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Silver Hook Accessory Hangs Wind Spinners Perfectly | Iron Stop
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Wind Spinners & Crystal Twisters, Iron Stop 15
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Iron Stop 15" Silver Hook Accessory

model #: 8035-I
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Hanging any Iron Stop product. This handy hook makes quick work of displaying wind spinners, twisters, spiral tails and more. read full product details »  

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Iron Stop 15" Silver Plated Hook


Made of durable metal, this Iron Stop 15" Silver Plated Hook is made with loops in all the right places. The rust-resistant construction lets you use them with confidence indoors or out. Lightweight enough to be used with practically any hook or nail yet strong enough to suspend any Iron Stop™ wind spinner, wind chimes or other decoration.




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All About:

The small loop of this accessory slips easily through the wind spinner or other Iron Stop product. Use the large hook at the other end to hang your decoration from a shepherd's staff in your garden, a tree branch or a curtain rod indoors. You'll find all sorts of places to use this convenient hook.

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  Amazon Review - Great hooks 

I have found so many uses for these hooks, I am loving using them. They are universal, you can use the big hook on top or on bottom depending on your needs.



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