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Seed Feeders, NO/NO® Red Cardinal Wild Bird Feeder, C00322
NO/NO® Red Cardinal Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® Red Cardinal Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® Red Cardinal Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® Red Cardinal Wild Bird Feeder

NO/NO® Red Cardinal Wild Bird Feeder

model #: C00322
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Best Used For:
Feeding the wild birds that visit your yard or garden and will keep them coming back to feed again and again. The bright red color of this feeder will stand out in your yard and attract numerous birds for years of enjoyment! read full product details »  

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Product Details

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NO/NO® Red Cardinal Wild Bird Feeder


The NO/NO® Cardinal Wild Bird Feeder features a charming red color and provides a large feeding area for a variety of birds. This durable feeder is made of all metal and can stand up to squirrels and other pests. The feeder is easy to fill and clean and is sure to keep birds happy all season long!
Feeder Specifications:
  • Dimensions 10.8" x 2.4" x 13.9"
  • Dimensions 12.8" x 2" x 15.9"
  • Patented design ensures highest quality
  • All metal, no plastic or wood
  • Collapsible design
  • Attracts clinging and perching birds
  • 2.5 lb. seed capacity



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Wild Birds love:

  • Wire mesh design provides a larger feeding area
  • All metal feeder protects against squirrels
  • Overhang provides shelter and shade

You'll love:

  • Attracts a lot of birds
  • Large seed capacity
  • Durable all-metal, steel construction plus collapsible design
  • Charming red color
  • Easy to fill and clean - sure to keep birds happy all season long
  • Designed to carry black oil sunflower seed, safflower mix, and peanut pieces
  • No assembly - easy to hang
  • Zinc plated for rust protection
  • No hassle gift for friends and family
  • Pure enjoyment and relaxation watching wild birds feeding


Placing the Feeder Keeping Feeder Squirrel-Free



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NO/NO® wild bird feeders and Perky-Pet® are the leading suppliers of Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. NO/NO® wild bird feeders products lure the bird in pursuit of seed— providing you with hours of joy as a variety of wild birds flock to feed in your yard.

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Wild birds are so common to us that we often glance at them without a second thought. When we really look at them, observe them and enjoy their special qualities, we can truly appreciate some of nature's amazing creatures. 


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Customer Reviews

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  Excellent Quality Feeder......... 

This is the first time I've purchased a No/No feeder. I love how it collapses for storage, but more impressive is the quality of this feeder. It's heavyweight to begin without adding seed. You'll need a substantial hanger or pole to hang it when filled. It's a little larger than I expected. Although it says "Sunflower" feeder, I filled it with Safflower seeds and it works just fine. I cant believe how many birds this has attracted over my old non mesh feeder. I'm very pleased with this purchase.

Perky-Pet Consumer Relations Team


OCTOBER 31, 2013

We are glad to hear how much the birds have been enjoying this feeder! We appreciate your feedback regarding the design of this feeder as well.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973).

Best Regards,

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation

  Amazon Review, A huge hit with the birds! 

This feeder--easy to use, easy to enjoy--has been a big hit with the neighborhood blue jays and cardinals. Definitely a nice addition to our back porch.

  Amazon Review, No Waste! 

This is my second feeder like this, and the birds that I want have no issues retrieving the seeds, and the other birds have a hard time getting them to spill all over the yard. We don't have squirrels, but I imagine they would have a hard time getting seeds out in any quantity.

  Amazon Review, Heavy-duty bird feeder will last for years. 

With no wood and no plastic, this heavy-duty bird feeder is constructed entirely of metal. It feels so solid; it will last for years. Designed to hold black oil sunflower seeds, it is best for birds like cardinals and finches. You don't have to put the feeder together, just unfold it and hang it outside. A nice benefit is its color -- a bright red to match a cardinal's feathers.

  Amazon Review 

I love this feeder. I usually fill it up with safflower seeds to keep the grackles away (I guess they do not eat safflower seeds). I see doves, cardinals, and finches using it right now.

  Amazon Review, Great Feeder! 

I ordered two of these feeders to replace two "lantern" type feeders that had become pretty beat up over the years. These feeders are wonderful! They are easy to fill, hold lots of seed which is great for when I am away for a few days and they stay clean! My feeders attract lots of different birds so I'm not sure why some folks did not have success. There are so many factors to consider when placing a feeder and selecting proper seed. It could be that these issues need to be explored a bit more. I would recommend this feeder to anyone who enjoys feeding birds.

  Amazon Review 

I was beginning to wonder if this was worth it...it took a few weeks but yesterday we had several visits from a beautiful cardinal. The squirrels also like it but they can not get out the seeds as fast as my other bird feeders Update!!!!!! We have lots of cardinals...they visit serveral times a day. Most birds only feed on the feeders serveral times a day. What I did want to tell you all...Chilli powder mixed in your birdseed with keep the squirels and chipmuncks away!!! It works!!! I was spending so much on birdseed it was getting to the point where I debated on giving up. Now I have blackoil seed and no squirrels.

  Amazon Review, Cardinal Magnet! 

This all metal feeder is easy to fill. I used black sunflower seeds and the birds really enjoy this feeder. Most of the birds are cardinals but other varieties visit as well. Cardinals can put on a very interesting show. For example, yesterday a female was feeding when a male came along and chased her away. She flew down to the ground and apparently signaled to a friend perched in the magnolia tree because both of them flew together back to the feeder and the male chickened out against the two to one ratio and he flew away. Soon he was back with another male and the females decided they better leave. Bird watching can be entertaining and this feeder attracts many birds willing to put on a show in return for their feed. The bird feeder pole is squirrel proof so the squirrels get to eat only the small amount of sunflower seed that falls to the ground. This has been an enjoyable addition to my bird feeder collection and the price was reasonable.

  Amazon Review, Terrific Bird Feeder! 

I live in Florida and we have a lot of cardinals in my area. This bird feeder is durable and several birds can feed on this at the same time. The roof on this feeder really helps keep the seeds dry even in our terrible rain storms. I strongly recommend this bird feeder and I know the birds around my house appreciate it too.

  Amazon Review, A favorite! 

This cheerful bright red feeder is for attracting cardinals to your yard. It is so pretty. We have added it to our garden area and can watch it from our deck. We bought a huge bag of oiled black sunflower seeds and expect to go through it rather quickly. Cardinals are one of my favorite birds and I am so excited to have this special feeder for them. I love it so much I ordered another one for my sister for her birthday. Recommend!

  Amazon Review, Excellent, well-constructed feeder. 

The diameter of the bottom is just under 12", which may matter depending on where you would like to hang this feeder. Because it is all metal it is heavy and when full of birdseed it is heavier still (close to 3 lbs.), so this is not a feeder to be hung where winds can cause it to bang against a window.

Mine hangs from the underside of an eave, close enough to a window so I can see it from my desk which is at an angle to the window, but I have the feeder positioned so that there's no possibility of it hitting the window when there are strong winds. Closer to the same window (which is my cat's perch) I have a suet feeder and a plastic tube type feeder. I used strong wire (#2 braided picture wire that I had handy) to hang the No/No feeder, necessary because of

its weight, and have the wire attached to a 1 1/8" screw eye that screwed into the bottom of the eave. (My cat is a 12 year old indoor cat, and she enjoys watching the birds but doesn't bother them.)

Birds took to the No/No feeder right away - Cardinals, Chickadees, Tufted Titmice, Nuthatches, etc. (Common Grackles visit it too but I chase them away when I see them.) I have it filled with a mixture that mostly consists of black oil sunflower seeds. It has an easy to open lid for filling and the filling hole is wide, so it's easy to fill without spillage.

I own several feeders, some metal and plastic, some wood and plastic, and one is all plastic. This one is quickly becoming my favorite and I plan to look into other No/No feeders in the future, and I also plan to consider getting one for a bird-loving friend as a gift.

  Amazon Review, Best bird feeder I've ever owned! 

This feeder has everything.

1. The size is juuuuust right. It holds a good quantity of seed (I'm going to estimate about 2 -3 pounds) but not so much that it can go bad before the birds finish it or so much as to make the feeder unduly heavy.
2. It has small holes in the bottom so rain can't pool in the bottom.
3. The construction is extremely strong, easy to clean and easy to fill.
4. The perch also catches seed in the perch/trough so there isn't so much seed spillage.
5. The perch is wide enough to make access easier for the medium-sized birds such as Cardinals and Bluejays.
6. The top of the feeder is wider than the similar feeders this company has offered and it's an improvement. I have this one that is similar (No/No Bronze

Original Bird Feeder BZ00324) and I find that I like the size of the top of this Cardinal Bird Feeder much better.

And, of course, it won't just feed Cardinals. I was watching it tonight for about 15 minutes. I had filled with a sunflower seed, nut and dried fruit mix and it was doing a fine job with Chickadees, Cardinals, a pair of Wrens, two Titmice and some Carolina Finches.

There are no "Cons" to this feeder.

I really love this feeder and so do my birds. I highly recommend it.

  Amazon Review, 

The No/No Red Cardinal Bird Feeder is an excellent addition to our backyard patio. I have only favorable things to say about it and no negatives. I'm sure if the birds that have come to feed from it -- and there have been many different kinds -- could talk, they would tell you the same positives I am now about to say.

The feeder, with its red finish, is very attractive, is very easy to fill and its perch is large enough for multiple occupants to feed at the same time. Further, the perch is also wide enough to hold seed that comes out of the feeder without much falling to the ground. And, of particular importance to me is that the feeder is well constructed -- being all in one piece. When not using, it folds virtually flat to store easily; and when you want to use it, just hold it upright by its large handle and it immediately unfolds to allow you to quickly and easily add up to 2 1/2 lbs of seed.

Almost immediately after hanging the feeder on a shepherd's crook just off the patio we have been getting a variety of guests to enjoy the Wild Bird Seed mix we have provided, including cardinals, finches and bluejays. So far, no squirrels have tried to invade the feeder (the openings are probably too small for them and they can't open the top) but they do enjoy the seeds the birds drop to the ground.

All in all, it's an excellent feeder and one that I would highly recommend.

  Amazon Review, Birds right away! 

I am really happy with this feeder. It attracted buntings and blue jays on the first day.
I see painted buntings and indigo buntings on it most of the day.

  Amazon Review, Finally! The bird feeder I've been looking for! 

I have no problem attracting cardinals. At just about any given time, I can look out at the backyard and see one or more pairs. My problem has been finding a durable feeder that accomodates them. I've used various tube feeders with a platform at the bottom, but squirrels eventually destroyed every single one. I also tried a square feeder with a spring tension perch that would close the food portals with a squirrels weight. Basically, it was the deer's smorgasbord. They completely cleaned it out every night. As for food, I've tried all sorts of things including sunflower hearts and nyger seed. Then I discovered that what they like best is a mixed food "for colorful birds" that I buy at Lowe's. I put this feeder out, and within 30 minutes I had a very curious squirrel. He scrambled up the shepherd's hook (cooking spray prevents that), and wrapped himself right around the feeder. But he didn't stay long because he can't get anything out of it. Every once in a while a squirrel checks it out but doesn't stay long. Within the next hour, I had such a variety of birds! Cardinals, wrens, chickadees, nut hatches, gold finches, purple finches, and even a woodpecker. The only thing I would change about this feeder is the color. Otherwise, it is fabulous.

******UPDATE 4/10/13. Now that this feeder has been in use for nearly a month, I still love it! Because the critters can't drain it, I don't have to fill it nearly as often as other feeders. I still get a good selection of birds every day. Best feeder I've ever had.

  Amazon Review, Getting Lots of Cardinals! 

The cardinals love it. It said to use black oil sunflower seeds and that's what we're doing and it works wonderfully well. We love having the birds in our garden.

Only problem is the squirrels like it too, but we are buying the seeds in bulk to bring down the cost of feeding everyone.

  Amazon Review, Red Hot Feeder! 

This feeder is easy to fill, drains water off well because of holes in the bottom, easy to hang, easy for the birds to feed from and difficult for the squirrels to get into. Now, that being said, I did not say it was squirrel proof - NOTHING IS THAT GOOD! I've owned dozens of different feeders who claim to be "squirrel proof" and they are NOT! This one is difficult but not impossible. I tried hanging it from a tree on a long chain but the squirrel managed to slide down the chain and still with forepaws get seeds here and there. I finally moved it to a very long extension poll mounted off the wall of my house - no more squirrel problems. I also own two Droll Yankee BTG Green Big Top Wild Bird Feeders that are the ONLY feeders I've owned over the years that the squirrels can not get into. I also own two very large Varicraft AV-2M Avian Mixed Seed Feeder which did not keep the squirrels away along with many other expensive varieties of feeders. They have all been retired and I keep up just this little red lovely and the Droll feeders. Feeders must be hung away from any access for a squirrel or they will get into them - plain, simple and indisputable unless they have a huge dome over the top that eliminates all access. I would definitely buy this one again, it's that good!

  Attractive and sturdy - Amazon Review 

I love this feeder! I live near Denver, CO, so we don't actually have cardinals out here, but I bought this feeder in the hopes that I could attract some of the more colorful birds in the area. It took about a week for anything to find it, but once they did, it became an absolute bird magnet! House finches and goldfinches are particularly common to see at our feeder, and they don't have any problems getting to the seed whatsoever. Just make sure that you're getting Black Oil sunflower seeds and not another kind. After looking through other reviews complaining that the holes are too small for the seeds, I'm guessing that other types of sunflower seeds were used, many of which are much larger than the Black Oil variety.

It is also very resilient to thieving squirrels, which had also become a regular visitor to my feeder. Although they haven't been able to leave even a scratch on this feeder, I would highly suggest hanging it somewhere out of their reach, as they can get through the sunflower seeds incredibly quickly and leave a lot of other damage in their wake (particularly if you had hung the feeder in a tree, as I had. Scratches everywhere!).

Finally, the only downfall I've found for this feeder is the weight. Being made of metal, it is a little weighty to begin with, and it becomes even heavier once filled with seed. A small birdfeeder crook WILL NOT cut it with this feeder. I originally got one that stakes into the ground, and it bent nearly in half as I attempted to hang the full feeder on it. I eventually had to support the crook on a tree branch in order to hold the feeder up properly! I have since gotten a more heavy-duty pole on which to hang the feeder and plan to move it soon.

In short, it's a lovely feeder with gorgeous color and a sturdy structure. It attracts favorable birds quite well, and the birds are able to easily feed on the seeds if it is filled with the correct type. Just keep it out of reach of squirrels in order to save money on seed, and find a sturdy place to put it, and you'll be good to go with this feeder!

  Amazon Review, It's a winner! 

The birds, including some gorgeous goldfinches, flock to this feeder, giving entertainment from dawn until dusk. (I've yet to see a cardinal on it, but that might be because they'd have to fly across six western states to get here.) I didn't understand the "never needs cleaning" claim in the description, but now I get it: no matter how the birds land on this feeder, the feed stays clean! That's a big deal if one loves the birds and wants to prevent the spread of deadly salmonella through soiled food. At any rate - a large easy-to-fill seed bin, cleanliness, sturdiness, attractive appearance - all add up to a great bird feeder. Highly recommended.

  Nice feeder, secure handle before hanging - Amazon Review 

Well-made feeder but use pliers to wrap the handle securely around the roof hooks first. After hanging, I had happy cardinals off the "finch" feeder and onto their own. Early evening, a squirrel had the feeder disconnected and crashing down into the creek. I fished it out, secured the handle and rehung. The next day, the squirrels were swinging the feeder to pour the seeds out. So funny. Rehung with a wire instead of rope. We will see what happens next. Still very nice for the price.

  This is a winner! 

This feeder is a true winner. The birds love it and it's squirrel proof! I highly recommend this feeder. The red color is a nice change too and adds color to the area. I'd say the cardinals are the most frequent visitors to this one.

  Durable! Does what it is supposed to - Amazon Review 

I have had 1 of these feeders for 2 years and my 2nd for 1 year. They hold a large amount of seed so I don't have to fill them as often as my other feeders. They are extremely durable. I keep them up year 'round without any problems - even in high wind. They are easy to fill. Some sunflower seeds fall to the ground, but I have a fair number of doves in the area that keep those cleaned up. I've had my feeders knocked down by squirrels and racoons - like everyone has experienced I'm sure - but the feeder is more than able to take the abuse. For the price, this is hands down the best bird feeder I have ever owned!

  Birds love this feeder! - Amazon Review 

I have recently become interested in bird watching and purchased 4 other bird feeders before trying this one.
This is by far the best! Cardinals, finches and sparrows all love it. I am in Plano, Texas and saw a beautiful pink/red/brown bird on this feeder last week and had to go on line to identify it. It was a house finch, never had seen one before, but it has returned to this feeder again this week. I do have a squirrel who tries to get on it, but the feeder is so well made, he has not been successful at getting the seeds. I am really happy with this product. It is very easy to fill with sunflower seed and I have just purchased two more.

  Great Feeder - Amazon Review 

I was looking for a sturdy feeder, and this one fit the bill. Much better than those flimsy plastic ones. I also like the bright red color. It looks colorful hanging in the tree. Several birds can feed at the same time. Shipping was quick, and it was very carefully packaged. Overall, I was very pleased with this purchase.

  Amazon Review, No/No Cardinal Feeder. 

I guess it's called No/no red cardinal feeder because it's a no/no for squirrels. I have found this to be so true. In fact, this is the second one I have ordered. I am very pleased with both of mine and would heartily recommend them. My birds love them. I have all kinds of birds coming not just Cardinals. I give these feeders an A+++++++.

  Nice Feeder but not squirrel proof - Amazon Review 

I've had one of these for about 6-7 years & finally had to replace it. It holds a lot, is durable & can feed lots of birds at once. But be forewarned, the base of it is just the right size for a squirrel to curl up on it if it is hanging somewhere where it can jump on top of it. But they work & work & only get one seed at a time & many times I have seen the birds & a squirrel sharing the feeder at the same time. The roof shelters the seed from snow, too.

  Beautiful Feeder - Amazon Review 

Beautiful feeder, not just for Cardinals. Any and all birds that eat sunflower seeds love it. Unfortunately squirrels do too! It is not squirrel proof or even resistant. If they can reach it they can figure out how to get seeds out of it. Fortunately it is made for birds to get one seed at a time from, so squirrels are slowed down from eating a couple pounds an hour to one at a time. We highly recommend.

  Best Feeder I've Ever Had - Amazon Review 

I've had this feeder for many years, and I've used it in both New Mexico and Upstate NY. The birds love it! There'll be 8 or 10 birds from 3 or 4 different species on it at time. The squirrels can't dump the seed, and give up after a few minutes, since they can only get seeds out 1 at a time. I'd just about given up using bird feeders before I found this one, due to squirrels dumping seed and chewing up feeders. It's also the sturdiest feeder I've ever had, and has survived falls from trees (after squirrels chewed through the wire it was hanging from), unlike other feeders. It's still in great condition years later and after a cross country move. I actually came to this page because I want to order a 2nd one for my backyard. Highly recommended!

  Amazon Review, I finally found a good feeder! 

This feeder is perfect. I've tried all different types. Sure it's not technically squirrel-proof (it doesn't claim to be), but it kind of is. Why? Because the whole thing is constructed out of sturdy metal. They can't chew through it.

It's also the nicest looking feeder (especially compared to some squirrel-proof monstrosities I've ordered and returned - see my other review on Amazon). Best of all, the cardinals love it. I see mated pairs on it together all the time here in the suburbs of Chicago. They love walking around the entire base of it.

  Amazon Review, Love it! 

I was skeptical in buying this bird feeder, as it was more expensive than others I had tried, but I was tired of having wet and clumpy birdseed, feeders that fell apart in the process of filling, etc. This bird feeder was super easy to fill and from the first day, beautiful birds came. It is large, so only needs occasional filling, even though we have quite a lot of birds that visit it twice daily. We have had LOTS of rain since I hung the feeder and it doesn't seem to affect the use of the feeder. In addition to the enjoyment of watching the birds feed, my husband and I have the bonus entertainment of watching one big brown squirrel try daily to reach the bird feeder. He has tried to balance on a nearby ledge and jump, but so far, it's squirrel proof. I love this feeder!

  Amazon Review, Sturdy and versatile songbird feeder 

This is a great feeder! I, too, am glad I didn't pay too much attention to the negative reviews as this feeder does NOT attract only sparrows, but all songbirds. Actually, I have not had one sparrow at this feeder yet. It has primarily attracted finches, woodpeckers, titmice and chickadees. I have seen a couple of cardinals try the feeder, but I just replaced a tubular feeder with this one. I think they're just not used to it yet. (perhaps it's so full of other songbirds they're just waiting for their turn.) If this one holds up as I expect it will, I'm replaceing all other wooden and plastic/metal birdfeeders with this one. I only used sunflower seeds and the birds have no trouble getting it out of the mesh. The songbirds love to cling to it, while others eat the seeds that drop into the tray. It is a beautiful shade of red which looks lovely hanging from my cherry tree in the front yard. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS FEEDER FOR ALL PURPOSES.

  Not a squirl dinner 

I like the all metal design with the screen. The squirls may hang on it and get a snack but not rob or eat all the food. The last 3 partial plastic feeders were chewed up in a year. The no no is holding but the bear has not been around yet!

  6 year review - Amazon Review 

I had a green one of these for five years. The mesh rusted in a spot and a hole eventually developed in the side; i believe a squirrel helped also. We have the pole ground mounted about ten feet from a screened porch, about four feet from a window, and about five feet off the ground. Cardinal city, all the time...............until I replaced with the New RED one. The cardinals have not claimed ownership of this one (but are still regulars), and the doves certainly flock to it. I use Black oil, and black oil/safflower (sp.) mix. In going from the green one to the red one, there were no other variables changed. Perhaps, though, the cardinals just frequent our other feeders (where black oil is also available) and avoid the clumsy doves. Both feeders are/were superb in construction and created little waste. I will always have a no-no feeder, they simply are a fine product and birds love them.

  Dove Heaven - Amazon Review 

This is a beautiful feeder. I hung it from a tree branch with a squirrel baffel and so far, no squirrels! ALL the birds flocked to it on Day 1. I was thrilled. I saw my beautiful cardinals, all types of other finches, grosbeaks, warblers, blue jays, etc. On day 2, all the white winged doves (we have tons of them cooing all day) converged upon this feeder making it very difficult for the other birds to compete. Fortunately, I had the other No No Hourglass feeder which the doves find very difficult to perch on or hang onto. This feeder has a wider perch which is perfect for the doves. They are getting awfully fat! So I guess I am going to use this feeder, not for the cardinals, but for the doves and the No No Hourglass feeder for the smaller birds. I do not recommend this if you don't want to have all the doves in your neighbourhood converge upon you! But they have to eat too. I put the big sized plastic "saucers" (at least 14" in diameter) for flower pots with holes drilled into them and hang them about 15 inches from the bottom of the feeders so the doves don't use them as a perch. They catch the seeds and the doves can stand on them and eat the seeds that fall from the feeder. They seem to like that a lot. It keeps the ground mostly free from seeds. Rain also doesn't collect in the "saucer" as the holes allow it to flow out. Its a whole lot cheaper than buying a specialized seed catcher and a lot sturdier!

  cardinal feeder - Amazon Review 

I like this feeder, but I have to say that the chickadees, titmice, and other small birds are using it more than the cardinals. I also have a flat open feeder that the cardinals seem to prefer. That said, I'm still glad I bought it. The squirrels have a hard time getting any sunflower seeds from it, and they haven't been able to pry off the top cover.



1.5 lb. seed capacity
6 cup seed capacity
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