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Bird Waterers

Wild Bird Waterers

Fresh, clean water can often be difficult for birds to find. Water is essential to their survival. In fact, it’s just as essential as food. By adding a Perky-Pet® Wild Bird Waterer to your yard, you will provide them with much needed refreshment and make your backyard the one stop shop for food and drink! Browse our selection of functional and affordable waterers to enhance your bird feeding experience.


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Benefits of Waterers

So, you have your bird feeders out and filled to the brim with seed. Birds are beginning to flock to your feeders and your yard is starting to become bird heaven! Yet, you still feel like there is something missing. Oh yeah… that’s it, water! Birds need water to drink, it’s as simple as that. Water helps keep a birds’ body temperature regulated. If they don’t find fresh water, they can overheat or dehydrate. Offering them water with a Perky-Pet® Wild Bird Waterer will provide them with garden-fresh drinking whenever they choose.

Birds need water in summer to stay cool, but it’s equally important to offer birds water in winter when most water sources are frozen. During the winter months, many ponds, streams, and lakes are frozen and unusable to birds. Winter is a great time to consistently put out and maintain your waterer. Birds have an excellent memory and once they realize they have a fresh water source in your backyard, they will come back time and again. Make sure that you are changing your water frequently if temperatures are below freezing. If it especially cold, you can purchase a small outdoor heater to place near your waterer to keep it from freezing.

Unlike traditional bird baths, waterers ensure that the water you’re offering your birds is always clean. A waterer provides just enough room for the birds to perch and drink, but not enough room for them to walk around in the tray, making it dirty and possibly spreading disease.

All Perky-Pet® Waterers feature a water tray with a comfortable wrap around perch for the birds, and easy viewing for you. They are simple to clean and easy to use. The water reservoir simply unscrews from the base to make cleaning and filling quick and stress-free.

Attract a Wide Variety of Birds with Waterers


When you add a waterer to your yard, you invite all bird species to come to your yard and drink. Actually, you will probably see more birds than you would if you just offered food alone. That’s because if you provide a water source, you may attract birds that you wouldn’t normally see eating at your feeders. Birds such as Bluebirds, Yellow Warblers, and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks typically eat berries, insects, or nuts found in nature. However, by offering them water to drink, you may spot them hanging out in your backyard more often!


How to Choose a Waterer


When choosing a waterer, there are a few things you want to consider. First, think about where you will hang your waterer. Waterers need to be emptied and refilled every few days, and cleaned about once every week or two. Therefore, you will want to hang it in a location that you can easily reach for refilling or cleaning!

Birds will need to see the waterer as well, so you will want to hang it in a location that is visible to birds, yet still somewhat protected from wind or hot sun. Choose a location that is near where your seed feeders are, so birds have access to both at all times.

Also, you will need to think through what type of waterer will be best for you. There are a few different styles and functionalities available when choosing a waterer.


Types of Waterers


Plastic - – Plastic waterers are durable, lightweight, and easy to use. If a plastic waterer gets knocked down by a strong wind, they are less likely to break than glass. There are a variety of fun bottle shapes available in plastic from Perky-Pet® such as the Droplet and Water Cooler styles!


Glass - Glass waterers add a touch of class to your water offering. Because they are made from tempered glass, they won’t warp over time. It is especially important to keep glass waterers secure and sheltered from the wind, as they may break more easily than plastic.


Top Fill - Top fill waterers are the most convenient on the market. There is no need to take down this waterer when you’re ready to refill. Simply pour fresh water through the colander style lid on top and you’re done! The lid even acts as a filter to collect rain water and filter out debris such as leaves and twigs.


Decorative - Combining the sophistication of a glass waterer with the rustic charm of the country, decorative options such as the Mason Jar Waterer provide fresh water to your birds while adding trendy detail to your backyard. Complete your Mason Jar Bird Feeder collection by adding the waterer, seed feeder, and hummingbird feeder now!