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Squirrel Proofing, Squirrel Baffles

Squirrel Baffles


Squirrel baffles are used to block a squirrel from getting to the seed in your bird feeder. Most baffles are either cone or dome-shaped. They are made of various materials, plastic being the most popular. Baffles are a perfect complement to your other squirrel proofing tactics!




Types of Squirrel Baffles and How To Use Them


There are several types of squirrel baffles, as you will see, however, the most effective kind is the traditional dome-shaped squirrel baffle.

Squirrel Proofing, BafflesDome-Shaped Squirrel Baffles

These are mostly clear baffles with a rounded shape and can be used on hanging bird feeders or pole mounted bird feeders. Squirrels will not be able to access the feeder at all because when they land on the baffle it will tip and they will immediately fall off. The baffle also prevents squirrels from trying to ruin the bird feeder by chewing on it to try and get to the seed.


Squirrel Proofing, BafflesCone-Shaped Squirrel Baffles

Just as it sounds, the cone-shaped baffles are similar to an upside down funnel shape, placed on hanging bird feeders or pole mounted bird feeders.


Squirrel Proofing, BafflesPlatform Style Squirrel Baffles

These types of squirrel baffles are not recommended because of the flat shape. A squirrel has a better chance of sticking to this type of baffle.

Squirrel Proofing, BafflesPole Style Squirrel Baffles

Pole Guards are a great option to prevent squirrels from gaining access to your bird feeder. The guard fits over the pole, blocking the squirrel from climbing up. Make sure to measure your pole first to make sure it will work. Some smaller diameter poles will not work with this type of squirrel baffle.



Squirrel Proofing, BafflesBuilt-In Squirrel Baffles

Some bird feeders are specifically designed with a built-in baffle. Normally larger capacity feeders have this convenient feature. See what Perky-Pet® has to offer.






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Squirrel baffler
Squirrel baffler