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Perky-Pet® 16" Metal Finch Feeder, Model NF16 | Birdfeeders.Com
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Seed Feeders, Perky-Pet® 16
Perky-Pet® 16 Perky-Pet® 16 Perky-Pet® 16 Perky-Pet® 16

Perky-Pet® 16" Metal Finch Feeder

model #: NF16
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Feeding wild birds without squirrel damage to feeder. Are you tired of your bird feeders looking chewed up by squirrels? This innovative feeder's metal design will put an end to that problem! read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review 

These were as expected from the reviews. No problems. Finches love them and adapted quickly from the finch socks to these. No squirrel troubles either, which is a bonus. Good purchase!

  Amazon Review, Works great 

I had a mesh bag Gold Finch feeder that I liked but was damaged by our cat. I wanted one that was more robust and cat proof. This one is certainly that. It looks great, clean and noble, and is very well designed.

I read some other reviews about birds not feeding on the metal tube feeder and was concerned it would happen to me. In order to mitigate the risk of this happening I had the metal tube feeder ready to go and had birds actively feeding on the mesh bag. I removed the mesh bag and replaced it quickly with the metal tube and walked away. The birds returned but were a little confused and reluctant for about 5 minutes. Then one of them figured out how to land on it and the rest followed. Now it's a scene of golden finches.

The nyger seed will fall through the holes a little bit on fill up until there's enough pressure from the weight of the seed to hold it in place. I would suggest filling it up over a cookie pan or large bowl to catch the fall out.

  Amazon Review, The fincher flock around it all day 

I purchased this finch feeder for our back yard and filled it with thistle. The next day I had at least thirty finches hanging on it. I now spend much of my retired days watching the finches!

  Amazon Review, Come and get it... 

Second one I have ordered... Birds love it... Squirrels check it out but move on as its to much work for a few small seeds..Goldfinches hang upside down all around it... Well made, holds a lot of seed... You will be happy with this feeder...

  Amazon Review, Awesome Goldfinch feeder 

This is a fabulous product that works exactly as described. I hung it up filled with Wagner's Nyjer Thistle feed and within 2 days had 6-12 birds fighting to stay on all day. Like one other user, I put some small twigs in but the birds rapidly learned to use the holes too. The problem with small seed falling out while filling is easily overcome by filling over a sheet of newspaper. Some seed does come out but once it is full, gravity and friction take over and it works perfectly. The seed on the paper is put in the top and nothing is lost. I didn't even know we had goldfinches in this area until we hung this feeder. Now, we have flashes of yellow in our yard all the time. As for squirrels, they don't stand a chance. I have never seen one successfully get to the feeder



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