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Seed Feeders, NO/NO® 5 Tier Bronze Wild Bird Feeder, BZ500333
NO/NO® 5 Tier Bronze Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® 5 Tier Bronze Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® 5 Tier Bronze Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® 5 Tier Bronze Wild Bird Feeder

NO/NO® 5 Tier Bronze Wild Bird Feeder

model #: BZ500333
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Feeding more than 15 wild birds at once. A beautiful bronze finish and large seed capacity, over 5 pounds, will attract birds to your yard and garden. Enjoy bird watching in your backyard with fewer seed refills! read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review, Best-made feeder I've ever owned 

I've had so many feeders through the years and learned the weaknesses of them all. Once my husband and I even made a feeder ourselves because we needed something large that would hold up better than all the crappy plastic stuff in the stores. What is great about this feeder? Just about everything. It holds a lot, so I don't have to refill that often. It contains NO plastic, which makes it very, very, very good. It collapses for storage. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher, which helps prevent disease among the bird population. The birds love it and seem to be able to get to most of the seed, so you don't have a bunch clumping up in hard to reach places.

I also like the bronze color, because it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb on the front of my condo. It's a little tricky to fill though. You really need 2 people because of how it collapses: 1 to hold up the feeder and another to pour. The tube down the center helps push the seed to the sides so the birds can eat it. It also seems to be squirrel-proof, so far. I've seen squirrels hang upside down on it to get seed that's in the tray, but they haven't got it open yet. The overhang also helps protect the seed from rain. I used a high-end blend of no-waste seed in it that doesn't contain millet, and it holds the seed well. I like it that there's never anything to clean up underneath. The squirrels, doves and chipmunks help with that too. If my opinion changes about its durability, washability, or squirrel-proof-ness, I'll update this review. But so far, I am loving this feeder. What a great product!!

  Amazon Review, YES YES bird feeder 

Let me say I am the LEAST mechanical person on the planet....and this was a piece of cake.

Seems to have the squirrels unhappily confounded but keeps my grandson age 2 in hysterics as they lot attack after attack...resulting in some seeds spilled but not the destruction experienced with other feeders. They perch on branches and take a flying leap, swing, and fly off...slim pickens!

It will be easy to store in winter if it gets too icy...folds up like an accordion, so have found no flaws and it has been real entertainment! Get one and put it where you can watch...good for great laughs! It also attracts all sorts of beautiful birds!

  Amazon Review, Love it 

This is our 2nd purchase of this feeder. The wind destroyed our last one. Holds a large amount of seed. Easy to fill and the birds love it.

  Amazon Review, We got new visiting birds! 

Uncertain if it was the bird feeder, but we had new birds, rose- breasted gross beak visit. Feeder is easy to fill and squirrel free!

  Amazon Review, Durable, large, rugged 

My husband has been feeding birds since we rented our first apartment in graduate school... we have gone through many varieties of bird feeders.... from recycled materials, garage sales, kids-created... now we got the No/No Bronze Five Tier Bird Feeder BZ500333 along with the No/No Red Cardinal Bird Feeder C00322 and he is impressed! We live in an acreage where a myriad of birds come by looking for food and he is careful with the variety of bird food he purchases. This is a durable, well-built, coated metal feeder that is durable and functional! This one is also very large, proving food for a great amount of our feathered friends! From the Blue jay to the Goldfinch, they seems very happy out there! We are very happy with it.

  Amazon Review, One of my favorite feeders... 

This is a delight to own. Very well constructed and like many of the other no no products, arrives flat as a pancake. By lifting the handle the mesh expands to open to five levels where the seeds are placed. This is the largest bird feeders I have ever seen...and it holds around 6 pounds of seeds! I fill this up about once and week, and the birds seem to love this one as well as the several other no no feeders available from Amazon.

The little birds hang all over this feeder, as their are plenty of levels for all.
There is a lot less seeds flying out as the little birds have to place capture each seed through the wires. I am fascinated to watch the number of birds that can surround this feeder. The item color is listed as a green, but mine came in a metallic bronze color, very pleasing, The one best advantage is that seeds go a longer time and little is wasted ...fun to watch the birds take their time and not fight with each other.

I am thinking about yet another one.... You will not be disappointed with this no no feeder. Highly recommend this unit.

  Amazon Review, It's fun watching the birds 

This feeder is meant for use with sunflower seeds. It holds a 5 pound bag of seeds, and I hung it from a tree branch using Petco Green Bird Feeder Hanger.

It draws some really pretty birds, red ones and blue ones (I do not know much about birds, I just like to watch them) and they cling to it and pull the seeds out through the holes in the mesh. I love watching it and my cats sit in the window staring out at the birds, cussing up a storm (which is ALSO fun to watch).

  Amazon Review, Birds LOVE this 

This is a heavy duty little feeder. It is made out of metal and you can tell when you pick up. All the birds have gone straight to this feeder and do not touch my other "squirrel proof" feeders. The way the metal mesh is designed the birds can sit at at lease 3 different levels and pick out the sunflower seeds. I have had no trouble with squirrels getting into it and knocking all the seeds down either. This is made to last and I couldn't be happier.

  Amazon Review, An Excellent Bird Feeder 

This is for black oil sunflower seeds or other larger seeds that a bird might want to eat.

There is a tray at the bottom that catches seeds that spill out and provides a lip for birds to sit on and eat. There are also two rings that birds can sit on an pull seeds out of the mesh cage. So you can have a lot of birds at your feeder if you like to watch them eat.

The color is bronze. It is very heavy and it is a very pretty color. This has the feel of being very sturdy and being able to withstand high winds and lots of bad weather.

We really have enjoyed this bird feeder.

  Amazon Review, Well Made 

This feeder is heavy and made very well. The top latches clip snugly to hold the lid and mesh is heavy duty. The bronze color is nice as well.

My only complaint is the weight. We don't have any mature trees so I had to devise a way of hanging it. Can't really call it a complaint, but if you have small trees don't expect to hang it in them.

  Amazon Review, I Like It!! 

Easy to fill (with a little help), sturdy, great quality and seems to be built to last. It does hold well over 5 pounds of food. I had a 7.5 pound bag and it nearly took all of it. It is sort of bland outside because of the color so it doesn't stand out much, but it still looks really nice hanging from a tree. It's not as heavy as you imagine completely filled, but still pretty solid. I like it. I haven't had a bird come to it yet, but that might be because my yard is filled with cats... I think I might need to move it to another part of the yard.

  Amazon Review, Smart Design / Great Looking!! 

Our No/No Bronze Five Tier Bird Feeder is a hit with the birds and looks like it will be around a long time. The accordion style, all medal construction make a really innovative design compared to other feeders we have owned. Our feeder hangs from a long, curved pole that extends out from our balcony and, so far, the squirrels seem only able to look at it from below and scavenge the occasional dropped seed. My only issues with the feeder were with filling it with seeds. Both issues are easy to overcome: One, it is infinitely easier to fill it once it is hanging. Two, using a scoop (like those for dry dog food) majorly reduces spillage. We bought a 20-Pound bag of Wagner's Four Season Oil Sunflower Seed and are already on a second fill in less than a week. I'm ordering a second feeder. That's how happy I am with the No/No Bronze Five Tier Bird Feeder.

  Amazon Review, Absolutely beautiful ! 

I know this isn't squirrel proof but I do have an effective pole and baffle system that prevents squirrels from getting to my feeders so I don't care. It's definitely heavy when full but the birds are crazy about it. I get woodpeckers, goldfinches, purple finches, titmice, just about anything that doesn't need a regular perch to eat. The holes are large enough to use sunflower seeds in the hulls--I wouldn't use anything smaller because it will just pour out.

I know some people complain that the lid isn't large enough to shelter the seed from the rain, but honestly, the seed doesn't stay in there long enough to be a problem because it's so well liked by the birds.

It opens at the top with 2 clasps and is easy to fill if you use a scoop and hole the top with the other hand. I would highly recommend this feeder.

  Amazon Review, Pretty and built to last! 

The mesh on this feeder makes me think of the screen that most fireplaces have--it is a somewhat heavy gauge yet very flexible. As such, this feeder collapses down to a fairly small size when not in use. The oil rubbed bronze look is smooth with no noticeable defects. The feeder itself has a fair amount of heft--they did not skimp on materials. My impression is that this feeder will be around and in good shape 20 years from now. This is especially good since it is a very good looking piece. It also holds a fair amount of seed. We have yet for the birds to find it, but when they do, we won't have to fill it up as often as some of the smaller feeders out there. The clinging/perching dual design looks like it will be effective.

I will update if I find anything I dislike about the feeder, but my first impression is that it is very well made, it looks beautiful and I think the birds will approve.


  Amazon Review, Solid - beautiful feeder 

This is one of the nicest looking feeders I've ever had. The way it is built, allows the birds to get their food without the housing being accessible for wasps/hornets to decide they've found new nesting material for their babies. This feeder holds an entire 10lb bag of bird seed - so if you're going to hang this on a shepherd's crook, make sure it is securely anchored in the ground. It makes my crook bow ever-so-slightly from the weight - but as the birds consume the food, that's a short-term issue. The feeder definitely presents a challenge to the few squirrels we get. They can get so little at a time, it makes far more sense to them to go to our squirrel feeders where they can eat like kings without consuming ridiculous amounts of bird food. I really like this feeder, and the birds do, too! We get a lot of Tufted Titmice that love to hang upside down while feeding. They are quite comical on this feeder.

  Amazon Review 

The birds love it. And it holds so much that I don't have to be out there every day filling it like some of my other feeders.

  Amazon Review, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Woodpeckers etc.. 

My feeder has taken off! A couple of changes that I have had to make.

#1. Moved the feeder from the shepard's hook to a tree in our yard, felt it was too heavy for the hook. No squirrels have fed from it since being placed in the tree (not that the doves would let them anywhere near it).

#2. After some rain my entire feeder sprouted. I dumped the 6+ pounds of black oil sunflower seeds --for the bunnies!-- and decided that I would go with two cups distributed throughout the levels from now on, topping up in the morning. The traffic to the feeder has gone off the charts.

As I am typing this, I am watching a new woodpecker go from the feeder to the top of a dead tree behind our property and back again, over and over. We are really enjoying the No/No Bronze Five Tier. It is set up so that birds both tiny and fairly big can access it, which means we have more to see.

********Original Review 05/02/2013****************

This a large feeder that takes eight pounds of feed -BIG. I wanted to put the No/No where I could watch it both from the kitchen sink and couch so I purchased a shepard's hook that I could place in the lawn to see my feeder to the best advantage.

I filled the No/No Bronze Five Tier Feeder mostly with black oil sunflower seeds along with a little seed mix . This is our first bird feeder in this house -new to the area and State- but my neighbor has a square type feeder with a roof about twenty feet from ours that gets no bird traffic compared to this one. Within two hours of hanging the bird feeder it was getting a lot of attention from small yellow birds, which sat on the bottom tray and hung on the mesh to leisurely pick out seeds.

We have a lot of cardinals in this area but they have not yet come to the feeder itself, only picking the fallen seeds off the ground.

Did not have a problem filling the feeder. I hung it, unlatched the lid and hooked it out of the way, poured in the seed and relatched the lid. Very easy.

No issues with squirrels but again I hung my No/No from a metal shepard's hook.

The No/No Bronze Five Tier Bird Feeder increased bird activity in our yard immediately. The only time during the day when there's not a bird on the No/No is when my kids are in the yard.

Because of the size, I don't need to constantly refill the feeder.

It's a very attractive addition to our yard. A+.

  Amazon Review, So far the squirrels have not been successful! 

So far this five tier bird feeder from NO/NO is a great product as the squirrels have been unsuccessful, but the birds seemed to have caught on quickly to the new addtion in our yard.

We've seen cardinals at it and they did not come to our other (2) feeders; also wrens woodpeckers and finches so far. It's collapsible and seems easy enough to clean (but we have not cleaned it yet). One great thing is that the seed is able to dry after it has rained which tends to be a problem with some other feeders we have used. Two metal discs separate the layers, allowing birds to eat on several levels. There are also four openings at the bottom for seed to exit onto the attached, 8" tray, for larger birds to enjoy.

GREAT PRODUCT SO FAR (it's been up 2 weeks)

  Amazon Review, A feeder for the serious birdwatcher! 

A good feeder for oil sunflower. Sturdy all metal, like another I own that has lasted over a decade. First bird arrived within a few hours. Often it takes a while for birds to get comfortable with a new feeder. This 5-tier was placed within a grove of 4 other feeders. No assembly required. Easy lift top filling. It holds enough to last for days and days. My other all metal sunflower seed feeder has no perch rings like this NO/NO brand feeder. Birds like to perch to eat. Even hummingbirds prefer that if available, but of course this feeder will attract no hummingbirds.

Oil sunflower seed attracts finch, cardinal, woodpecker, jay, chickadee, redwing, bluebird, titmouse, nuthatch, and several, including doves, like to eat what's been dropped to the ground. Many of my birds first perch in the trees or bushes nearby and sing each time they feed, announcing to others of their kind of the windfall buffet. It's a grand life, being retired and watching birds. The patio swing is where I read all the books I review. God's flying critters offer bliss.

My habitat includes a small pond, a water source is another bird draw. Running water is best. They say birds can hear water splash two miles away. I hand feeders near trees and bushes (birds like that) and use auto grease on the lower part of the shepherd's hooks to keep raiding (and feeder destroying) squirrels and raccoons from being able to climb.

My bird feeding is serious. I feed year round and even write a column about wildlife in a small hometown newspaper. This feeder ranks high on quality and durability. With a 5 pound capacity, it means fewer trips for refilling, and more just sitting on the patio watching. This feeder is worthy of the investment in bird-watching delight.

  Amazon Review, Birdfeeder works in my backyard! 

This feeder will hold up to five (5) pounds of sunflower seeds, or a combination of sunflower seeds and wild bird seeds. Its metal mesh walls allow sun and air in to help prevent mold. With all five tiers deployed, this feeder is about three feet high. The squirrels will take over the feeder unless it is hung high and on a thin wire or cable strong enough to hold 15 lbs--Yet something the squirrels cannot climb onto. Since this feeder is metal, I doubt its effectiveness in extremely cold weather, and when snow blows into it.

I intend to use it from April to November. Its ability to hold so much seed is perfect when I am away from home for a week, because I do not have to worry about the birds going hungry and leaving.

  Amazon Review, My favorite bird feeder. 

This is a large bird feeder but it ships flat (in a small box) because the feeder is collapsible. The bottom tray of the feeder is about 8" in diameter. The height of the feeder is about 21" (without the handle, about 26" with the handle). In the collapsed state it is only about 3 ½" high, so it is really compact for easy storage.

It is made of all metal construction and is sturdy and well built. You fill the feeder from the top. You just move the two latches and the top lifts up and you can just move it over to the side and out of the way. Filling the feeder is a bit tricky because the mesh is not stiff. It's a whole lot easier if you have someone hold it up for you.

This bird feeder takes 5 pounds of bird seed! That's a lot of seed! They recommend Black Oil Sunflower seeds. I really like that many birds can feed from this feeder at once. I have several bird feeders but this one is my new favorite. I really like how it looks.

  Amazon Review, High quality, Holds a ton of seed! 

First, the description is slightly misleading. It reads:

"Holds over 5 pounds of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, the most popular seed for wild birds"

That last part gave me the impression that it would allow for other types of seed. If by other type of seed you mean plural in the sense of 2, then this is spot on. Very clearly on the package it tells you to only use Black Oil Sunflower seed, or a mix of Black Oil with Safflower. That's about the variety you can fit in here without issue. I think smaller than Black Oil would work fine, but with the holes in the bottom (I guess it is there for drainage if it rains?), smaller seed will definitely fall right through, meaning birds will be eating off of the ground.

In terms of setup, get a nice heavy duty to put this on. 5 lbs of sunflower seed will bend poles designed for smaller feeders (I know as I tried it for a test).

Once it was setup, I was getting a lot of birds feeding at a time, from cardinals to chickadee sized birds.

If you don't like Blue Jays and birds of that size, you will likely be happy with this feeder. The perches on the feeder are on the smaller range, meaning larger birds are unlikely to want to perch on them for long, if at all. Larger black birds have come and gone on this feeder, unlike the other feeder that they stand in and toss seeds to their minions.


  Amazon Review, Gold finches love, love, love this feeder. 


I am totally re-doing this review. And it's all because this is now my FAVORITE feeder. Why? The birds just love it.

Goldfinches! and other small birds --those red house sparrows, other finches, nuthatches, chickadees, and titmice-- all love it.

Those lovely goldfinches tend to stay at the bottom tray, but everybody else will also hang from the sides.


I really like the looks of this bird feeder, but for my location it isn't quite as useful as my old green Heritage Farms Feeder.

What I like about it is that it holds a lot of seed. It's also very pretty. The bronze looks nice, and best of all, the small birds like it(**see notes at the bottom) --although it initially took them some time to get used to it; and they tend to like eating from the tray, more than hanging from the wire frame.

--very attractive, and without the seed, is compact
--holds a lot of seed
--birds like it

--if you're like me and have nightly raccoon raids and like to bring in your feeder, you're going to have a mess on your hands. Without a structure it collapses a bit and seed gets pressed out and ... it falls on the floor When the feeder comes it is very compact. I think this is a nice feature for anyone who moves frequently.

To load the feeder I undid the top and let the feeder naturally expand. Then I used a pitcher to scoop up sunflower seed and pour it in the opening. The seed cascades down through the central holes on each level as the one above fills. If your pitcher doesn't have a spout that helps with pouring, you might want to use a stiff paper to form a funnel. But it's probably going to be messy however you do it, so I suggest you do what I did and take the whole operation outside.

This is a pretty feeder that will hold a big bag of seed. Birds like it, and while the squirrels were very curious about it at first, they don't seem to be attacking it now.

Highly Recommend. (Like most bird feeders, you'll have to try it with your local squirrel population)

  Amazon Review, No hungry birds. 

I love this feeder. The slim and deep design make it easy to hang this feeder just about anywhere. I also like that the feeder is easy to fill. One fill in this five tier feeder will last for several days. The properties of this feeder will make owning this particular feeder easier due to the low maintenance. We have numerous birds that visit us on a daily basis, and they all seem to enjoy this feeder.

  Amazon Review, Best bird feeder I've ever owned. 

This is a great bird feeder. It holds a lot of bird seed and it very high quality. I love that it is all metal! I'm not sure what it is about this feeder, but I have more birds and more of a variety of birds than ever before!

  Amazon Review 

This is an awesome birdfeeder. Its height allows for many birds to access it at once, either from perching on the rung and pecking out a piece, or directly from the tray at the bottom. It is late winter here now and the finches are ALL OVER this thing all hours of the day and night. My ONLY criticism would be that i couldnt figure out how to detach the handle to hang it wherever I wanted (if there is a way, it seems there is not). I had wanted to hang it on a nearby tree but i wouldnt have been able to slide this all the way on? Maybe there is something im not getting though. To fill it i simply had to tip up the lid. YES a small bit of seed will spill out, dont be a dope, thats just the physics of it. At any rate, my whole family is enjoying this bird feeder and they are not even bird enthusiasts like me. Considering buying another for elsewhere on the property!

  Amazon Review, A big hit 

Birds love it! The different perches and perchless areas attract different birds. Can accommodate many at once, frequently 6-8 smaller birds at once. Holds lots of seed. Looks good.

All metal construction should last a long time. Other no-no feeders look as good as new a year later, and I expect the same here. Plastic feeders rarely even last a year.

  Amazon Review, Love it 

I love this feeder for several reasons. First it is easy to store it collapses down to a small disc. Second it is easy to fill. Third it keeps the food dry so if it rains it doesn't get food clumpy. Fourth a ton of birds of all sizes can fit on it.at the same time. I have two of them and they are a great buy. They last forever and if they drop no big deal. It can hold alot of food so you don't have to refill them as often.

  Amazon Review, Excellent Quality 

Great birdfeeder. Sturdy and large capacity. Easy to clean. Filled it with black oil sunflower seeds. Would buy this brand again.

  Amazon Review 


  Amazon Review, Exceeds high expectations 

This bird feeder does two things that I thought were not compatible - it attracts more birds, and at the same time conserves black oil sunflower seeds. The blue jays would come to our other feeders (one of which is still up because it has a suet feeder on it) and use their beaks to sweep the seeds onto to ground from our enclosed tray feeder, or pick seeds out of the tube feeder holes and drop them on the ground for their cronies. The jays don't like this No-No mesh feeder - but the finches, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, cardinals and woodpeckers love it! We have had more birds on this No-No feeder at one time than on any bird feeder we have owned in our lives - and we've had bird feeding stations for over 30 years. They perch on the rails and they cling to the mesh. The cardinals sit on the bottom tray.

I'm sure the squirrels are unhappy to have lost their free meals courtesy of the jays, but my wife and I are most pleased. The squirrels can make do with the whole and cracked corn we put out for them. I could not recommend this product more highly.

  Amazon Review, Awesome feeder 

Easy, large capacity...attracts cardinals, jays, juncos, titmice, red bellied woodpecker and more. Needs a squirrel baffle though and needs to be installed 10' from the tree trunk or adjoining branches.

  Amazon Review, Great Capacity Feeder 

The No/No bronze Five Tier is a wonderful bird feeder. Plenty of room fo perching and hanging birds small to medium size.I got it as I needed a larger capacity feeder I could hang. This feeder holds plenty of feed. It can be used with different feed from sunflower seeds as well. Smaller seed like millet will fall through the mesh. The bronze blends in beautifully hanging from a tree and the birds are easy to view on that background. I would buy more of this brand!

  Amazon Review, Bird loving feeder 

This feeder has attacked a wide range of birds to my Minnesota backyard. The birds love it! So do we! It's very easy to fill. We hung it in front of a window under the eaves. The squirrels haven't figured out how to get the bird food while under the eaves while we can enjoy bird feeding up close.

  Amazon Review, Great bird feeder! 

My only issue with this is if you take it down to fill it, the design collapses, so it takes two hands. But it's worth the trouble - my birds love it!



2.5 lb. seed capacity
1.5 lb. seed capacity
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