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Put the backpacks away and grab your bird-noculars! Summer is one of the perfect times to introduce kids to the outdoors, nature, and the hobby of birdwatching. One of the easiest ways to get your child interested is by having them bird watch and feed with you. Birdwatch from indoors or out, you can decide where your viewing pleasure will be at its peak.

By getting kids involved in birding, one of America’s top hobbies, you can also continue lessons that they may have learned while in the classroom. Perhaps it’s time to let them select, or design, their own wild bird, or hummingbird feeder. With the wide selection at Perky-Pet®, they are sure to find one that they enjoy. You can then allow them to take full responsibility of the feeder, with your help of course. Take this opportunity to teach your son, daughter, or grandchild about the importance of regular cleaning, discussing avian disease, and filling the feeder; don’t forget the water!

For those youngsters who prefer the beauty of hummingbird feeding, let them help you figure out the ratio of water to sugar while making nectar. Then allow them to determine how many ounces fit in their hummingbird feeder, and how long the nectar will stay fresh in the fridge.

As always, bird feeding takes time. Patience is a virtue that may be hard for younger kids to grasp. So do your research, and find the closest nature walks, birdwalk, or birding club in your area. We guarantee that not only will you and the little ones love birdfeeding, but your feathered friends will too!

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