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NO/NO® 3 Tier Super Red & Brass Wild Bird Feeder, Model # RB300335 | Birdfeeders.Com
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Seed Feeders, NO/NO® 3 Tier Super Red & Brass Wild Bird Feeder, RB300335
NO/NO® 3 Tier Super Red & Brass Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® 3 Tier Super Red & Brass Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® 3 Tier Super Red & Brass Wild Bird Feeder NO/NO® 3 Tier Super Red & Brass Wild Bird Feeder

NO/NO® 3 Tier Super Red & Brass Wild Bird Feeder

model #: RB300335
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Attracting seed eating birds that cling to or perch on a feeder. The 3 Tier Super NO/NO® Feeder is constructed all-over of a metal mesh and resists squirrel damage. read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review, Big, big feeder. 

Excellent quality and built like a tank. The down side is the filled weight is at least 10 pounds. Squirrels will feast on it but can't damage it as of yet. The capacity helps if you have a lot of birds/squirrels.

  Amazon Review, Looks fantastic when set up. 

Looks great and allows many birds to feed. Seems to be durable...have had it outside for two months now and no issues.

  Terrific Bird Feeder - Amazon Review 

This bird feeder attracts birds well and holds an enormous amount of seed! I purchased it along with No-No's five tier bird feeder and wondered why the three tier feeder was more money. When they arrived, it was obvious why. The three tier is much wider and holds at least twice the seed of the five tier feeder. It attracts a wide variety of birds and is covered with birds - up to eight at one time.

I will paste below my review of No-No's five tier feeder for those interested.
Five tier No-No mesh bird feeder review: This bird feeder does two things that I thought were not compatible - it attracts more birds, and at the same time conserves black oil sunflower seeds. The blue jays would come to our other feeders (one of which is still up because it has a suet feeder on it) and use their beaks to sweep the seeds onto to ground from our enclosed tray feeder, or pick seeds out of the tube feeder holes and drop them on the ground for their cronies. The jays don't like this No-No mesh feeder - but the finches, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, cardinals and woodpeckers love it! We have had more birds on this No-No feeder at one time than on any bird feeder we have owned in our lives - and we've had bird feeding stations for over 30 years. They perch on the rails and they cling to the mesh. The cardinals sit on the bottom tray. I'm sure the squirrels are unhappy to have lost their free meals courtesy of the jays, but my wife and I are most pleased. The squirrels can make do with the whole and cracked corn we put out for them. I could not recommend this product more highly.



2.5 lb. seed capacity
(not rated)
6 lb. seed capacity
6 lb. seed capacity
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