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Convenient Motor Turns Your Wind Spinner W/ No Breeze | Iron Stop®
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Wind Spinners & Crystal Twisters, Iron Stop® Battery Powered Motor - 30 RPM, 8010-30
Iron Stop® Battery Powered Motor - 30 RPM Iron Stop® Battery Powered Motor - 30 RPM Iron Stop® Battery Powered Motor - 30 RPM Iron Stop® Battery Powered Motor - 30 RPM

Iron Stop® Battery Powered Motor - 30 RPM

model #: 8010-30
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Adding movement to your Iron Stop® wind spinner. For use indoors or out, you can enjoy the motion of your wind spinner even when the wind isn't blowing. read full product details »  

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Iron Stop® Battery Powered Motor - 30 RPM


No wind? No worries! This wind spinner motor from Iron Stop® creates a gentle twirling action that allows you to enjoy the beauty and movement of your spinner even when nature doesn't cooperate. Want to use your spinner inside? This motor is the perfect accessory to give you the full wind spinner experience without a breeze.




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Convenient, affordable and easy to use, the Iron Stop® wind spinner motor is the perfect addition to your spinner. You can easily use it indoors or out. And, because it is small, it never detracts from the beauty of your wind spinner.

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  Amazon Review 

The perfect speed to show off your metal wind spinners. The 1 D-cell battery works forever. We have run it off and on for over 3 months and still on the original battery. Everyone loves the steady movement and how it increases the overall look.

  Amazon Review - very good product 

I have it outside. It works just like I expected. I dont run it a lot, but it is perfect for my spinner. Highly recommend this product!

  Amazon Review - Spinning Motor 

Spinning motor worked great for a mobile I recently bought. It has so far worked very well. No issues & would buy again.

  Amazon Review - Works perfectly 

Glad to have found this accessory, although I would have been happy to return to Maui to get it, too.

  Amazon Review 

We purchased the motor a month ago and it has worked flawlessly with our wind spinner that needs a strong gust to spin on its own.

  Home Depot Review 

I love my deck spinners but have had trouble finding a spinner motor that works consistently. This motor is the best that I've found and it has made all the difference. I'm really pleased with how easy they are to use, how long the batteries work, and how enjoyable it is to see my spinners actually spin.

  Home Depot Review 

I love the product, now my wind chimes spins when there is no wind.

  Home Depot Review 

Simple to use, battery access quite simple; one D battery lasts about three weeks on constantly.

  Home Depot Review 

We use this unit to spin our chime indoors hanging in a bay window. It's great therapy for my wheelchair bound wife.

  Home Depot Review - Best of its type 

I have purchased 3 different brands of windspinner motors from different stores online. The ones from Home Depot are the best I've used; I recently purchased a few more as spares. They are the smallest, the quietest and have the least amount of visible labeling; they're virtually invisable. Although they are rated for indoor use only, one of mine has been outdoors, fully unprotected, for an entire spring-summer-fall; no damage whatsoever.

  Home Depot Review - Awesome gadget! 

This little gadget is awesome. It takes one "D" size battery. I used a Duracell, and it just keeps going and going. I don't want to have too big of a footprint by going through a lot of batteries, so I turn it on only when both my husband and I are home or if someone comes over. The wind spinner is nothing without this accessory. The only problem was, is that I couldn't buy it in the store, so I had to pay shipping and handling, so that made it more expensive.....but it was worth it.

  Amazon Review 

When company comes to the house in a windless Arizona it makes sense for a wind spinner to spin otherwise what's the sense of buying a wind spinner to begin with.

  Home Depot Review - This was worth the money 

It works really good. And I like the style. Also the price was good.



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