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Seed Feeders, 2-in-1 Feeder & Snowflake Spinner Set, B830384
2-in-1 Feeder & Snowflake Spinner Set 2-in-1 Feeder & Snowflake Spinner Set 2-in-1 Feeder & Snowflake Spinner Set 2-in-1 Feeder & Snowflake Spinner Set

2-in-1 Feeder & Snowflake Spinner Set

model #: B830384

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Kicking off the holiday season with the 2-in-1 Feeder & Snowflake Spinner Set.  Brighten your backyard and spread holiday cheer among your wild bird visitors and watchers while the beautiful wind spinner captures the light and twirls with the breeze with a detailed snowflake spinning in the center. read full product details »  

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2-in-1 Feeder & Snowflake Spinner Set


This festive set includes a tube feeder that features our patented 2-in-1 port technology and a beautiful snowflake wind spinner.


This beautiful tube feeder features our patented 2-in-1 port technology. The seed port design allows switching from a mixed/sunflower seed dispensing position to a thistle/finch mix seed dispensing position. The Perky-Pet® 2-in-1 Wild Bird Feeder design gives you the opportunity to attract a wider variety of birds.


The feeder holds 1 lb of seed and has four feeding stations with offset perches that allow you to see more birds at one time! The antique silver finish of this feeder is sure to be an elegant addition to your yard.  This bird feeder features a bird friendly tray to catch seeds and shells, creating less mess and allowing birds another place to stand and wait their turn to eat! The clear, shatter-proof plastic reservoir makes it easy to monitor seed levels. In addition, the removable base makes cleaning this feeder very easy!


Remember to clean your squirrel proof feeder once every two weeks with a mild soap and water solution. 


Placing the Feeder Cleaning the Feeder Keeping Feeder Squirrel-Free



Perky-Pet® is the leading supplier of Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Perky-Pet®  Wild Bird Feeder models lure the bird in pursuit of seed—providing you with hours of joy as random wild birds flock to feed at your house.




Iron Stop® Snowflake Wind Spinner


Iron Stop® Designer Snowflake Wind Spinner exhibits deeper colors and higher reflectivity making it one of the most attractive items on the market for holiday outdoor and indoor display. Finished with a high gloss, light refractive coating that prevents rust while bringing out the brilliance of each piece. 

Holiday spinner is made of heavy gauge steel and powder coated for durability and weather resistance. This beautiful ornamental item is a perfect choice for any lawn or garden decor. Holiday spinners feature unique designs and vibrant colors that bring it to life when hit by light. Perfect for outdoor garden decor or bring the sunlight indoors when you hang it in the window of your kitchen or living room. Plus, as outdoor and indoor decor, it’s among the most unique Christmas gifts that you’ll find anywhere.




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All About Wild Birds

Help & Advice - Wild Bird Library

Wild birds are so common to us that we often glance at them without a second thought. When we really look at them, observe them and enjoy their special qualities, we can truly appreciate some of nature's amazing creatures. 


Check out our Wild Bird Library to find out about some of your favorite birds!



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feeder and spinner set
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