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Perky-Pet® Copper Sip & Seed Waterer, Model B389W
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Waterers and Accs., Perky-Pet® Copper Sip & Seed™ Waterer, B389W
Perky-Pet® Copper Sip & Seed™ Waterer Perky-Pet® Copper Sip & Seed™ Waterer Perky-Pet® Copper Sip & Seed™ Waterer Perky-Pet® Copper Sip & Seed™ Waterer

Perky-Pet® Copper Sip & Seed™ Waterer

model #: B389W
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Providing fresh, clean water to wild birds. A water source in your backyard is a simple and effective way of attracting wild birds. Water attracts species that you may not see at your seed feeder. read full product details »  

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Perky-Pet® Copper Sip & Seed™ Waterer


Providing fresh, clean water to wild birds.  A water source in your backyard is a simple and effective way of attracting wild birds.  Water attracts species such as the warbler, bobwhites, bulbuls, indigo buntings, spotted orioles, brown thrashers and cedar waxwings that you may not see at your seed feeder.


This beautiful waterer with its charming vessels allows you to provide fresh, clean water and protein rich food to our hungry and thirsty feathered friends!new sip and seed bird feeder - exclusively ours


If the high cost of seed has you down, the Copper Sip & Seed™ is a WATERER and FEEDER in one.  It features patented technology that allows you to use the same vessel as a waterer or as a seed feeder.  The cylinder glass tube allows you to offer a constant supply of clean, fresh water without the mess of a birdbath!  The patent-pending collar twists to allow you to offer water or seed to the wild birds.


The two stylish vessels hang from a decorative copper finish scroll hanger.  Each vessel holds 22 oz. of water or 1.15 lbs. of seed.


The Perky-Pet® Copper Sip & Seed waterer is made of glass and antiqued copper finish. The unique double silo design is sure to complement any backyard décor.  It is exclusive to Perky-Pet®; none of our competitors have anything like this product!


Gardening Club Seal of Approval

Our Sip & Seed™ feeder has recently been reviewed by members of the National Home Gardening Club.  Our unique feeder achieved an 88% approval rating and 88% of the members said that they would recommend this feeder!

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Perky-Pet® is the leading supplier of Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Perky-Pet®  Wild Bird Feeder models lure the bird in pursuit of seed—providing you with hours of joy as random wild birds flock to feed at your house.


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All About Wild Birds

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Wild birds are so common to us that we often glance at them without a second thought. When we really look at them, observe them and enjoy their special qualities, we can truly appreciate some of nature's amazing creatures. 


Check out our Wild Bird Library to find out about some of your favorite birds!


Customer Reviews

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  Very well made 

These are great waterers for the birds. The area that holds the water is deep enough for the smaller birds such as chickadees to bathe in. This would be the one I recommend, as I have both styles (I also own the plastic ones that are similar). These are strong, sturdy copper and heavy glass that will last. They are pricey, however, worth it in the long run if you are a true bird lover because they are not going to wear out or tear up or be destroyed by wildlife. The hanger that arrives with the waterer is also very durable and nice to look at. I would suggest hanging the waterer and then additionally, adding some more water from a cup or to the actual basin to 'top it off'. It doesn't fill up all the way with water, and when adding a bit more water to fill it all the way, the littler birdies can bath and drink.

  Birds Flock To It 

I would recommend this feeder. It's not only beautiful, but the birds seem to really like it and flock to it. Plus, the squirrels have a hard time "stealing" from it, as there's no place for them to perch.

  Catches One's Eye 

It is a very nice addition to our lawn. Very attractive. It holds plenty of food and water, but overall, I believe the appearance is what catches one's eye.

  Excellent Construction 

I would recommend the Perky-Pet Copper Sip & Seed Waterer because of its excellent construction.

  Quality is Excellent 

The quality is excellent. I put it out; within 2 hours I had birds eating out of it and bathing in the other one.

  Uniquely Designed Item 

This is a uniquely designed item - you can use it three ways - with seed and water in each glass tube, or with both tubes filled with seed or water. It's nice to have the water so you can also attract insect eating birds, such as bluebirds. Best features include the interchangeble base that adapts for loading seed or water; easy to fill and easy to clean glass tubes; attractive copper finish and glass design, especially the scroll shaped hanger.

  Very Beautiful and Sturdy 

The Sip & Seed is beautiful and is very sturdy. I noticed that the small birds enjoy the water feature and not only drink from it but do take baths in it too. It is very functional and adds a lot of beauty to my bird feeding area.

  Great Looking Bird Feeder 

This is a great looking bird feeder and waterer and is easy to refill.

  Thoroughly Love This Product 

I thoroughly love this product. It was so to take apart and fill with seed and water and put back together and hang. I would recommend this to everyone who loves watching and having birds.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

I love my new bird feeder. It's not only practical and easy to use, it's also stylish and graceful looking. You can see from the Amazon photo that it's design is quite elegant and it's made of sturdy, long-lasting brass. Being brass it will probably tarnish with weather, but that often gives it the antiquated look that is so popular with many people.

Only time will tell if it's a "keeper" for me--a lot depends on its stability on windy days--but for now the birdies like it and that's good enough for me. I enjoy sitting on my patio watching them fluttering around, taking turns feeding. The robins seem to be pretty smart; they never go to the feeder, but are content with what the smaller birds scatter on the ground. And who says birds are dumb with their teensy-weensy brains? Hmmm...

Highly recommended to all nature lovers.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

I put mine on a thin branch on a tree in my backyard and the birds starting arriving immediately. They don't seem to go to the water with the gusto that they go towards the bird seed so I started filling both with bird seed. Can't go wrong. Highly recommended.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

Not only is this really attractive but I love the way it's constructed. Right now I have water in both cylinders because of the hot Summer weather coming in and the fact that the birds have enough of natural food that they really don't need to have seed at this time of year.

The bottom holds a nice amount of water and food and it has a wonderful slide closure so you can knock down the amount of water or food that is despensed. Really cleaver let me tell you and this is the first time I have encountered this type of closure.

Made from glass, metal and plastic this is a weighty piece and does hold quite a bit. You won't have to worry about squirrels eating the dickens out of it with the cleaver way the entire thing is set up and it's construction. They say you get what you pay for and I think here you are getting much more than what you're paying for. I have seen far more expensive feeders that a pure junk. This rates as queen of the line. It's also great that you can use each of the cylinders for either water or feed as they are both the same.

I am truely one happy camper with this product and will be looking into more of this line.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

This is really a pretty bird feeder. It is made of glass and copper and has an elegant look about it. It holds bird feed and water in the separate little glass silos and is substantial enough to not get tossed about in a light to moderate breeze. Our wild birds love and use it daily, especially the watering one now that summer is here and the surrounding area is pretty dry.

I'd highly recommend this style to anyone who loves to bird watch and wants to attract them but not have the possibility of a bird feeder that is an eye sore. This one is truely a beautiful choice.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

This set is heavy duty. Be sure to place it in a place that won't get wet or the seed feeder base will fill with water. This set seems bombproof.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

We do some great bird watching from our large picture window. I wanted to see if different types of birds would be attracted to the yard with this feeder. I did see one new type of bird once we added this feeder. The feeder was easily mounted on a tree. We filled it with water. It has been so hot so far this spring/summer we thought the birds would really crave water and I think we were right. You do have to refill it quite a bit.
I really like that it is functional, but also nice to look at. Some bird feeders are just plain ugly in the yard, but this one keeps with a nice and elegant look.
I can't say how it would stand up to weather as we haven't had it for too long. I will definitely take it down if there is a storm coming and it will need to be cleaned seasonally since it is copper.
I think this product is good for an avid and novice bird watcher, especially if you are looking to attract new birds. Would definitely add another one to the yard!
Oh yea, we have lots of squirrels in our yard and the feeder as not been attacked by squirrels trying to steal water! Another sign of a well made feeder!

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

This is one of the prettiest bird feeders I've seen. It's very well made and engineered to be easy to fill and clean. Having one feeder with seed and the other with water is a great idea and the birds empty the water very quickly. There is a sliding device at the base that makes the opening smaller or larger - smaller for water, larger for seed - so you can fill them with whatever you choose. The inside of the base is lined in copper colored plastic, so it's durable and easy to clean. The top screws on and off so you can flip it over and set it on a level surface making it easy to fill. Really, an excellent feeder.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

My husband and I are in love with this bird feeder/waterer and so seems the local birds. The design is beautiful and balances well. The feeder and the waterer are easy to fill and hang and release at quite a proper rate. We have had no problems with balance.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

The Birdscapes 389 Copper Sip & Seed Feeder's quality is outstanding as well as beautiful. The Metal glazing looks like it should last for a long time.

The glass is thick and heavy and of high quality. The feeder and waterer have an adjustable flow feature. I would highly suggest closing the water flow while filling and placing to avoid a water bath. We have a child care and have multiple feeders lining the windows and under the eaves. This one gets as much use from the birds as the others.

I would definitely recommend this feeder for its beauty and quality.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

We've had a lot of bird feeders, but my wife remarked after I hung the Birdscapes 389 Copper Sip & Seed Feeder that this is easily the most elegant bird feeder she's ever seen.
I have to agree. The simplicity of the twin silos is most attractive.
The birds seem to think so too. I filled one with sunflower seeds and the other with water and the first bird showed up after only 45 minutes.
Its only shortcoming may be its relatively small capacity for food and water. Once the word gets out in the local bird community, I expect to refill it frequently.
The product makes no claims about being squirrel-proof, which is no big deal because I've come to the conclusion that NOTHING is squirrel proof.
This feeder will be an attractive addition to any back yard or porch and the copper finish goes nicely with almost everything.

  Beautiful and functional! 

This is probably the most beautiful birdfeeder I've ever bought. And don't be put off by the glass thinking it will break. It's very thick and survived a blizzard in SE Pennsylvania!


I currently have both sides filled with seed, but can't wait to try it out with water in one side in the spring! This feeder is well worth every penny. I wish I could submit pictures of the many birds that are flocking around it!

  Food and Water in One Place 

I think it is great that food and water can be in one place. I just wish the feeding tray would be a little bigger. The cardinals have a hard time on it.

  It is Worth It! 

I put water in the feeder and I did not have any hummingbirds - maybe I just missed them, but anyway, I tried something.

I put some bird feed in the feeder,and was I surprised! There were birds of many kinds that came and ate the food! It was easy to fill,so I filled it up soon because of how many birds came.
The appearance was nice and some people complimented on that also.

Some people may think that the price is a little high,but as good as the looks and how easy it is to feed, it is worth it!

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

I was surprised to see that it was made out of glass and not plastic, the design is very pretty and it's easy to use with the screw on lids. Hanging however is a different story, the hanger is not very big but you have to make sure the branch is ever so sturdy because it's quiet heavy. I had some problems finding a good branch. Don't let go until you know it's not going to break the branch or slide off (as I almost made that mistake).

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

Feeder is sturdy as well as attractive- I was impressed with how solid it felt out of the box. Easy to fill and set up- each tube has an adjustable setting for either food or water so you do not have to worry about which is which. The tubes balance themselves well on the copper hanger- though I do worry a little about wind if it is hung anywhere overly exposed as the tubes are able to move along the hanger a bit. The water tube allows enough water in the bottom bowl that smaller birds can enjoy a splash or two.

The only downside I can see is a lack on the user side, not design. Make sure you are regularly and thoroughly cleaning out the water side between fillings. Otherwise it is the perfect environment for interesting and unsavory things to grow. Squirrels would also make short work of this one.



27 oz. water capacity
8 lb. seed capacity
12 lb. seed capacity
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