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Bird Feeder Accessories

Bird Feeding Accessories

Bird feeding accessories can make your bird feeding experience that much more enjoyable for both you and your feathered friends. We offer a great selection of accessories for bird feeders and hummingbird feeders. Whether you’re looking for seed scoops, bird feeder domes, hummingbird feeder ant protection, or bird houses, we have what you need. Search our accessory inventory and find the bird feeding extras you need today!

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7 foot steel pole - 2 pack
$32  $30.38 Sale
Squirrel baffler
32 oz water capacity
Squirrel baffler - 2 pack
$38  $25.00 Sale
Squirrel baffler
7 foot steel pole
1 ant guard
64 oz water capacity
8 oz capacity, 9 inch diameter
$9.99  $4.99 Sale
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Why Purchase Bird Feeder Accessories?

Bring your bird feeding fun to the next level by adding the right accessories. You have your bird feeder and hummingbird feeder filled to the brim with seed and nectar. Birds have been flocking to your feeders left and right. It’s now time to add something extra to upgrade your feeders, make your life easier, or protect them from pests that have started invading.

Here at birdfeeders.com we offer plenty of bird feeding accessories to fit your needs. Seed scoops are designed especially for wild bird feeders, and help to make refilling feeders mess-free. Ant guards hang on top of hummingbird feeders to prevent ants from crawling down the feeder hanger and getting into the nectar. Decorative feeder hanging hooks can be used with both hummingbird and seed feeders to add beauty and color to any feeder.


Simply by adding a few extra touches, bird feeder accessories give you the ability to create the wild bird oasis you’ve been dreaming of! Get creative and add the accessories you want to achieve the look and functionality you desire.