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Perky-Pet® Tin Jay Wood Feeder, Model B50171
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Seed Feeders, Perky-Pet® Tin Jay Wood Feeder, B50171
Perky-Pet® Tin Jay Wood Feeder Perky-Pet® Tin Jay Wood Feeder Perky-Pet® Tin Jay Wood Feeder Perky-Pet® Tin Jay Wood Feeder

Perky-Pet® Tin Jay Wood Feeder

model #: B50171
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Best Used For:
Feeding wild birds. This delightful wooden feeder will bring wild birds from all around to sit on the twig-style perches and feast on delicious seed. Includes FREE 23” metal hook. read full product details »  

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WOODSTREAM TINY JAY WOODEN FEEDER GREAT DESIGN made well easy fill birds like this type feeder

  Amazon Review 

It was shipped fast and it's very sturdy. The birds flock to it, when it's full...:)

  great feeder 

I will be buying another of these feeders. The birds love it. The only problem is that the blue jay "brats" also love it and empty it in no time. I have it hanging on a pole with a baffle below to keep the squirrels out, as I do with all of my feeders.

  Amazon Review 

Beautiful wood bird feeder.
Aside from the shingles looking a little loose, quality is envious

My Grandmother loved this bird feeder.
I've made bird feeders before, and after seeing this I had to get it for my Grandmother.
I hope to make some like this for myself. But for the price I paid, might be cheaper to buy another than build one.

  Horrible feeder! 

Fill the feeder put it out at about 7 o'clock. By morning the squirrels had eatten a huge hole in the wood. They just ate the wood to empty the feeder. When I got up the next morning the feeder was useless! DO NOT BUY!!!


Perky-Pet Consumer Relations Team


MAY 31, 2011

Thank you for you for sharing your feedback for the Perky Pet® Tin Jay Wood Birdfeeder (model 50171).  It is true that squirrels can do a lot of damage to birdfeeders.  In choosing a more squirrel resistant feeder the first line of defense is using a feeder with metal ports and caps.  You can also choose a caged feeder to help prevent squirrel damage.  The most effective method is to use weight activated squirrel proof feeders.  When a squirrel tries to access the feeder its weight will close the ports shutting off access to the seed.

There are few additional things you can do to keep the squirrels at bay.  Providing squirrels with their own food source away from your feeders is one way.  Feeder placement is another option.  Place your feeder on a pole that is 10 feet away from the nearest tree, fence or launching place and 5 feet above the ground.  For more details on protecting your feeder and the birds that enjoy them please feel free to visit our Learning Center.

We hope you have found this information to be helpful.  If you have questions or need assistance do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-800-800-1819, opt 1.

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation




Includes FREE Hook
2.5 lb. seed capacity
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