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Nesting Habits Of The Bullock’S Oriole, Oriole Library | Birdfeeders.Com

Bullock’s Oriole

Bullock’s Oriole


The Bullock’s Blackbird was named after William Bullock, an English naturalist.


This small blackbird at one time was linked to the Baltimore Oriole as one species, referred to as the Northern Oriole.


Molecular research established that other than their visual appearance and similar behavioral traits, the two species are completely different.




Nesting Habits of the Bullock’s Oriole


The Bullock’s Oriole nest, a neatly woven pouch made of hair, twine and grasses, is lined with cotton, wool and feathers. Usually containing 2-7 eggs, the nest of the Bullock's Oriole can be found in a solitary tree at a forest’s edge or an urban park, near bodies of water.


Bullock's Oriole eggs are pale blue or gray-white, often having purple and brown lines on them.




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