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black chinned hummingbird


Birding Articles - Hummingbird

How to Get Rid of Bully Hummingbirds

Whether you’re a new birder or have been feeding and watching wild birds for years, we’re sure that bully hummingbirds will be a nuisance at some point.

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Hummingbird Migration Is Here!

As the warmer weather begins to present itself, beloved hummingbirds are also beginning their long trek back to North America. There are a few migration preparation tips to follow in order to welcome back your backyard buddies.

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How to Plant a Hummingbird Haven

Hummingbird migration has been underway since February and now that they are making their way further north along the east coast, now is the perfect time to consider planting flowers that will lure them to your backyard!

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Hummingbird Instinct: Location vs. Color

Ever wonder why most hummingbird feeders are red? It’s because hummingbirds have the strongest attraction to that color, right? Maybe not.

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Flying Jewels, Gorgets and Other Little-Known Facts about Hummingbirds

Did you ever think of hummingbirds as “Flying Jewels”? The early Spanish explorers to the New World did!

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Hummingbirds Facts... You Never Knew!

Find out some very interesting facts about this tiny little creature!

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It's Not All About Taste for Hungry Hummingbirds!

Find out about a new study conducted on exactly how hummingbirds decide how much to eat, even when faced with their greatest temptation.

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Hummingbirds Hover in Winter!

Watch this amazing video about hummingbirds in winter - you won't believe it!

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Hand Feeding Hummingbirds!

Wait for them, and they will come... patience is the key to feeding hummingbirds by hand.

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How One Great Barber Turned Into One Great Hummingbird Bander!

Larry Witherspoon is not your regular neighborhood Barber. In his spare time, Larry loves spending time with his grandchildren, hunting, playing golf and banding hummingbirds. What!? A Barber who also bands hummingbirds – really?

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Hummingbird Stunt Action - For Real!

Anna's Hummingbird

The most amazing part of Clarks study is the speed at which this dive is performed by the male Anna's hummingbird.

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Listen... To The Hummingbird Tail Chirp!

It was long believed that the chirp was a vocal sound, not a sound made by the spreading of feathers.

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Hummingbirds, Start Your Engines!

So why do hummingbirds migrate? It is believed that the first hummingbird species developed during the ice age.

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What DO Hummingbirds See?

We’ve all seen plenty of red hummingbird feeders, but do you know why?

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The Drifters: Hummingbirds in Winter

Did you know about the "winter" hummingbirds?

Certified bird banders do. Their banding season peaks in mid-to-late January when the maximum number of hummingbirds are present in various southern states. So, forget the myths that hummingbirds are strictly warm friendly animals - it's obvious these tiny creatures are around all year!

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The Little Engine That Could

Hummingbirds are small, but powerful engines that consume one and a half, up to three times their weight in food everyday. You can imagine that eating this much food uses up a good portion of their time and energy, which is why we rarely see them doing otherwise.

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Magnificent Hummingbird

To Catch A Hummingbird

Can you imagine making a figure-8 with your arms 80 times within one second? Well, we all know this isn’t humanly possible, but it is hummingbird possible.

Hummingbirds are incredible athletes reaching their maximum velocity within seconds after take off. They don’t even use the help of their legs as momentum – it’s all in the wings!

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The Sun in Disguise: Hummingbird myths and legends

There is a great deal of speculation and ancient myths associated with hummingbirds. Scientists, explorers, and various native tribes who first discovered these tiny birds, named them by myths they believed in and by their magnificent colored feathers. Here are just a few...

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Anatomy Of A Hummingbird: What makes up these tiny birds?

Did you know there are between 328-340 hummingbird species! So how can the bodies of these tiny creatures conform to various climates and environments? To answer this question, we need to learn more about the hummingbird anatomy.

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The Mother Hummingbird

hummingbird nest with eggs

When a mother hummingbird is ready to lay an egg she will begin with some shaking and wiggling for a few seconds until the egg appears. Most often, mother hummingbirds lay two eggs, but not together. The eggs are normally laid on different days. The eggs are about the size of a small jellybean or pea.

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Fight or Flight: Understanding the Aggressive Hummingbird Personality

Ladies and gentlemen in the corner to my left, weighing in at 3.1 grams with a flight speed of 30 mph we have hummingbird #1, and in the corner to my right, weighing in at 3.5 grams with a flight speed of 40 mph we have hummingbird #2. Fighters get ready… Go!

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Hummingbirds on TV

This PBS program from the Nature series will definitely change your perception of hummingbirds, once thought to be extremely delicate. Hummingbirds are tough creatures of nature – and one of the fastest!

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Hummingbird Videos

Watch a video about the incredible tiny hummingbird as it sips from one of our beautiful hummingbird feeders. You will be amazed by this amazing little bird.

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