a while. My only dilike is that you need to use decent size sunflower seed, or it falls through to the ground too easily. Cardinals love it!! I think it's a nice feeder for the price.

  Amazon Review, Finch Central! 

So I had a tube feeder and once the grackles and/or crows polished off the entire contents of said feeder in about a day and a half, I thought this is bs! Plus, I can't afford to buy that much bird food to keep the feeder full or even half full on a daily basis, so I purchased this item. Well let me tell ya, the finches love this thing! (as do a couple of other types of birds but I don't know what they are named) And cardinals gather underneath the feeder to catch what black oil sunflower seeds fall to the ground. The squirrels like this feeder too and have tried to get into it. I once went out in the morning and found the feeder on the ground, which I figured was due to a squirrel. Here's how I got around that. I have a shepherd's hook so I hung this feeder by the "handle" on the top. Look at the picture and the handle looks like an upside down goal post. Then I take the S hook which is on the end of the chain and loop it through the tiny ring which is attached to the lid. Then I thread the rest of the S hook through the "goal post" hole. (see in the photo where the "goal post" is attached to the top of the feeder) The squirrels can't get the lid off and so far, when they have jumped on the feeder or knocked it off, the top still stays secure. They only thing is this feeder is SO POPULAR now I'm kinda back where I started. This thing gets cleaned out in 3 days, 4 at the most. To keep refilling this small feeder with expensive black oil sunflower seed is something I can't afford.

  Amazon Review, Birds Love It! 

A bit smaller than I thought, but the birds love it -- and so far the squirrels haven't figured out how to empty it !!!

  Great Little Feeder!, Amazon Review 

Only flaw is that the top is easily removed by squirrels and such. Also hook where it hands could have more of en extended curve to it, to help it stay in original hanging spot.

  attracts lots of birds - Amazon Review 

i bought 2 of these and so far they work great and hold up well unfortunately the squrrels have figured out how to take the top off and climb in side so the seeds don't last as long as they did at first. I would still reccomend this product.

  Satisfied., Amazon Review 

Came on time and packaged well. Seems to work fine and the birds love it. Hard to find right size feed.

  nice feeder and squirrels love it, Amazon Review 

I like the way the feeder looks and it is easy to hang. However, it has become a major squirrel feeder for me. They hang upside down on it and grab the seeds. I get about 4 squirrels for every bird.

  Amazon Review, It works! 

Simple design, easy to fill. I've been amused to see some birds upside down while sampling the sunflower seeds. It's a good product.

  Amazon Review 

It doesn't hold much seed, but it looks neat. The birds don't seen to care, they eat the seed all the same.

  Amazon Review, The birds seem to like it. 

It did "leak" a handful of the smaller seeds when I was filling it. Chickadees found it the first morning. They mostly seem to play with it, which causes seeds to fall out the bottom onto my terrace. Dark-eyed juncos come along and eat those seeds though, so everybody's happy. Between those two species, it's getting near constant traffic.

  This is a great bird feeder!, Amazon Review 

This holds a good deal of seed and the birds love it! The color against the green foliage is great!

  Amazon Review, The little birds love it. 

The company shipped promptly and the ball matched the description. I ordered it because I was tired of feeding the blue jays, and it serves that purpose very well. on the first fill, I discovered that the sunflower seeds fall out, so I fill it outside and consider the "fall out" as freebies for the ground feeders. my only "complaint" is that the lid is not attached and is easy to lose in the snow if dropped. other than that, I like the seed ball.

  Excellent New Addition to the Backyard - Amazon Review 

These are a great addition to my existing feeders. I bought three. Metal throughout. The mesh is stout enough that I'm not worried about damaging it under normal use. The paint job appears thick enough to last for many years. The ball holds more seed than I thought: It holds just as much as my full-size single tube Droll Yankees feeder. I only use small to medium sized black oil sunflower seeds and have no problem with the ball losing seed. (Note: this is not meant for use with small seed like "mixed" bird feed. It'll just run right through the mesh.) In fact, while filling it, I probably have only about 15 seeds that fall out before the ball is fully filled. The included chain is about 10" long and has an S hook on the end.

One concern. The lid snaps into place nicely, but a squirrel might be able to get it off if he tries (-1 star). Instead of having it disappear in the grass below, I'm going to tie on a small tether. I would have preferred to see a built-in metal tether of some sort to keep from losing the lid. That way, I wouldn't have to find a pocket to put the lid in (or set in on the ground and lose it!) while I'm filling the ball.

Update: Yes, I've discovered that fox squirrels easily pop the lid off this thing and I almost stepped on it one time while refilling. Going forward, a little string tether will be standard equipment on mine.

Clinging birds appreciate the feeder and the bigger birds leave it alone.

  Goodbye squirrels, Amazon Reviews 

The unique shape and color is eye catching. It appears to be squirrel proof at a fraction of the cost of the 'squirrel proof' feeders.

It is also enjoyable to see several birds cling to the circle at the same time.



2.5 lb. seed capacity
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