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Hopper Wild Bird Feeders

Hopper Bird Feeders

Because of their size, hopper bird feeders attract a number of birds that wouldn’t normally be able to fit at smaller feeders. Hopper feeders come in a few different material types including wood, metal, and plastic. They typically have a large seed capacity which is great for your hungry backyard birds! Shop birdfeeders.com for a fantastic selection of hopper bird feeders.


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Why Choose a Hopper Bird Feeder

Hoppers are containers that hold a large amount of material and dispense it through an opening at the bottom. The same applies to hopper bird feeders, except that they can sometimes have more than one opening at the bottom of the feeder.

Hopper bird feeders attract similar species that you would see at a tube feeder. However, you will also see some larger birds that are too big for small tube feeder perches like the Northern Cardinal and Hairy Woodpecker. Hopper feeders normally hold a lot more seed than other feeder types, and therefore, require you to refill less often.

Because of the large top opening on hopper bird feeders, cleaning is usually pretty quick and convenient. If the top of the feeder can be removed, you can easily dump out any old bird seed and reach every crack and crevice when cleaning with soap and water. Filling with seed is also a simple activity with such a large top. You’re less likely to spill and waste valuable bird seed.

Shielding bird seed from rain and snow is an important task when offering seed to the birds. Hopper feeders do an excellent job at keeping seed dry since most of it is stored inside the hopper. If the seed inside does get wet, it can become unhealthy for your birds to eat. That’s why it’s important to fill hopper feeders with a small amount of seed if you don’t have a lot of birds visiting your feeders. If they’re filled with more seed than your birds can consume in a few days, you may end up having to throw away uneaten seed if moisture happens to get inside the hopper.

Hopper Bird Feeder Material Types


Perky-Pet®, K-Feeders®, and NO/NO® offer hopper bird feeders made of many different material types. Here are some of the material types you will find on birdfeeders.com:


Metal - Hopper feeders can be made of all metal or be made with a combination of metal and plastic. Metal is more durable than all plastic feeders, and can help prevent squirrels from chewing and damaging the feeder. Lantern style hopper feeders are mostly metal, but have clear plastic windows on all sides to easily monitor seed levels. These windows can have decorative elements painted or etched onto them to add some extra style!


Plastic - Plastic hopper bird feeders are lightweight and affordable. They’re available in different shapes including square, rectangular, and circular. Plastic can easily be scrubbed clean by soap and water, but they may be more likely to be damaged by squirrels or extreme weather.


Wood - Hopper bird feeders made of wood are usually made from a durable, long-lasting wood such as cedar, pine, or redwood. These wood types naturally hold up well in all sorts of weather, and will keep your seed dry and fresh inside. Plus, wood blends in with your natural landscape, making it an ideal choice for a bird feeder material type!


Hopper Bird Feeder Styles


Squirrel Proof - Squirrel Proof Hopper Feeders help keep squirrels out of your bird seed. Using weight activated technology, the ports close when a squirrels jumps or hangs onto the feeder. The birds light weight leaves the ports open, allowing them to feed uninterrupted. Squirrel proof feeders will either be made of all metal, or have metal elements such as ports and caps to prevent damage from squirrels trying to chew open the feeder.


Decorative - Decorative hopper feeders can be one of the most stylish feeders to own. Their large size and shape give them so many opportunities for decorative elements to be added. Details like brushed copper finishes and rustic holly berry patterns make decorative hopper bird feeders a splendid addition to your backyard!


Window - Window hopper feeders bring birds right up to your window so you can watch them whenever you choose. Simply attach the small, plastic feeder to your window by using the provided suction cups, and start watching the birds flock to be the first at your window!