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Convenient Motor Turns Your Wind Spinner W/ No Breeze | Iron Stop
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Wind Spinners & Crystal Twisters, Iron Stop Battery Powered Motor - 30 RPM, 8010-30
Iron Stop Battery Powered Motor - 30 RPM Iron Stop Battery Powered Motor - 30 RPM Iron Stop Battery Powered Motor - 30 RPM Iron Stop Battery Powered Motor - 30 RPM

Iron Stop Battery Powered Motor - 30 RPM

model #: 8010-30
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Adding movement to your Iron Stop wind spinner. For use indoors or out, you can enjoy the motion of your wind spinner even when the wind isn't blowing. read full product details »  

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Iron Stop Battery Powered Motor - 30 RPM


No wind? No worries! This wind spinner motor from Iron Stop creates a gentle twirling action that allows you to enjoy the beauty and movement of your spinner even when nature doesn't cooperate. Want to use your spinner inside? This motor is the perfect accessory to give you the full wind spinner experience without a breeze.




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Convenient, affordable and easy to use, the Iron Stop wind spinner motor is the perfect addition to your spinner. You can easily use it indoors or out. And, because it is small, it never detracts from the beauty of your wind spinner.

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  Amazon Review 

The perfect speed to show off your metal wind spinners. The 1 D-cell battery works forever. We have run it off and on for over 3 months and still on the original battery. Everyone loves the steady movement and how it increases the overall look.

  Amazon Review - very good product 

I have it outside. It works just like I expected. I dont run it a lot, but it is perfect for my spinner. Highly recommend this product!



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