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Wind Spinners & Crystal Twisters, Iron Stop® Crystal Twister - Copper & Red, 8069-7
Iron Stop® Crystal Twister - Copper & Red Iron Stop® Crystal Twister - Copper & Red Iron Stop® Crystal Twister - Copper & Red Iron Stop® Crystal Twister - Copper & Red

Iron Stop® Crystal Twister - Copper & Red

model #: 8069-7
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Adding style to Iron Stop® copper wind spinners or any corner of your home or garden that could use a delicate touch. read full product details »  

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Iron Stop® Crystal Twister - Copper & Red


Whether you're creating a patriotic garden filled with Fourth of July décor or simply want to add a bit of wonder to your home, this Iron Stop® Copper Crystal Twister with Red Crystal is perfect for the job. The double-twisted copper wire creates the optical illusion of crystals climbing up and down.


Accented with one red and one clear crystal within the strands and one clear orb dangling from the bottom, Classic Crystal Twisters add interest and personality. You'll captivate friends and family as they try to answer the question, "Are the crystals really climbing?"




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All About Iron Stop® Classic Crystal Twisters


Crafted from 20-gauge steel wire electroplated with copper-colored chrome, these Twisters are an excellent addition to any patriotic garden. Fully rust resistant, you can use this copper and red accessory at Christmastime, as Fourth of July décor or anytime.

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  Amazon Review 

This is very pretty and cast lovely rainbows. However, it does not spin easily. You need to give it a spin and then it looks lovely and mesmerizing. It is heavy which is why it probably does not spin in a breeze. If it did I would have given it 5 stars. Looks nice hanging inside or out casting many mini rainbows in the sunlight.



1 Wind Spinner
1 15" Hook
(not rated)
1 motor
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