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Window Bird Feeders

Window Bird Feeders

Window bird feeders bring the birds right to your window. By mounting your bird feeder directly to your windowpane, you will never miss a second of bird feeder action! Place your bird feeders on windows in rooms that you spend most of your time, like the living room or kitchen, so you can always have your bird sanctuary in full view. Find the best window bird feeders at birdfeeders.com and get ready to watch the birds from the comfort of your favorite chair!


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Why Choose a Window Bird Feeder

Window bird feeders are perfect for anyone who’s looking to get up close and personal with the birds. Always have your feeders in full view to see who’s stopping by for a quick meal. Even when the weather is less than ideal, you will never miss a chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of the songbirds in your yard.

Suction cups attach these bird feeders securely to any window you choose. This is a great way to teach kids about birds and bird feeding since they can see first-hand all the wonderful details of the birds.

Most window bird feeders hold many types of seed including black oil sunflower, safflower, and mixed seed. Experiment with different seed options and see which bird types prefer which seeds! Window bird feeders typically have a smaller seed capacity making them lightweight and convenient for hanging. Most are made of sturdy plastic to ensure many days of bird enjoyment!

Lessen the Chance of Window Strikes with a Window Bird Feeder


Did you know that having a window bird feeder can actually lessen the chances of a bird striking the window? Well, they do! That’s because birds are usually slowing down for a landing as they approach the feeder. Because they’re going slower, they can see the window before they come in contact with it, and avoid it. Then, when they go to take off from the feeder, they will simply fly in the opposite direction from the window. Bird fatalities by window strikes are often the highest when a bird is going at top speed. So, having a bird feeder directly mounted to the window will help make sure they are not going top speed if they do happen to contact the glass.


Window Bird Feeder Styles

When shopping for a window bird feeder, birdfeeders.com offers a few different styles. Window seed feeders dispense seed for songbirds and other feeder birds. Window hummingbird feeders dispense nectar and attract hummingbirds right to your windows!


Window Seed Feeder Styles:

Hopper - Hopper window bird feeders are so easy to use! They have a wide top opening making them large enough to fit a cloth or brush inside to clean, and extremely easy to pour seed in when refilling. Most have transparent reservoirs so you can always be sure your seed is never empty. These hopper feeders come in shatterproof plastic so it will last for years to come!


Tube - Tube window bird feeders feature multiple feeding ports with comfortable perches and a seed catching tray. These feeders effortlessly dissemble for cleaning and refilling. The clear plastic tube makes it easy to monitor seed levels, and gives you peace of mind knowing the feeder won’t break while mounting to the window.


Window Hummingbird Feeder Styles:

Bottom Fill - Bottom fill window hummingbird feeders are made of either glass or plastic with transparent nectar reservoirs to allow you to constantly monitor nectar levels. The feeders detach from the window, and the base and bottle unscrew for easy filling and cleaning. These window feeders also include small perches, inviting hummingbirds to dine and hang out in full view!


Dish - Dish style hummingbird feeders feature a clear plastic dish reservoir, and a bright red lid with ports and perches to attract hungry hummers. The wide-mouth dish opening is a great aspect that makes filling spill-free and cleaning easy.