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Mesh Wild Bird Feeders

Mesh Bird Feeders

Mesh Bird Feeders provide birds with a large feeding area. This will bring you more birds than the average feeder and more hours of bird feeding happiness! Because of their all metal construction, mesh feeders resist squirrel damage and protect your seed supply. NO/NO® and Perky-Pet® offer top quality mesh bird feeders in many different color and style options. Browse our extensive collection of mesh bird feeders and pick one up today!


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Why Choose a Mesh Bird Feeder

Clinging birds, like those belonging to the finch and woodpecker families, often prefer mesh feeders over any other style of feeder. The mesh surface area enables them to cling onto the feeder while pulling out the seed, similar to how they would hang from a flower while eating.

Because the mesh has openings all over the entire surface area, mesh feeders act as though they have unlimited ports for birds to eat from. Some mesh bird feeders even have attached perches so both clinging and perching birds can enjoy the feeder.

NO/NO® mesh bird feeders are made of all metal and include no plastic and no wood. The durable metal construction gives them extra resistance to squirrel damage by protecting them from chewing or scratching. The open style mesh is perfect for keeping seed dry and fresh by allowing water to simply drain from the bottom of the feeder. Mesh feeders are easy to clean and use, making them an excellent low-maintenance bird feeder option.

What Types of Seed Do Mesh Bird Feeders Use?


There are many different seed varieties that mesh bird feeders can hold. However, the size and shape of the mesh opening will be different to accommodate different seed mixes. Make sure you’re purchasing a mesh bird feeder that can be used for the seed type you want to offer.


Black Oil Sunflower Seed - – Black oil sunflower seed will appeal to the widest variety of birds at your feeders. It’s an oil-rich protein source that packs a big punch in nutrition for tiny flyers. Most typical mesh bird feeders will hold black oil sunflower seed unless otherwise stated in the product name or description. The holes are large enough that birds can pick the seeds through the mesh, but small enough to secure the rest of the seed inside the feeder.


Peanuts - Peanut pieces will also work in most standard mesh feeders. It’s important that you get peanut pieces and not whole peanuts, otherwise the bird won’t be able to pull the large whole peanuts through the mesh openings. Larger birds love peanuts and they’re packed with protein.


Mixed Seed - Mixed seed offers birds variety and choices in their seed selection. However, if you want to offer mixed seed in a mesh bird feeder, you will need to get one that is designed specifically to hold mixed seed. If you try to put mixed seed in a regular mesh feeder, the openings will be too large and the seed will just fall through.


Thistle Seed - Thistle seed also requires a specific mesh style to hold in the small seed. Thistle is a nutritious food option that many small birds, like finches, love to eat. Look for mesh styles with the smallest opening to accommodate this seed type. They will often be referred to as finch mesh feeders.


Mesh Bird Feeder Types


Collapsible - Some mesh feeders can be really large and have multiple tiers to hold lots of seed. Collapsible mesh bird feeders are flexible and can easily be folded into a small size for easy storing when not in use. If you’re giving a mesh bird feeder as a gift, the unsuspecting recipient will never know it’s a bird feeder because of its small size when collapsed.


Non-Collapsible - Non-collapsible mesh bird feeders offer the same benefits as collapsible mesh feeders, except the metal is firm and will not fold into a smaller size. Non-collapsible mesh is very easy to fill, and can come in fun shapes and styles to add decoration to your bird feeder collection.


Mesh Bird Feeder Styles


Single Tier - Single tier mesh bird feeders provide a large surface for birds to feed from, yet they have a moderate seed capacity. Usually holding 3 pounds of seed or less, single tier feeders attract a variety of clinging or perching birds.


Multi-Tier - If you have many birds visiting your feeders, then a multi-tier mesh feeder may be exactly what you need. Ranging in size from 2 to 5 tiers, multi-tier bird feeders hold large amounts of seed so your backyard birds will never be hungry again! Some multi-tier options come with evenseed technology so that each level holds an even amount of seed, allowing birds to continuously use the entire feeder.


Decorative - Decorative mesh bird feeders come in different styles and shapes to enhance any backyard décor! Whether you’re looking for a snowman feeder to show your love for the holiday season, or a mushroom feeder to display your whimsical side, we have a variety to choose from. Birds love mesh feeders, and now you will too!