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How To Get Rid of Bully Hummingbirds


Whether you’re a new birder or have been feeding and watching wild birds for years, we’re sure that bully hummingbirds will be a nuisance at some point. An old rule of thumb when it came to addressing bully hummingbirds was to separate the feeders from each other. However, by placing feeders in separate areas, you are encouraging more bullies to mark their territory. The answer to hummingbird harmony is to add more hummingbird feeders to your collection and place them in clusters around your yard.

By placing feeders in close proximity, a dominant hummingbird cannot defend a particular feeder. Additionally, the fighting and feeding sounds that hummingbirds make will attract more hummingbirds to your yard, and ultimately your feeders. Long-time hummingbird bander, Bob Sargent, suggests to start increasing the numbers of hummingbird feeders that you are offering around July 4th. This is the time of the summer where nesting is ending and the first southbound migrants are beginning to arrive in large numbers.

Don’t forget that by having multiple feeders, you must be more diligent about regular cleaning to ward off disease and prohibit nectar from spoiling. Sargent also suggests, that it is not necessary to completely fill the feeders until you start seeing empty feeders appear. The empty feeders will be a tell-tale sign that larger numbers of hummers are feeding in your yard. A wide selection of hummingbird feeders, and accessories, are available at; the perfect way to grow your hummingbird feeding ability.


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