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Tube Wild Bird Feeders

Tube Bird Feeders

Tube bird feeders provide many hours of bird feeding enjoyment. The long, slender tubes help keep seeds dry and offer lots of room for multiple ports, which provide plenty of space for numerous birds to eat at one time. Because they are easy to maintain, tube feeders make a great choice when selecting a bird feeder. Browse our versatile selection of tube feeders below!


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Why Choose a Tube Bird Feeder?

A tube bird feeder can have many advantages when feeding the birds. They offer many feeding ports for lots of access to the bird seed. This means you’re likely to see multiple birds on your tube feeder at one time!

Tube feeders come in many sizes, so you are sure to find the perfect one for you. If you only need to offer a small amount of seed, we have many tube feeders that hold around 1 pound of seed or less. If you have lots of birds that you’re trying to feed, we offer large triple tube bird feeders that can hold up to 11 pounds of seed. With that seed capacity, you sure to attract a lot of birds!

Depending on the size of the feeding ports on your tube feeder, you can offer different seed varieties. Feeders with larger ports can hold larger seeds like sunflower or mixed seed varieties which attract many birds such as nuthatches and chickadees. Those with smaller ports can hold thistle or niger seed and attract finches and siskins.

No matter which type of seed you choose to offer, it’s important that you find an easy to clean tube feeder. Bird feeders need to be cleaned about every 2 weeks, otherwise mold and bacteria can begin to build up. If this happens, birds will stop visiting your feeder and look elsewhere to get their meal. It’s important when you’re refilling your tube feeder, that you dump out any excess seed in the bottom of the feeder before filling with fresh seed. That area of the tube feeder can be particularly prone to mold if it is not emptied frequently.

Tube Bird Feeder Styles


There are a few different styles and functionalities to choose from when selecting a tube feeder. Below, we describe a few of the options available on birdfeeders.com.


2-in-1 Ports - Tube Feeders with 2-in-1 ports provide the versatility of offering either mixed seed or thistle seed. Simply switch between the small and large ports sizes to have ultimate flexibility in your bird seed offering with one feeder!


Finch - Finch feeders feature a small port opening to accommodate the tiny size of thistle seed. Finches are attracted to the oily nature of thistle because it provides them with lots of nourishment and energy. Finches are excellent acrobats and some of them can even eat while hanging upside down. Upside down finch feeders cater to these circus-like eaters by having the port below the perch instead of above the perch like with regular finch feeders.


Heavy Duty - Heavy duty bird feeders are designed to withstand even the toughest natural elements to provide years of bird feeding enjoyment. With powder-coated die-cast zinc metal ports, bases, and lids these feeders are sure to live up to their name. Each port features our 2-in-1 functionality and a bird-preferred u-shaped perch. With tube size options ranging from 15 – 23 inches, and 3 stunning colors to choose from, these bird feeders are sure to become your new favorite!


Triple Tube - Triple tube bird feeders combine the size of 3 tube feeders with the opportunity of offering 3 different seed types to make it the ultimate feeder choice! If you constantly have to refill your tube feeders because you have so many bird visitors, then a triple tube sounds like the perfect solution for you. Triple tube feeders hold up to 11 pounds of seed, making them some of the largest bird feeders on the market.


Mesh - Some birds prefer clinging to feeders over perching. Mesh tube feeders allows clinging birds such as woodpeckers and nuthatches to cling anywhere they choose on the feeder while eating. Birds simply pull the seed through the mesh holes with their small bills, while the rest of the seed stays securely inside.


Squirrel Proof - Squirrel proof tube feeders protect your precious seed from troublesome squirrels. Most function by featuring weight-activated ports that close under the heavy weight of a squirrel, but stay open under the light weight of birds. Squirrels are persistent creatures and will try anything to get at bird seed. Outsmart them with a weight activated feeder and save your seed for the birds!


All Metal - Bird feeders made from all metal are another great squirrel resistant option. Because everything on the feeder is made of metal, squirrels won’t be able to chew through the feeder to get to the seed. Also, because of the durability of an all metal bird feeder, if it should happen to get knocked to the ground, it’s unlikely to break.