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Squirrel Proofing, types of feeders

Squirrel Proofing 101 - Types of Squirrel Proof Feeders


There are a variety of squirrel-proof and squirrel-resistant feeders to choose from.  Learn the difference between types of feeders such as weight activated squirrel proof feeders and cage feeders and how to choose the best one for you.




Introduction to Squirrel Proofing


Squirrel Proofing, Types of Feeders

Perky-Pet® offers a variety of bird feeders that feature a weight activated mechanism. This functionality is a great option for preventing squirrels from eating the bird seed from your feeder.


When a squirrel lands on the weight activated mechanism, access to the feeding ports is automatically shut off because of the squirrel's heavier weight. However, not to worry, this mechanism does not affect the birds because they are much lighter in weight.


Scroll down to see some of our weight activated feeders from the Squirrel-Be-Gone™ series to find one that works for you!


Weight Activated Squirrel Proof Feeders


Squirrel Proofing, Types of Feeders


Other Weight Activated Feeder Designs


Squirrel Proofing, Types of Feeders



Squirrel Proofing, Types of FeedersCage Style Squirrel Proof Feeders


Bird feeders in this style feature a cage built around the actual feeder itself. The distance between the cage bars is big enough for the birds to fit through and feed, however, they are too tight for a squirrel to try and squeeze through.


Squirrels may try and chew on the bars to get through, so make sure the cage is made of a heavy-duty metal, like this one pictured here, known as our Easy Feeder®. View more of our caged feeders.

Alternative Options to Squirrel Proofing


Squirrel Proofing, Types of FeedersScatter inexpensive cracked corn on the ground below the feeder. Squirrels love this and they will eat whatever is easiest to access. Or, you could try serving birds safflower seeds - squirrels do not like this type of seed. Visit our repellent section to find out more helpful hints.


View more of our squirrel proof feeder designs.




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