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The Magnificent Hummingbird

The Magnificent Hummingbird


The Magnificent Hummingbird, a large member of the hummingbird family, was named for its dazzling, colorful plumage.


Most of the Magnificent Hummingbird population lives year-round in central Mexico, although some can be found slightly to the north or to the south of Mexico.




Food Preferences

Food Preferences of Magnificent Hummingbirds


Magnificent Hummingbirds require a constant energy source (nectar) and protein source (insects).
magnificent hummingbirds flower pollinating


The very high metabolism of Magnificent hummingbirds is due to the incredible speed with which they flap their wings, continuously burning the food they have consumed for fuel.


After feeding on nectar of flowers, Magnificent Hummingbirds carry pollen to other flowers.




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