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Perky-Pet® Metro Feeder, Model 733
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Seed Feeders, Perky-Pet® Metro Feeder, B733
Perky-Pet® Metro Feeder Perky-Pet® Metro Feeder Perky-Pet® Metro Feeder Perky-Pet® Metro Feeder

Perky-Pet® Metro Feeder

model #: B733
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Best Used For:
Feeding wild birds. This extremely versatile bird feeder allows for a variety of birds to eat! Includes FREE 23” metal hook. read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review, Favorite Feeder 

The birds love this feeder and it does not attract the run of the mill birds who eat all the seed in one sitting!

  Amazon Review, Birds love it, Easy to fill 

I have six of these. Easy to fill, birds flock to them. They are NOT squirrel proof.... the plastic rungs can be chewed off by them. I have them above a metal baffle where squirrels cannot reach them.

  Amazon Review, great feeder 

Nice feeder-very easy to fill and clean and so far has survived some attacks from the raccoons when I have forgotten to bring them in at night.

  Amazon Review, Great little feeder for the price. 

Nothing fancy, but a great feeder for the price. I bought this on a whim to add to my other feeders because it was "cheaper", but I couldn't be more pleased with how it's worked out for me and my feathered friends. While it's not beautiful to look at, it definitely gets the job done. This feeder is easy to fill, clean and easy to change between seeds. My only problem with it is waste... when you don't use for thistle seed mix there is waste since it doesn't have a bottom tray to catch the waste...but there's always those birds who eat the "waste" from the ground..so all isn't lost! :)

  Amazon Review, Best feeder 

This is the best feeder. I have had one of this type for almost 10 yrs and the plastic finally wore out, with the help of the squirrels. Wish I could find more of this type around.

  Amazon Review 

this bird metro 2 1 feeder very easy to fill. like wire cable with push button lock. wellmade. birds like it also. this feeder. great buy thanks woodstream products gerard phila. penna.



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