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Wild Birds 101

Expert Advice on Feeding Birds

Which bird feeder styles attract which bird types? Which bird food will attract my favorite bird? Can the seasons affect bird watching? What is the best food for feeding birds? Which type of feeder does my favorite bird prefer? Find the answers to your bird watching questions in bird feeding 101.

It's no wonder that feeding birds ranks only second to gardening as America's favorite pastime. Birds are fun and entertaining to watch, and they bring color and song to our gardens and yards all year long. Enhance your bird watching experience by feeding birds their favorite food in their favorite type of feeder.


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Bird Watching 101, Type of feeder

Bird Feeding 101, Types of Feeders
Putting up a bird feeder is the easiest way to begin attracting birds to your yard, but the number of bird feeders available can be a little overwhelming. Here is a quick reference guide to the different types of birdfeeders and the benefits of each.


learn about different types of feeders»


Bird Watching 101, Preferred Bird Food

Bird Feeding 101, Preferred Bird Food
Almost as overwhelming as the choice of which feeder to buy, is the choice of what food to serve in your feeder. Different species of birds are attracted to different seed types.


learn about foods birds prefer»


Bird Watching 101, Bird Feeding Tips

Bird Watching 101, Bird Feeding Tips
If this is the first time you have a feeder in your yard, you may have to wait several weeks for birds to discover it. It may help if you put a shiny pie pan with some seed in it underneath the feeder to attract birds flying through your yard.


learn about tips to attract birds»

Infographic - Feeder Placement Tips To Attract Wild Birds»


Bird Watching 101, SeasonalTips

Bird Feeding 101, Seasonal Tips
Bird feeding is a year-round activity, so don't take down your feeders when the weather warms up or you may miss out on adult birds bringing their offspring in the summer to learn how to get to the seeds you provide.


learn about birdfeeding in each season»


Bird Watching 101, Videos

Bird Feeding 101, Videos
Bird feeding is an easy hobby to begin and continue for a lifetime. Beginners and enthusiasts can learn all about bird feeding, bird watching, and hummingbirds by visiting our videos and podcasts page!


watch our videos to learn about birdfeeding»


Bird Feeding 101, Bird Watching 101

Bird Feeding 101, Bird Watching 101
Did you know that bird watching is the #2 hobby in the U.S. just under gardening. Find out all the tips and tricks to bird watching and how to get the most enjoyment from it!


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