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House Sparrow

House Sparrow


What we tend to call the Sparrow is actually the House Sparrow. It is a smaller sized bird although it has variations in size, depending on the region in which it lives.


This unique bird can actually swim if absolutely necessary, and it loves to take "dust baths," just "splashing" about in the dirt!





Appearance of the House Sparrow


The House Sparrow, also known simply as the Sparrow, has variations in size, depending on the region in which it lives. The House Sparrow in northern regions tends to be larger while the House Sparrow in southern regions are usually smaller.


Wild Bird Library - House Sparrow - Facts

Males of the House Sparrow species have more red in their backs and a black bib, while females are brown over their entire bodies. Females have a stripe from their eyes to the backs of their heads.


Two interesting aspects of the House Sparrow are its ability to swim if absolutely necessary and its love of dust baths, where it will “bathe” in dirt.


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Geography of the House Sparrow


The House Sparrow inhabits most of the North American continent except for the very northern regions of Canada and Alaska. The House Sparrow population had been abundant since its introduction to the United States in the 1850s, but its numbers have been on the decline lately, and scientists are not exactly certain why this is happening.


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Wild Bird Library - House Sparrow - House

Local Environments of the House Sparrow


The House Sparrow can be found in farming areas as well as cities and suburbs, preferring to live near human dwellings, especially if there are bird feeders or birdhouses in the vicinity.


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