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Bird Waterers, Water Feeders

Bird Waterers

Browse our unique selection of beautiful and versatile waterers at Birdfeeders.com.  Our NEW Sip and Seed Waterers allow you to give the birds water and seed!

We carry bird baths with reservoirs and our new Sip and Seed feeders allow you to feed birds both water and seed. Beautify your garden or yard with a waterer from Birdfeeders.com.

Fresh, clean water can be difficult for a bird to find. Help your feathered friends by providing them with a place to get a drink or have a bath. Water is often more attractive to birds than food, especially in certain species. Adding a birdbath or a waterer to your garden will quickly bring the birds.

Buy a birdbath or a waterer from Birdfeeders.com and enjoy watching birds splash about or fly in for a quick drink.

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