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Hooded Oriole

Hooded Oriole


The Hooded Oriole, a New World Oriole, is a medium-sized bird named for the orange hood found on the male.


Although many Hooded Orioles migrate, some of these birds are happy to spend the winter where they are thanks to bird feeders.

The Hooded Oriole also earned a place on our list of the Top 15 Photogenic Feeder birds. Check it out for more Hooded Oriole facts and photos.





Appearance of Hooded Orioles


Adult Hooded Orioles have a pointed bill, long tails, and white on their wings. The adult male Hooded Orioles have an orange head with black face and throat. They are orange underneath and black everywhere else.


Hooded Orioles facts

The adult female Hooded Orioles are olive-green on the upper parts and yellowish on the breast and belly. There is little difference in size between male and female Hooded Orioles.


The song of Hooded Orioles is a series of warbles with notes of a nasal ‘wheet’.

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Geography of the Hooded Orioles


Hooded Orioles can be found in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Some Hooded Orioles have been spotted as far southeast as the Yucatan Peninsula and Belize.
Hooded Orioles geography


Hooded Orioles that do migrate head further into Mexico. Some Hooded Orioles have a tendency to ‘over-winter,’ staying where they are thanks to birdfeeders which provide sustenance throughout the winter.


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Local Environments of the Hooded Orioles


Preferring open areas with trees, especially palm trees, Hooded Orioles are often found in desert oases, along streams and in mesquite brush. Hooded Orioles are also common in urban and suburban areas.


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