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Seed Feeders, NO/NO® Hourglass® Forest Green Wild Bird Feeder, GHG00318
NO/NO® Hourglass® Forest Green Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® Hourglass® Forest Green Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® Hourglass® Forest Green Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® Hourglass® Forest Green Wild Bird Feeder

NO/NO® Hourglass® Forest Green Wild Bird Feeder

model #: GHG00318
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Attracting a large variety of clinging and perching birds to your yard using a large capacity of black oil sunflower seed. Enjoy hours and hours watching the many birds that dine at this long lasting and high quality feeder. read full product details »  

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NO/NO® Hourglass® Forest Green Wild Bird Feeder


The Hourglass® NO/NO® Wild Bird Feeder, in a classic forest green finish, is a large capacity feeder that will attract a wide variety of birds to your yard. Enjoy hours and hours watching the many birds that dine at this long lasting and high quality feeder.


Without the use of plastic or wood components, the all-over metal mesh construction of the Hourglass® No/No® Feeder stands up against squirrels and other small animals that may try to access birdseed. The mesh also makes the perfect landing place for clinging birds, while perching birds appreciate the two available perches.

The Hourglas®s NO/NO® Wild Bird Feeder holds an enormous 6 pounds of black oil sunflower seed – the most popular seed among backyard birds. The ability to accommodate up to 20 birds at once makes the Hourglass® NO/NO® Wild Bird Feeder a must-have feeder for backyard birding.


The Hourglass® NO/NO® Wild Bird Feeder’s high-quality design does not require cleaning and helps to protect birds from avian disease. The attached handle is perfect to hang with a Perky-Pet® 33" Hanging Chain. Additional squirrel protection is available when you use a Perky Pet® Transparent Squirrel Baffler.


Long lasting construction, a classic Forest Green finish, and a large seed capacity make the Hourglass® No/No® Feeder a favorite among backyard bird-watching enthusiasts and gardeners!

NO/NO® wild bird feeders and Perky-Pet® are the leading suppliers of Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. NO/NO® wild bird feeders products lure the bird in pursuit of seed— providing you with hours of joy as a variety of wild birds flock to feed in your yard.

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  Amazon Review 

I enjoy feeding birds and invest in a lot of seed, especially black oil sunflower seeds...600 lbs or more a year. Am gradually switching to steel mesh feeders for hanging feeders...especially good for smaller birds, slows down large birds and squirrels from hoarding, and are easier to keep clean/disease free than plastic tube feeders. Large size lasts for days between refills.

  Amazon Review 

birds love it... best feeder there is for black oil sunflower seeds... Cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches, tufted titmouse, finches of all kinds, and wood peckers.... just to name a few that cover the feeder at times...

  Amazon Review, And the winner is..., 

Over the years we've purchased more bird feeders than I can recall. Some looked like works of art, others seemed highly functional, some began deteriorating within months, etc.

But this little sucker has outshone them all and we are in the process of replacing all of our bird feeders with these.

There is remarkably less food knocked to the ground when the birds dine, tho I don't know why. Also the birds perch on the rings alongside each other instead of territorial fights that always occurred with other feeders.

Enyhoo, we are very very pleased to have found these.

  Amazon Review, A-1 


  Fantastic feeder! - Amazon Review 

I've tried many different types of feeders for my backyard bird-watching(living in the San Francisco Bay Area). None has worked better than this one. It almost immediately started attracting many different types of local birds I did not see before with other feeders, including my favorite blue birds. Birds apparently love to sit on its ringed perches. The entire structure is sturdy and steady. The metal quality has a good feel to it. I have two other types of feeders and use the same type of feeds. It is obvious that birds clearly prefer this feeder; some small birds often reluctantly go to other feeders when this one is occupied by bigger ones but quickly move onto this one once the bullies leave. Its shape, color also blends well into my backyard when I hang it on the tree. I use sunflower and safflower seeds mixed with some nuggets so that the screen size is appropriate for me. Like other reviewers pointed out, however, it loses some seeds whenever birds eat from it; it also cannot hold very small seeds unless perhaps mixed with big seeds. Seeds dropped on the ground however attract a different type of birds that love to eat from the ground in my backyard; therefore, I have no complaint.

  Hour Glass Feeder - Amazon Review 

This feeder is exactly as advertised. The birds don't waste as many sunflower seeds with this feeder as they do with my other feeders where they can just flick a bunch of seeds out on the ground.

  bird feeder - Amazon Review 

This is a very good birdfeeder. It is a little larger than I envisioned but the variety of birds that are enjoying the black oil seed is impressive. Not only are there chickadees, nut hatches, and titmice but the ground feeders such as cardinals and juncos are lighting on it. The feeder is about as squirrel proof as can be expected. The little rascals still jump up the shepherd's crook and clasp on to the metal mesh. The good thing is that they can only eat it one seed at a time and cannot "break into" or knock down this feeder.

  Favorite feeder 

This is my favorite bird feeder, hands down. I have tried many, and this one holds a lot of seed, is fairly sturdy, and looks nice. It is definitely NOT squirrel proof - but I don't think the manufacturer claims that it is. Squirrels regularly hang from this feeder and help themselves, but I don't think there is a feeder available that is truly squirrel proof that also has the simple attractive design aesthetic of this one. It's a trade-off. It does stand up pretty well to bear thievery - usually after a bear has stolen the feeder (a few times a year), I find it in the yard, wire mesh dented but otherwise intact. They stopped carrying the bronze color at my local store, so I've turned to Amazon.

  best bird feeder ever - Amazon Review 

This is my new favorite bird feeder..easy to fill..the top just moves out of the way after unlocking...It is really big and holds lots of seeds...when not full and laying flat..not big at all..then it fills easy and hangs even nicer..this is a great find.

  Superb birdfeeder - Amazon Review 

This birdfeeder is for anyone who has thieving little squirrels, does not want to fill a feeder every week and wants it to last forever. Best birdfeeder I have every owned and have given several as gifts. It is all metal so it will last forever!!! It is not just for cardinals. Once the birds found it they all came, however, it is difficult for large birds to hang on so smaller varieties will come in droves. I didn't even know little birds ate sunflower seeds.

  Almost Perfect Feeder - Amazon Review 

This feeder is perfect for smaller birds which is what I intended it for since I have a platform feeder for my Cardinals. It has attracted a yellow finch and some other small birds like titmice and some birds I have yet to identify. You do have to fill it all the way up for both perches to get used and that takes a lot of feed. You can only use sunflower seeds because the smaller seed will fall out of the mesh. I haven't had any squirrels get in it but I have a baffle under it. If you want to attract Cardinals or larger birds this is not the feeder for you. The cardinals are to big for the distance between the perch and the food. They try but ultimately fall off and use the platform feeder. All in all this is a sturdy feeder and looks like it will last several years.

  Hour-Glass Feeder works well with large seeds - Amazon Review 

Bought this feeder to replace a tube feeder for mixed seeds (tube feeder was damaged beyond repair by squirrels)and found that it is not suitable for small seeds, such as millet, which quickly fall through the wire mesh. However, it works well with black sunflower seeds. Also, it cannot be damaged by squirrels although one always manages to get seeds from it. Like many feeders designed to hold seeds, the No No does not have a seed catcher on the bottom and its top cover does not have a large enough overhang to prevent the seeds from becoming wet from drizzle and fog condensate that drips from overhead tree branches.

  Birds are using it. Well made - Amazon Review 

Very well made feeder, not pest proof, but large capacity and all-metal construction make this a long lasting feeder. Very easy to fill and clean, a must with feeders. would buy again.

  Small Bird Heaven - Amazon Review 

At first I wasn't too impressed with this feeder - it was heavy and when I filled it with black sunflower seeds, they kept falling out. It certainly takes a lot of seeds but the good thing is you don't have to keep refilling it. It has been there over a week and I still have the bottom half filled. I think it's because the doves can't get to it very easily. I hung this from a metal hanger and put a large 16 inch plastic "saucer" (the kind you put under flower pots) drilled with small holes to allow rain water to drain, about 20 inches under the bottom of the feeder. It works great as the seeds that fall from the birdfeeder are caught in the saucer for the doves and other birds to feed on plus it's cheap compared to the ones you buy specifically for this purpose. This feeder has perches that are perfect for smaller birds. Doves find it very difficult to perch on it and although they keep trying, most give up and prefer to go to the No No Red Cardinal bird feeder which I also have. I have seen several families of red cardinals, tons of finches, including purple finches, grosbeaks and warblers. There are two levels for the birds to perch on but they can also cling to the wiring of the feeder (even upside down) and eat. There are usually as many as 8 birds on it but I have counted up to 12 with the doves perching on top of the hanger and a few birds in the "saucer" below. I only wish they had made this feeder with a top that has a wider circumference to shelter it from the elements. Another plus it that it is easy to fill and clean and is durable as its all made of metal. Great product on the whole! Would have given it 5 stars if the top were wider and the wire mesh a bit narrower.

  A lot better than the other kind - Amazon Review 

(The other kind of wire mesh feeder has a top held on with a decorative nut/ring arrangement -- the nut holds the top on, and the ring attaches the feeder to whatever it's hung from. The first thing raccoons learn as children is how to spin the feeder so that the nut unscrews, the feeder drops to the ground, the top flies off, and the raccoon family eats.)

These hourglass feeders use a different design. The top is held on with latches so they're raccoon-proof (at least until the raccoons learn how to deal with the latches). They hold about 25% more seed, and the birds seem to like them. About the only disadvantage to this design is that you have to hold them up with one hand while you fill them.



6 lb. seed capacity
6 lb. seed capacity
6 lb. seed capacity
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